Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Highest Rated: 100% Justice League vs the Fatal Five (2019)

Lowest Rated: 18% Strange Magic (2015)

Birthday: Oct 25, 1964

Birthplace: Bronx, New York, USA

It was his deep, resonant voice that set Kevin Michael Richardson apart as a voice actor. Richardson's low tones appeared in a huge number of animated movies, TV shows, and video games throughout his career. Though his voice was often used for evil characters, he became best known for voicing both the lovable redneck Lester Krinklesac and the unmotivated Cleveland Brown Jr. on the "Family Guy" spinoff "The Cleveland Show" (Fox 2009-2013). Richardson was born in The Bronx, NY on October 25, 1964. He was classically trained in acting at Syracuse University. After he graduated in 1988, he said he never really struggled to find work. One of his first gigs was in an AT&T commercial, and in 1992 he began taking on regular TV roles. His voice could be heard on beloved children's cartoons, as the stuck-up mayor in the animated reboot of "The Mask" (CBS 1995) and suitably as Hephaestus in the TV spin-off of Disney's "Hercules" (Disney 1998). One of his favorite roles was as Captain Gantu, the menacing and rule-following antagonist in Disney's Hawaiian sci-fi adventure "Lilo and Stitch" (2002). For his turn as a growly-voiced Joker in "The Batman" animated TV series (Kids WB 2004-2008), he received two Daytime Emmy nominations. These examples only scrape the surface of Richardson's incredibly busy career; he appeared in almost every famous animated series from the 1990s onwards, in addition to in a large variety of video game voices and commercial appearances. He dabbled in music production, helping with his wife Monica's jazz albums. After "The Cleveland Show" ended in 2013, he took on a regular role as The Shredder, the antagonist of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (Syndicated 2012-) reboot, and continued voicing a variety of characters in beloved comedies from "Family Guy" (Fox 1999-) to "The Simpsons" (Fox 1989-).

Highest rated movies

Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans
Mission Street Rhapsody




No Score Yet No Score Yet Super Mario Bros: The Movie Kamek (Voice) - 2023
88% 58% LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation Jabba the Hutt (Voice) - 2022
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tom and Jerry: Snowman's Land Larry (Voice) - 2022
90% 85% Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Goro (Voice) - 2020
100% 90% Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans Hexagon / Trigon (Character) - 2019
100% 66% Justice League vs the Fatal Five Mr. Terrific (Voice) - 2019
No Score Yet 74% Constantine: City of Demons Mahonin (Voice) - 2018
No Score Yet 64% LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash Doctor Fate (Voice) - 2018
No Score Yet 93% Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold Detective Chimp (Voice) - 2018
50% 51% Batman and Harley Quinn Floronic Man / Jason Woodrue (Voice) - 2017
No Score Yet 69% Tangled Before Ever After Otter (Voice) - 2017
No Score Yet 80% Throne of Elves Captain B (Voice) - 2016
No Score Yet 69% The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown Barney Rubble (Voice) - 2015
18% 52% Strange Magic Brutus (Voice) $12.4M 2015
No Score Yet 84% Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love Judge Michaels (Character) - 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League Captain Cold / Gorilla Grod (Voice) - 2015
No Score Yet 75% Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy Cuthbert Crawley/Inspector Krunch (Voice) - 2014
No Score Yet 84% Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising Bulkhead (Voice) - 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dante's Inferno King Minos / Phlegias (Voice) - 2010
No Score Yet 59% Firebreather Belloc (Voice) - 2010
No Score Yet 68% White Lion Producer - 2010
No Score Yet 56% Planet Hulk Korg (Voice) - 2010
50% 72% Mission Street Rhapsody Dee (Character) - 2009
No Score Yet 56% Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword Sojo/The Black Samurai (Voice) - 2009
No Score Yet 42% Dead Space: Downfall Samuel Irons / Pendleton / Miner (Voice) - 2008
18% 40% Star Wars: The Clone Wars Jabba the Hutt (Voice) $456.8K 2008
No Score Yet 58% Doctor Strange Mordo (Voice) - 2007
35% 60% TMNT Gen. Aguila (Voice) $54.1M 2007
No Score Yet 63% Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers Red Pirate Ron/Blue Pirate Bob/Purple Parrot (Voice) - 2006
No Score Yet 50% Queer Duck: The Movie Openly Gator (Voice) - 2006
40% 53% Leroy & Stitch Captain Gantu (Voice) - 2006
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide Morgan Freeman / Anti-Fairy (Voice) - 2006
No Score Yet 66% The Batman vs. Dracula The Joker (Voice) - 2005
No Score Yet No Score Yet Adventures in Animation Coach (Voice) - 2004
No Score Yet No Score Yet Elysium Christopher (Character) - 2003
20% 50% Stitch! The Movie Captain Gantu (Voice) - 2003
No Score Yet 61% Scooby-Doo! And the Legend of the Vampire Malcolm Illiwara / Yowie Yahoo / Crocodile (Voice) - 2003
80% 51% The Wild Thornberrys Movie Shaman Mnyambo (Voice) $39.9M 2002
31% 33% The Country Bears Henry (Voice) $17.0M 2002
87% 77% Lilo & Stitch Captain Gantu (Voice) - 2002
No Score Yet 68% Tom Sawyer Injurin' Joe (Voice) - 2000
80% 59% Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders Max (Voice) - 2000
76% 56% Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Sumo Singer (Voice) $76.5M 2000
No Score Yet 36% Whispers: An Elephant's Tale Adult Whispers (Voice) - 2000
No Score Yet 50% Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins Space Ranger (Voice) - 2000
No Score Yet 62% Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein Bud Wiley (Voice) - 1999
20% 39% All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 St. Bernard (Voice) $8.6M 1996


No Score Yet 94% Big Nate Principal Nichols (Voice) 2022
No Score Yet No Score Yet Trolls: TrollsTopia Smidge (Character),
Unknown (Voice)
No Score Yet No Score Yet Blaze and the Monster Machines Crusher/Ninja Truck 1 (Voice) 2014-2022
No Score Yet No Score Yet Eureka! Dima (Guest Voice) 2022
97% 73% The Boys Presents: Diabolical Jack From Jupiter, Ironcast (Character) 2022
No Score Yet 85% Guardians of the Galaxy Groot (Voice) 2015-2017 2022
No Score Yet 82% Apple & Onion Beef Jerky/T-Bone/Lambchop (Voice) 2018-2022
92% 39% Masters of the Universe: Revelation Beast Man (Voice) 2021
98% 92% Invincible Mauler Twins/Monster Girl (Voice) 2021
82% 66% Bless the Harts Matlock (Guest Voice) 2019-2021
No Score Yet 62% Family Guy The Giant Chicken (Guest Voice),
Drill Sergeant (Voice)
1999-2001 2005-2006 2008-2011 2013-2018 2020-2021
No Score Yet No Score Yet All Hail King Julien: Exiled Maurice/Butterfish/Todd/Zora (Voice) 2017 2020
No Score Yet 100% Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Smidge (Voice) 2018-2020
No Score Yet 73% The Boss Baby: Back in Business Jimbo (Voice) 2018 2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? Caveman / Thad / Ski Instructor (Voice) 2019-2020
No Score Yet 85% Niko and the Sword of Light Dingle (Voice) 2017-2019
No Score Yet 83% The Jellies Unknown (Voice) 2017 2019
No Score Yet No Score Yet Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Break Out Groot (Character) 2018-2019
85% 79% Love, Death + Robots Zima (Voice) 2019
No Score Yet No Score Yet Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Willem Viceroy III (Voice) 2012-2015 2017-2018
No Score Yet 96% All Hail King Julien Maurice (Voice) 2014-2017
No Score Yet 84% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder (Voice) 2012-2017
No Score Yet 38% Teen Titans Go! Mammoth/See-More/Trigon (Guest Voice) 2013-2015 2017
No Score Yet 90% American Dad! Monty (Guest Voice) 2005-2014 2016-2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Uncle Grandpa Mr. Gus (Voice) 2013 2015-2017
85% 76% The Simpsons Party Guest (Guest Voice) 2009-2017
No Score Yet 100% Sofia the First King of Hakalo (Guest Voice) 2014-2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Marvel's Rocket & Groot Groot (Voice) 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Sheriff Callie's Wild West Uncle Bun/Farmer Stinky (Voice) 2014-2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet The 7D Happy (Voice) 2014-2016
100% 93% Adventure Time Male Computer Voice/Storm (Guest Voice) 2010 2013 2016
No Score Yet 78% The Penguins of Madagascar Maurice (Character),
Unknown (Voice)
2008-2013 2015
94% 87% Rick and Morty Frankenstein/Hamurai/Mrs. Refrigerator (Guest Voice) 2015
No Score Yet 87% The Adventures of Puss in Boots Unknown (Guest Voice) 2015
100% 86% Steven Universe Mr. Gus (Guest Voice) 2015
89% 79% The Legend of Korra Old Salt (Guest Voice) 2012-2013
No Score Yet 64% The Cleveland Show Cleveland Brown Jr./Lester Krinklesac/Julius/Bea Arthur (Voice) 2009-2013
100% 98% Green Lantern: The Animated Series Kilowog (Voice) 2011-2013
No Score Yet 100% Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Foog/Dren (Guest Voice) 2011-2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Thundercats Panthro (Voice) 2011-2012
No Score Yet 74% The Fairly OddParents Future AJ / Dad's Boss / Snoop / Heavy Hal / Donnie Donut / Wrestler 2 / Speed Racer's Dad / Vicky's Dad (Guest Voice),
Dark Laser / Waiter (Guest Star)
2001 2003-2004 2008-2009 2011
No Score Yet 77% The Looney Tunes Show Guard (Guest Voice) 2011
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Captain/Milos (Guest Voice) 2008-2009
84% 84% How I Met Your Mother Stan (Guest Star) 2009
24% No Score Yet The Cleaner Darnell McDowell (Character) 2008
100% 95% The Spectacular Spider-Man Tombstone (Guest Voice) 2008
74% No Score Yet The Knights of Prosperity Unknown (Character) 2007
No Score Yet No Score Yet Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Unknown (Voice) 2004-2006
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dave the Barbarian Unknown (Voice) 2004-2005
93% 95% Samurai Jack Biker (Voice) 2002-2004
No Score Yet 84% Static Shock Unknown (Voice) 2000-2004
20% No Score Yet Like Family Ed Ward (Character) 2003-2004
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Proud Family Security Guard (Guest Voice) 2001-2004
No Score Yet 80% CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fred Lychock (Guest Star) 2003
No Score Yet 35% JAG Unknown (Guest Star) 2003
No Score Yet 66% Without a Trace Unknown (Guest Star) 2003
27% No Score Yet Presidio Med Unknown (Guest Star) 2002
No Score Yet 84% Kim Possible Unknown (Guest Voice) 2002
No Score Yet 72% SpongeBob SquarePants King Neptune (Guest Voice) 2002
100% 93% Invader Zim Unknown (Guest Voice) 2001-2002
No Score Yet 95% Rugrats Trash Guy/Sergeant (Guest Voice) 1997 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Unknown (Voice) 1999 2001
83% No Score Yet That's Life Unknown (Guest Star) 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet The PJs Unknown (Voice) 1999-2000
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Wild Thornberrys Unknown (Guest Voice) 2000
20% No Score Yet Odd Man Out Unknown (Guest Star) 1999
No Score Yet 100% Becker Unknown (Guest Star) 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet DiResta Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Teen Angel Unknown (Guest Star) 1997-1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Hangin' With Mr. Cooper Unknown (Guest Star) 1994 1997
25% No Score Yet Homeboys in Outer Space Vashti (Character) 1996-1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet In the House Unknown (Guest Star) 1996-1997
No Score Yet 91% Hey Arnold! Unknown (Guest Voice) 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Diagnosis Murder Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
29% No Score Yet Lush Life Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Too Something Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Parent 'Hood Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Living Single Unknown (Guest Star) 1996
No Score Yet 100% Weird Science Unknown (Guest Star) 1995-1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Simon Unknown (Guest Star) 1995
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fudge Unknown (Guest Star) 1995
67% No Score Yet The Preston Episodes Unknown (Guest Star) 1995
No Score Yet 84% ER Patrick (Guest Star) 1994
No Score Yet 87% Mad About You Cable Man (Guest Star) 1994