Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir

Highest Rated: 100% The Crime of Monsieur Lange (1936)

Lowest Rated: 71% This Land Is Mine (1943)

Birthday: Sep 15, 1894

Birthplace: Paris, France

Born and raised in France at the turn of the 20th century, Jean Renoir grew up in a world where film was in its infancy. His early years involved living a mostly extravagant life thanks to the mainstream success of his father the painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. When he came of age, he served in the French military in World War I and when he returned from the war, he tried to figure out the next phase of his life. That turned out to be film. In 1924, he wrote and directed his debut - the silent film "Backbiters" (1924). It wasn't all that successful, but Renoir kept working on his craft. Over the next decade, he kept making films, including his first work with sound, "On Purge Bebe" (1931), an adaptation of "Madame Bovary" (1934), and the ahead-of-its-time "The Crime of Monsieur Lange" (1936). Renoir's work broke into the international scene with the war drama "La Grande Illusion" (1937), which netted him notoriety in Hollywood. He continued to make movies in Europe until World War II began and he left to make his way to California. "Swamp Water" (1941) was his first American film, though it wasn't as well received. Over the years, he grew more comfortable making films in the States, critically peaking with "The Southerner" (1945), which earned an Oscar nomination for Best Director. In 1951, Renoir began to dabble in color, making "The River" (1951), "The Golden Coach" (1953), "Elena and Her Men" (1956), and many more. His last directorial effort was a trio of short films that were compiled into "The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir" (1969). In 1975, he received a lifetime achievement award at the Academy Awards. He passed away following a heart attack in 1979 at the age of 84.

Highest rated movies

A Day in the Country
The Rules of the Game
The Human Beast




No Score Yet No Score Yet The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir Director,
- 1970
89% 86% The Elusive Corporal Director,
- 1962
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dinner on the Grass Director - 1959
100% 48% The Testament of Dr. Cordelier Director,
- 1959
No Score Yet No Score Yet Picnic on the Grass Director - 1959
77% 37% Elena and Her Men Director - 1956
100% 86% French Cancan Director,
- 1955
100% 76% The Golden Coach Director,
- 1953
92% 78% The River Director - 1951
No Score Yet 49% The Woman on the Beach Director,
- 1947
No Score Yet 55% Diary of a Chambermaid Director - 1946
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Southerner - A Story of America Director - 1945
93% 79% The Southerner Director,
- 1945
No Score Yet No Score Yet Salute to France Director,
- 1944
71% 81% This Land Is Mine Director,
- 1943
No Score Yet 60% The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Director - 1943
No Score Yet 68% Swamp Water Director - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tosca Director - 1941
96% 89% The Rules of the Game Octave (Character),
- 1939
94% 82% The Human Beast Cabuche (Character),
- 1938
78% 74% La Marseillaise Director - 1938
97% 92% Grand Illusion Director $516.5K 1937
89% 81% The Lower Depths Director,
- 1937
100% 82% The Crime of Monsieur Lange Director $35.6K 1936
100% 87% A Day in the Country Père Poulain (Character),
- 1936
No Score Yet No Score Yet The People of France Director - 1936
100% 91% Toni Director - 1935
No Score Yet 36% Madame Bovary Director - 1934
100% 82% Boudu Saved From Drowning Director,
- 1932
No Score Yet No Score Yet Chotard and Company Director - 1932
No Score Yet 50% Night at the Crossroads Director,
- 1932
100% 87% The Bitch Director,
- 1931
No Score Yet 0% Baby's Laxative Director - 1931
No Score Yet No Score Yet Le bled Director - 1929
No Score Yet 71% The Little Match Girl Director - 1928
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Sad Sack Director,
- 1928
No Score Yet 57% Charleston Parade Angel (Character),
- 1927
No Score Yet 67% Nana Director,
- 1926
No Score Yet 62% Whirlpool of Fate Director - 1925