Moroni Olsen

Moroni Olsen

Highest Rated: 100% Father's Little Dividend (1951)

Lowest Rated: 38% The Long, Long Trailer (1954)

Birthday: Jun 27, 1889

Birthplace: Not Available

Born and educated in Utah, tall, piercing-eyed actor Moroni Olsen learned how to entertain an audience as a Chautaqua tent-show performer. In the 1920s, he organized the Moroni Olsen Players, one of the most prestigious touring stock companies in the business. After several successful seasons on Broadway, Olsen came to films in the role of Porthos in the 1935 version of The Three Musketeers. Though many of his subsequent roles were not on this plateau, Olsen nearly always transcended his material: In the otherwise middling Wheeler and Woolsey comedy Mummy's Boys (1936), for example, Olsen all but ignites the screen with his terrifying portrayal of a lunatic. Thanks to his aristocratic bearing and classically trained voice, Olsen was often called upon to play famous historical personages: he was Buffalo Bill in Annie Oakley (1935), Robert E. Lee in Santa Fe Trail (1940), and Sam Houston in Lone Star (1952). Throughout his Hollywood career, Moroni Olsen was active as a director and performer with the Pasadena Playhouse, and was the guiding creative force behind Hollywood's annual Pilgrimage Play.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The First Rebel Calhoon 2015
43% Sign of the Pagan Pope Leo 1954
38% The Long, Long Trailer Mr. Tewitt 1954
No Score Yet So This Is Love Arnold Reuben 1953
No Score Yet Washington Story, (Target for Scandal) Speaker 1952
No Score Yet Lone Star Sam Houston 1952
No Score Yet At Sword's Point Old Porthos 1952
No Score Yet Submarine Command (The Submarine Story) Rear Adm. Joshua Rice 1951
No Score Yet No Questions Asked Henry Manston 1951
100% Father's Little Dividend Herbert Dunstan 1951
No Score Yet Payment on Demand David Ramsey's Attorney 1951
93% Father of the Bride Herbert Dunstan 1950
63% Samson and Delilah Targil 1949
No Score Yet Task Force Ames 1949
83% The Fountainhead Chairman 1949
No Score Yet Command Decision Congressman Stone 1948
No Score Yet Up in Central Park Big Jim Pitts 1948
75% Call Northside 777 Parole Board Chairman 1948
No Score Yet High Wall Dr. Phillip Dunlap 1947
No Score Yet That Hagen Girl Trenton Gateley 1947
89% Possessed Ames 1947
No Score Yet The Long Night Chief of Police 1947
91% Life With Father Dr. Humphries 1947
40% The Strange Woman Rev. Thatcher 1946
No Score Yet From This Day Forward Tim Bagley 1946
98% Notorious Beardsley 1946
86% Mildred Pierce Insp. Peterson 1945
No Score Yet Weekend at the Waldorf House Detective Blake 1945
No Score Yet Pride of the Marines Capt. Burroughs 1945
No Score Yet Don't Fence Me In Henry Bennett 1945
100% Cobra Woman MacDonald 1944
100% Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo General 1944
No Score Yet Buffalo Bill Sen. Frederici 1944
No Score Yet Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Caliph Hassan 1944
86% The Song of Bernadette Chaplain 1943
86% Madame Curie President of Businessmen's Board 1943
No Score Yet Mission to Moscow Col. Faymonville 1943
80% Air Force Col. Blake 1943
No Score Yet Reunion in France Paul Grebeau 1942
88% The Glass Key Ralph Henry 1942
No Score Yet Ship Ahoy Inspector Davis 1942
No Score Yet Nazi Agent (Salute to Courage) Brenner 1942
No Score Yet Dangerously They Live Mr. Goodwin 1941
100% One Foot in Heaven Dr. John Romer 1941
No Score Yet Dive Bomber Senior Flight Surgeon 1941
No Score Yet If I Had My Way Mr. Blair 1940
No Score Yet Brother Rat and a Baby (Baby Be Good) Major 1940
No Score Yet Brigham Young Doc Richards 1940
83% Santa Fe Trail Robert E. Lee 1940
No Score Yet Virginia City Dr. Rob Cameron 1940
No Score Yet Invisible Stripes Warden 1939
No Score Yet Allegheny Uprising Calhoon 1939
No Score Yet Dust Be My Destiny Defense Attorney Slim Jones 1939
No Score Yet Susannah of the Mounties Supt. Andrew Standing 1939
No Score Yet Rose of Washington Square Buck Russell 1939
No Score Yet The Three Musketeers Bailiff 1939
No Score Yet Kentucky John Dillon II, 1937 1938
No Score Yet Marie Antoinette Bearded Man 1938
No Score Yet Kidnapped Douglas 1938
No Score Yet Gold Is Where You Find It Sen. Hearst 1938
No Score Yet Submarine Patrol Capt. Wilson 1938
No Score Yet Adventure's End Rand Husk 1937
No Score Yet Manhattan Merry-Go-Round Jonathan 1937
No Score Yet The Last Gangster Shea 1937
81% The Life of Emile Zola Capt. Guignet 1937
No Score Yet The Plough and the Stars Irish leader, James Connolly 1936
No Score Yet Mary of Scotland John Knox 1936
No Score Yet The Farmer in the Dell Chester Hart 1936
No Score Yet We're Only Human Inspector Curran 1935
No Score Yet Annie Oakley Buffalo Bill 1935
No Score Yet The Three Musketeers Porthos 1935


No Score Yet I Love Lucy
Judge 1956


Queen/Witch says: Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror says: Why, Snow White is the fairest.

Vance Irby says: Theres a Union spy in town (speaking of Flynn).....

Vance Irby says: Theres a Union spy in town. [speaking of Flynn]

Kerry Bradford says: I want you, your gold and your friends. (on discovering the secret shipment of gold to the South.)

Kerry Bradford says: I want you, your gold and your friends. [on discovering the secret shipment of gold to the South]

Vance Irby says: They may get me, but thats not important, its the gold thats important.

John Murrell says: You should remember doctor, its not the first time I was here. (arriving with a bullit in arm).

John Murrell says: You should remember doctor, its not the first time I was here. [arriving with a bullit in arm]

John Murrell says: I'm hoping you aren't thinking of collecting this reward ( a bounty is on Murrell's head).

John Murrell says: I'm hoping you aren't thinking of collecting this reward [a bounty is on Murrell's head]

Dr. Cameron says: What do think this is? a sideshow?

Magic Mirror says: Famed is thy beauty majesty, but ho! A lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace. Alas, she is more fair than thee.

Queen/Witch says: Alas for her. Reveal her name.

Magic Mirror says: Lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow.

Queen/Witch says: *gasps* Snow White.