Joe Sawyer

Joe Sawyer

Highest Rated: 100% The Long Voyage Home (1940)

Lowest Rated: 50% North to Alaska (1960)

Birthday: Aug 29, 1906

Birthplace: Not Available

Beefy, puffy-faced Canadian actor Joseph Sawyer spent his first years in films (the early- to mid-'30s) acting under his family name of Sauer. Before he developed his comic skills, Sawyer was often seen in roles calling for casual menace, such as the grinning gunman who introduces "Duke Mantee, the well-known killer" in The Petrified Forest (1936). While under contract to Hal Roach studios in the 1940s, Sawyer starred in several of Roach's "streamliners," films that ran approximately 45 minutes each. He co-starred with William Tracy in a series of films about a GI with a photographic memory and his bewildered topkick: Titles included Tanks a Million (1941), Fall In (1942), and Yanks Ahoy (1943) (he later reprised this role in a brace of B-pictures produced by Hal Roach Jr. for Lippert Films in 1951). A second "streamliner" series, concerning the misadventures of a pair of nouveau riche cabdrivers, teamed Sawyer with another Roach contractee, William Bendix. Baby boomers will remember Joe Sawyer for his 164-episode stint as tough but soft-hearted cavalry sergeant Biff O'Hara on the '50s TV series Rin Tin Tin.

Highest Rated Movies



86% How the West Was Won Ship's Officer 1963
50% North to Alaska Land Commissioner 1960
No Score Yet The Courage of Rin Tin Tin (The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin) Actor 1957
98% The Killing Mike O'Reilly 1956
No Score Yet The Kettles in the Ozarks Bancroft Baines 1956
No Score Yet Johnny Dark Svenson 1954
No Score Yet Riding Shotgun Tom Biggert 1954
No Score Yet Taza, Son of Cochise Sgt. Hamma 1954
79% It Came from Outer Space Frank Daylon 1953
86% Deadline - U.S.A. Whitey 1952
No Score Yet Red Skies of Montana Pop Miller 1952
No Score Yet Comin' Round the Mountain Kalem McCoy 1951
No Score Yet Blondie's Hero Sergeant Gateson 1950
No Score Yet Operation Haylift Screenwriter Producer George Swallow 1950
No Score Yet Stagecoach Kid Thatcher 1949
No Score Yet The Gay Amigo Sergeant McNulty 1949
No Score Yet Coroner Creek Frank Yordy 1948
No Score Yet Fighting Father Dunne Steve Davis 1948
No Score Yet Here Comes Trouble Officer Ames 1948
No Score Yet If You Knew Susie Zero Zantini 1948
No Score Yet Big Town After Dark Monk 1947
No Score Yet Roses Are Red Wall 1947
No Score Yet Christmas Eve Gimlet 1947
75% A Double Life Pete Bonner 1947
No Score Yet Deadline at Dawn Babe Dooley 1946
92% Gilda Casey 1946
No Score Yet Joe Palooka, Champ Lefty 1946
No Score Yet The Naughty Nineties Bailey 1945
No Score Yet Brewster's Millions Hacky Smith 1945
No Score Yet Raiders of Ghost City Idaho Jones 1944
No Score Yet Tarzan's Desert Mystery Karl 1944
No Score Yet Hey, Rookie Sergeant 1944
No Score Yet Let's Face It Sgt. Wiggins 1943
No Score Yet Alaska Highway Roughhouse 1943
No Score Yet Hit the Ice Buster 1943
73% The Outlaw Charley 1943
No Score Yet Buckskin Frontier Brannigan 1943
No Score Yet Howard Hughes: The Outlaw Actor 1943
No Score Yet Tornado Charlie Boswell 1943
No Score Yet Great Guy Joe Burton 1942
No Score Yet Hay Foot Actor 1942
No Score Yet Wrecking Crew Fred Bunce 1942
No Score Yet Two Mugs from Brooklyn Eddie Corbett 1942
86% Sergeant York Sgt. Early 1941
No Score Yet Tanks a Million Sgt. Ames 1941
No Score Yet Belle Starr John Cole 1941
No Score Yet Swamp Water Hardy Ragan 1941
No Score Yet Down Mexico Way Allen 1941
82% They Died With Their Boots On Sgt. Doolittle 1941
100% The Long Voyage Home Davis 1940
No Score Yet The Dark Command Bushropp 1940
100% The Grapes of Wrath Accountant 1940
83% Santa Fe Trail Kitzmiller 1940
No Score Yet The House Across the Bay Charlie 1940
No Score Yet West of the Badlands Gulden 1940
No Score Yet Melody Ranch Jasper Wildhack 1940
No Score Yet Frontier Marshal Curly Bill 1939
No Score Yet The Lady and the Mob Blinky Mack 1939
No Score Yet Union Pacific Shamus 1939
No Score Yet Confessions of a Nazi Spy Renz 1939
100% The Roaring Twenties Sgt. Pete Jones 1939
No Score Yet The Storm Kelly 1938
No Score Yet Tarzan's Revenge Olaf 1938
No Score Yet San Quentin `Sailor Boy' Hansen 1937
No Score Yet Slim Wilcox 1937
No Score Yet They Gave Him a Gun Doyle 1937
No Score Yet Black Legion Cliff Moore 1937
No Score Yet Murder with Pictures Inspector Bacon 1936
No Score Yet Special Investigator Plummer 1936
83% Big Brown Eyes Jack Sully 1936
No Score Yet The Walking Dead Trigger Smith 1936
100% The Petrified Forest Jackie 1936
No Score Yet Freshman Love Coach Kendall 1936
No Score Yet High Tension Terry Madden 1936
No Score Yet The Last Outlaw Actor 1936
No Score Yet And Sudden Death Sgt. Sanborn 1936
No Score Yet Frisco Kid Slugs Crippen 1935
No Score Yet Moonlight on the Prairie Luke Thomas 1935
No Score Yet Special Agent Rich 1935
No Score Yet Little Big Shot Doré's Henchman 1935
94% The Informer Bartley Mulholland 1935
100% The Whole Town's Talking Mannion's Henchman 1935
No Score Yet Man on the Flying Trapeze Ambulance Driver 1935
No Score Yet Car 99 Whitey 1935
No Score Yet Reckless Actor 1935
No Score Yet I Found Stella Parish Chuck 1935
No Score Yet Stamboul Quest German Officer 1934
No Score Yet Sing and Like It Gunner 1934
No Score Yet Jimmy the Gent Mike 1934
No Score Yet Eskimo Actor 1934
No Score Yet College Coach (Football Coach ) Holcomb 1933
No Score Yet Ace of Aces Capt. Daly 1933
No Score Yet Three Cornered Moon Swimming Pool Director 1933
No Score Yet College Humor Tex Roust 1933
No Score Yet Blood Money Red 1933
No Score Yet Huddle Slater 1932
No Score Yet Shopworn Construction Camp Doctor (uncredited) 1932


No Score Yet Maverick
Sgt. Schumacher 1959


Jackie says: Now, just behave yourself, you two, and nobody will get hurt. This is Duke Mantee, the world-famous killer and he's hungry.