John Laurie

John Laurie

Highest Rated: 100% Treasure Island (1950)

Lowest Rated: 27% The Shame of Mary Boyle (Juno and the Paycock) (1930)

Birthday: Mar 25, 1897

Birthplace: Not Available

Bantam-weight Scotsman John Laurie abandoned a career in architecture when he first stepped on stage in 1921. Laurie spent most of the next five decades playing surly, snappish types: the taciturn farmer who betrays fugitive Robert Donat in Hitchcock's The 39 Steps (1935), the repugnant Blind Pew in Disney's Treasure Island (1950) et. al. A friend and favorite of Laurence Olivier, Laurie showed up in all three of Olivier's major Shakespearean films. He played Captain Jamie in Henry V (1944), Francisco ("For this relief, much thanks") in Hamlet (1948) and Lord Lovel in Richard III (1955). Intriguingly, Olivier and Laurie portrayed the same historical character in two entirely different films. Both portrayed the Mahdi, scourge of General "Chinese" Gordon: Laurie essayed the part in The Four Feathers (1939), while Olivier played the role in Khartoum (1965). Millions of TV fans worldwide have enjoyed Laurie in the role of Fraser on the BBC sitcom Dad's Army. One of John Laurie's few starring assignments was in the 1935 film Edge of the World, set on the remote Shetland isle of Foula; 40 years later, a frail-looking Laurie was one of the participants in director Michael Powell's "reunion" documentary Return to the Edge of the World (1978).

Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Steel Actor 2013
No Score Yet The Great Game Actor 2011
No Score Yet The Prisoner of Zenda Archbishop 1979
No Score Yet Pure S John 1976
No Score Yet Mad Doctor of Blood Island (Grave Desires)(Tomb of the Living Dead) Actor 1972
86% The Abominable Dr. Phibes Darrow 1971
No Score Yet Dad's Army Pte. Frazer 1971
No Score Yet Step Laughing Into the Grave Actor 1970
71% The Reptile Mad Peter 1966
No Score Yet Siege of the Saxons Merlin 1963
No Score Yet Kidnapped Uncle Ebenezer Balfour 1960
No Score Yet Campbell's Kingdom Mac 1957
84% Richard III Lord Lovell 1956
No Score Yet Between Heaven and Hell Actor 1956
No Score Yet Devil Girl from Mars Mr. Jamieson 1955
No Score Yet The Black Knight James 1954
No Score Yet The Fake Henry Mason 1953
90% Hobson's Choice Dr. MacFarlane 1953
No Score Yet The Great Game 'Mac' Wells 1953
No Score Yet Tread Softly Actor 1952
No Score Yet Island of Desire Grimshaw 1952
No Score Yet Laughter in Paradise Gordon Webb 1951
86% Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Angus 1951
No Score Yet Happy Go Lovely Jonskill 1951
No Score Yet Encore Engineer [Winter Cruise] 1951
No Score Yet Trio Mr. Campbell [Sanatorium] 1950
83% Madeleine Scots Divine 1950
100% Treasure Island Pew 1950
No Score Yet No Trace Inspector MacDougall 1950
No Score Yet Mine Own Executioner Dr. James Garsten 1949
No Score Yet Bonnie Prince Charlie Blind Jamie 1948
91% Hamlet Francisco 1948
No Score Yet The Brothers Dugald 1948
No Score Yet Jassy Woodroffe 1948
100% I Know Where I'm Going! John Campbell 1947
100% Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France) Capt. Jamie 1946
No Score Yet Caesar and Cleopatra Auxiliary Roman Sentinel 1945
100% The Way Ahead (The Immortal Battalion) Luke 1945
No Score Yet Fanny by Gaslight (Man of Evil) William Hopwood 1945
No Score Yet Steam Actor 1945
No Score Yet World Owes Me a Living Matthews 1944
No Score Yet The Demi-Paradise Actor 1943
96% The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp Murdoch 1943
No Score Yet The Gentle Sex Corporal 1943
No Score Yet Lamp Still Burns Mr. Hervey 1943
No Score Yet Suicide Squadron (Dangerous Moonlight) British Commander 1942
No Score Yet The Ghost of St. Michael's Jamie 1941
No Score Yet Old Mother Riley's Ghosts McAdam 1941
No Score Yet Ships with Wings Lt. Cmdr. Reid 1941
No Score Yet Sailors Three McNab 1940
No Score Yet Convoy Gates 1940
No Score Yet Three Cockeyed Sailors McNab 1940
No Score Yet Laugh It Off Jock 1940
100% The Four Feathers Khalifa 1939
No Score Yet Jericho (Dark Sands) Hassan 1937
100% The Edge of the World Peter Manson 1937
No Score Yet Farewell Again (Troopship) Pvt. McAllister 1937
No Score Yet As You Like It Oliver 1936
No Score Yet East Meets West Dr. Ferguson 1936
96% The 39 Steps John 1935
27% The Shame of Mary Boyle (Juno and the Paycock) Johnny Boyle 1930
No Score Yet Paul Robeson: Portraits of the Artist Actor 1925


No Score Yet Dad's Army
Private James Frazer Pvt. Frazer
No Score Yet The Avengers (1961)
Juniper Jasper Lakin Sr. Sir James Mann Mr. Crewes


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