Shidô Nakamura

Shidô Nakamura

Highest Rated: 100% The Blood of Wolves (Korou no chi) (2018)

Lowest Rated: 11% Rinjin 13-gô (Neighbor No. 13) (2005)

Birthday: Sep 14, 1972

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Shidō Nakamura is a Japanese film and Kabuki actor. The art of Kabuki acting is traditionally associated with elder generations, an art form which most youngsters in Japan would rather be seen anywhere else than inside a Kabuki theatre. Nakamura, on the other hand, is one of the few young Kabuki actors that have been able to tempt young Japanese back to the traditional theatre.Nakamura made his kabuki debut at the age of nine. 21 years later and despite being a relative latecomer to the silver screen, the 30-year-old Kabuki actor was in his first film 2002 with Ping Pong, in which he portrayed a skin-headed, demonically intense table-tennis champion named Dragon. His film debut won Nakamura a Best Newcomer award at the 2003 Japanese Academy Awards. Since then, Nakamura has starred in a string of high-profile movies as well as TV dramas. rNakamura came to international attention in 2004 after starring in the highly successful romance movie Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu (Be With You) with Yuko Takeuchi, when the two co-starred as a couple separated by death. The two co-stars married for a short time after filming was complete, from May 10, 2005 until they divorced on November 1, 2006.Nakamura plays a Japanese sword expert who is Jet Li's final opponent in the Hong Kong/China martial arts movie Fearless starring international Kung Fu star Jet Li, set in 1910s Imperial China.

Highest Rated Movies



100% The Blood of Wolves (Korou no chi) Actor 2018
40% Death Note: Light Up the New World (Desu nôto: Light Up the New World) Actor 2016
No Score Yet Twisted Justice Actor 2016
No Score Yet Akaneiro no yakusoku: Sanba da kingyo (Goldfish Go Home) Actor 2014
No Score Yet Silver Spoon (Gin no saji) Actor 2014
No Score Yet Gatchaman Iriya 2013
42% Leonie Yone Noguchi $54.2K 2013
No Score Yet Legend Of The Millenium Dragon Gen'un 2011
No Score Yet Hard Romanticker (Hâdo romanchikkâ) Actor 2011
No Score Yet Nintama Rantarô (Ninja Kids!!!) Actor 2011
91% Red Cliff (Chi Bi) Gan Xing $0.6M 2009
No Score Yet Red Cliff Part II (Chi Bi 2) Gan Xing 2009
80% Death Note: The Last Name (Desu nôto 2) Ryuk 2008
No Score Yet Red Cliff Part I (Chi Bi) Actor 2008
78% Death Note (Desu nôto) Ryuuk 2007
91% Letters from Iwo Jima Lt. Ito $13.7M 2006
73% Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter) Anno Tanaka $24.6M 2006
No Score Yet Otoko-tachi no Yamato Actor 2005
No Score Yet Stormy Night Gabu 2005
No Score Yet All About Dogs Actor 2005
11% Rinjin 13-gô (Neighbor No. 13) No. 13 2005
No Score Yet Inu no eiga (All About My Dog) Actor 2005
No Score Yet Be With You (Ima, ai ni yukimasu) Actor 2004
No Score Yet Like Asura Shizuo Katsumata 2003
No Score Yet Iden & Tity Actor 2003
75% Ping Pong Ryûichi Kazama : Dragon 2002
No Score Yet Ninja Kids Rentaro's father 1986


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