Leslie Howard

Leslie Howard

Highest Rated: 100% Intermezzo (1939)

Lowest Rated: 36% Yogawoman (2012)

Birthday: Apr 3, 1893

Birthplace: Forest Hill, London, England, UK

Son of a London stockbroker, British actor Leslie Howard worked as a bank clerk after graduating from London's Dulwich School. Serving briefly in World War I, Howard was mustered out for medical reasons in 1918, deciding at that time to act for a living. Working in both England and the U.S. throughout the 1920s, Howard specialized in playing disillusioned intellectuals in such plays as Outward Bound, the film version of which served as his 1930 film debut. Other films followed on both sides of the Atlantic, the best of these being Howard's masterful star turn in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934). In 1935, Howard portrayed yet another disenchanted soul in The Petrified Forest, which co-starred Humphrey Bogart as a gangster patterned after John Dillinger. Howard was tapped for the film version, but refused to make the movie unless Bogart was also hired (Warner Bros. had planned to use their resident gangster type, Edward G. Robinson). Hardly a candidate for "Mr. Nice Guy" -- he was known to count the lines of his fellow actors and demand cuts if they exceeded his dialogue -- Howard was nonetheless loyal to those he cared about. Bogart became a star after The Petrified Forest, and in gratitude named his first daughter Leslie Bogart. Somehow able to hide encroaching middle-age when on screen, Howard played romantic leads well into his late 40s, none more so than the role of -- yes -- disillusioned intellectual Southern aristocrat Ashley Wilkes in the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind. In the late 1930s, Howard began dabbling in directing, notably in his starring films Pygmalion (1938) and Pimpernel Smith (1941). Fiercely patriotic, Howard traveled extensively on behalf of war relief; on one of these trips, he boarded a British Overseas Airways plane in 1943 with several other British notables, flying en route from England to Lisbon. The plane was shot down over the Bay of Biscay and all on board were killed. Only after the war ended was it revealed that Howard had selflessly taken that plane ride knowing it would probably never arrive in Lisbon; it was ostensibly carrying Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and was sent out as a decoy so that Churchill's actual plane would be undisturbed by enemy fire.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Tcm Presents Gone With The Wind Actor 2014
36% Yogawoman Actor 2012
No Score Yet The Gentle Sex Director Narrator Producer 1943
No Score Yet White Eagle Actor 1943
No Score Yet Spitfire (The First of the Few) Director Producer Reginald J. Mitchell 1942
92% 49th Parallel (The Invaders) Philip Armstrong Scott 1941
No Score Yet Pimpernel Smith Producer Director Professor Horatio Smith 1941
91% Gone With the Wind Ashley Wilkes 1939
100% Intermezzo Holgar Brandt 1939
94% Pygmalion Professor Henry Higgins Director 1938
No Score Yet It's Love I'm After Basil Underwood 1937
No Score Yet Stand-In Atterbury Dodd 1937
78% Romeo and Juliet Romeo 1936
100% The Petrified Forest Alan Squier 1936
89% The Scarlet Pimpernel Sir Percy Blakeney 1935
No Score Yet British Agent Stephen 'Steve' Locke 1934
85% Of Human Bondage Philip Carey 1934
No Score Yet Berkeley Square Peter Standish 1933
No Score Yet Captured! Capt. Fred Allison 1933
No Score Yet Secrets John Carlton 1933
No Score Yet The Animal Kingdom (The Woman in His House) Tom Collier 1932
No Score Yet Smilin' Through John Carteret 1932
No Score Yet Service for Ladies (Reserved for Ladies) Max Tracey 1932
No Score Yet A Free Soul Dwight Winthrop 1931
No Score Yet Five and Ten Bertram "Berry" Rhodes 1931
No Score Yet Never the Twain Shall Meet Dan Pritchard 1931
No Score Yet Devotion David Trent 1931
No Score Yet Outward Bound Tom Prior 1930


Count Aristid Karpathy says: Because Doolittle is an English name and she is not English.

Prof. Henry Higgins says: Oh.

Duchess says: But she speaks it perfectly.

Count Aristid Karpathy says: Too perfectly. Can you show me any Englishwoman who speaks English as it should be spoken, there is no such thing. The English do not now how to speak their own language, only foreigners who have been taught to speak it speak it well.

Prof. Henry Higgins says: Yes, there's something in that.

Douglas Quintain says: Hey honey, if you could cook, I'd marry ya.

Atterbury Dodd says: ...Precisely.

Atterbury Dodd says: Precisely.

Alan Squier says: Oh Lord; now it's going to be all over.

Alan Squier says: Oh Lord, now it's going to be all over.

Gabrielle Maple says: Paris! That must be the most marvelous place in the world for love, isn't it Alan?

Alan Squier says: All places are marvelous, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Maple says: Even here?

Alan Squier says: Especially here, my darling. As long as I live I'll be grateful to the Duke.

Gabrielle Maple says: Alan - Alan, will you please kiss me?

Gabrielle Maple says: Alan? Alan, will you please kiss me?

Alan Squier says: Well let me tell you something: you're a forgetful old fool. Any woman's worth everything that any man has to give. Anguish, ecstasy, faith, jealousy, love, hatred, life or death - don't you see that's the whole excuse for our existence. It's what makes the whole thing possible and tolerable. When you get to my age you'll learn better sense.

Duke Mantee says: [as a sarcastic toast] Here's happy days.

Duke Mantee says: Here's happy days.

Gramp Maple says: Yes sir; certainly does feel great to have a real killer around here again!

Gramp Maple says: Yes sir. Certainly does feel great to have a real killer around here again!

Alan Squier says: Yes, it's pleasant to be back again - amongst the living.

Gabrielle Maple says: Wouldn't you like someone to be in love with you?

Alan Squier says: Yes Gabrielle, I - I would like someone in love with me.

Alan Squier says: Yes Gabrielle, I...I would like someone in love with me.

Gabrielle Maple says: Do you think I'm attractive?

Alan Squier says: There are better words than that for what you are.

Gabrielle Maple says: Your wife must have treated you terribly.

Alan Squier says: Why do you say that?

Gabrielle Maple says: She talked all the heart out of you. I could put it back.

Alan Squier says: You better come with me, Duke. I'm planning to be buried in the Petrified Forest. I've formed a theory about that that would interest you. It's the graveyard of civilization that's shot from under us. The world of outmoded ideas. They're all so many dead stumps in the desert. That's where I belong and so do you Duke. For you're the last great apostle of rugged individualism.