Jason Robards

Jason Robards

Highest Rated: 100% Heidi (1993)

Lowest Rated: 0% Dream a Little Dream (1989)

Birthday: Jul 26, 1922

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

One of Hollywood's elder statesmen, Jason Robards Jr. had a rich, deep voice and authoritative aura that befit the distinguished citizens he often played. The son of stage and screen actor Jason Robards Sr., Robards kept alive his rich heritage throughout the second half of the 20th century.Born July 26, 1922, in Chicago, Robards was a military man before becoming an actor. He served seven years in the Navy, and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked in 1941 (he later received the Navy Cross). Following his service, Robards moved to New York to pursue an acting career. He found work in incidental plays, radio soap operas, and live television dramas, driving a cab and teaching school to support himself. After a decade of obscurity, he rose to prominence in 1956 in the Circle in the Square production of Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh. He appeared on Broadway the following year in Long Day's Journey Into Night, for which he won a New York Drama Critics Award. Following that success, he remained a busy and popular Broadway performer, and, in 1958, got the opportunity to appear with his father in The Disenchanted.Making his onscreen debut in The Journey (1959), Robards maintained a TV and screen career while continuing to work on the stage. He tended to appear in two or three movies per year during the '60s, including the acclaimed 1962 screen adaptation of Long Day's Journey Into Night and Sergio Leone's much lauded 1968 Western Once Upon a Time in the West. Two years after his role in the war epic Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970), the actor was in a near-fatal car crash, but managed to make a complete recovery, returning to Broadway two years later. He ended the '70s by winning Oscars for his supporting roles in All the President's Men (1976) and Julia (1977), and was nominated for the same award for his portrayal of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes in Melvin and Howard (1980), The slew of awards and nominations during this period also served as a nice complement to the six Tony awards he had been nominated for between 1960 and 1974. In 1978, Robards returned to the material that had helped to cement his reputation by directing himself in a revival of Long Day's Journey Into Night, which opened at Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House.Robards continued to act on-stage and in film throughout the '80s, in addition to working on a number of documentaries and made-for-TV movies. Among his more notable television portrayals were the title role in the acclaimed 1980 miniseries F.D.R.: The Last Year (1980) and a lead part in You Can't Take It With You (1984). He also participated in the 1982 documentary Burden of Dreams, a highly acclaimed film about the making of Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo. Robards' screen roles during that decade were usually limited to the part of the patriarch in such films as Square Dance (1987) and Parenthood (1989), although he was introduced to a younger audience with his lead in the 1989 comedy Dream a Little Dream, which featured Corey Haim and Corey Feldman and little else. Robards worked steadily throughout the '90s, taking on roles in such acclaimed features as Philadelphia (1993), A Thousand Acres (1997), and Beloved (1998). He also continued to appear in a number of TV miniseries. In 1999, Robards lent his voice to the widely lauded documentary The Irish in America: The Long Journey Home, further demonstrating that, in addition to being one of Hollywood's most respected figures, he was also one of its most versatile. One of Robards' last roles was a suitably complex one, a dying man longing for a reconciliation with his estranged son in Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia (1999). The actor died of cancer, himself, the following year.

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No Score Yet Going Home Charles Barton 2000
No Score Yet They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II Narrator 1999
83% Magnolia Earl Partidge 1999
No Score Yet Heartwood Logan Reeser 1998
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No Score Yet Noon Wine Actor 1998
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67% Storyville Clifford 1992
No Score Yet Lincoln: Now He Belongs to the Ages, 1865 Abraham Lincoln 1992
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No Score Yet Mark Twain and Me Mark Twain 1991
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91% Parenthood Frank 1989
No Score Yet Reunion Henry Strauss 1989
0% Dream a Little Dream Coleman Ettinger 1989
No Score Yet Ken Burns American Stories Narrator 1989
No Score Yet The Christmas Wife John Tanner 1988
50% The Good Mother (The Price of Passion) Muth 1988
60% Bright Lights, Big City Alex Hardy 1988
No Score Yet Inherit the Wind Henry Drummond 1988
31% Square Dance Dillard 1987
No Score Yet Laguna Heat Wade Shephard 1987
No Score Yet Norman Rockwell's 'Breaking Home Ties' Lloyd 1987
No Score Yet The Long Hot Summer Will Varner 1985
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43% Raise the Titanic Admiral James Sandecker 1980
38% Hurricane Capt. Bruckner 1979
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85% Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Governor Wallace 1973
No Score Yet The House Without a Christmas Tree James Mills 1972
No Score Yet The War Between Men and Women Stephen Kozlenko 1972
20% Murders in the Rue Morgue Cesar Charron 1971
67% Johnny Got His Gun Joe's Father 1971
55% Tora! Tora! Tora! Lt. Gen. Walter C. Short 1970
93% The Ballad of Cable Hogue Cable Hogue 1970
40% Julius Caesar Marcus Brutus 1970
No Score Yet Fools Matthew South 1970
71% Isadora (The Loves of Isadora) Paris Singer 1969
No Score Yet The Night They Raided Minsky's (The Night They Invented Striptease) Raymond Paine 1968
98% Once Upon a Time in the West Cheyenne 1968
86% Hour of the Gun Doc Holliday 1967
88% The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Al Capone 1967
100% Divorce American Style Nelson Downes 1967
No Score Yet Barbra Streisand - The Belle of 14th Street Actor 1967
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94% Long Day's Journey Into Night Jamie 1962
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No Score Yet Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh Actor 1960
No Score Yet The Journey Paul Kedes 1959


No Score Yet American Experience
Voice Narrator 1997
No Score Yet Ken Burns' Baseball
Voice 1994
No Score Yet American Playhouse
Erie Smith 1984
No Score Yet Great Performances


Joshua says: Funny thing...it doesn't matter how much or how little you've wandered around...how many women you've been with. Every once in awhile, one of them cuts right through. Right straight into you.

Joshua says: Funny thing... it doesn't matter how much or how little you've wandered around...how many women you've been with. Every once in awhile, one of them cuts right through. Right straight into you.

Cable Hogue says: What do you do about it?

Joshua says: I suppose maybe when you die you get over it.

Jill says: Hey, you're sort of a handsome man!

Cheyenne says: But I'm not the right man. And neither is he.

Cheyenne says: You know Ma'am, when you've killed four, it's easy to make it five.

Earl Partridge says: Don't ever let anyone ever say to you, 'You shouldn't regret anything.' Don't do that, don't! You regret what you fucking want! And use that, use that, use that regret for anything, any way you want. You can use it, okay?

Harmonica says: I saw three of these dusters a short time ago, they were waiting for a train. Inside the dusters there were three men.

Cheyenne says: So?

Harmonica says: Inside the men there were three bullets.

Earl Partridge says: You know, those child breeding hips...

Phil Parma says: [Nods and smiles]

Phil Parma says: [nods and smiles]

Murray Burns says: You are a marvelous human being.

Cheyenne says: "Do you just play or can you shoot too."

Cheyenne says: [of Harmonica] He not only plays. He can shoot too.

Cheyenne says: You deserve better.

Jill says: The last man who told me that... is buried out there.

Cheyenne says: Do you know anything about a guy going around playing the harmonica? He's someone you'd remember. Instead of talking, he plays. And when he better play, he talks.

Cheyenne says: [to Jill] You know what? If I was you, I'd go down there and give those boys a drink. Can't imagine how happy it makes a man to see a woman like you. Just to look at her. And if one of them should pat your behind, just make believe it's nothing. They earned it.

Jill says: What's he waiting for out there? What's he doing?

Cheyenne says: He's whittlin' on a piece of wood. I've got a feeling when he stops whittlin'... Somethin's gonna happen.

Cheyenne says: You know, Jill, you remind me of my mother. She was the biggest whore in Alameda and the finest woman that ever lived. Whoever my father was, for an hour or for a month - he must have been a happy man.

Cheyenne says: You know, Jill, you remind me of my mother. She was the biggest whore in Alameda and the finest woman that ever lived. Whoever my father was, for an hour or for a month - he must have been a happy man. .

Harmonica says: The reward for this man is 5000 dollars, is that right?

Cheyenne says: Judas was content for 4970 dollars less.

Harmonica says: There were no dollars in them days.

Cheyenne says: But sons of bitches... yeah.

Cheyenne says: Cheyenne's man,don't get killed. That surprise you?

Cheyenne says: Cheyenne's men don't get killed. That surprise you?

Harmonica says: Yeah.