Susan Seidelman

Susan Seidelman

Highest Rated: 100% Smithereens (1982)

Lowest Rated: 14% Cookie (1989)

Birthday: Dec 11, 1952

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

A leading figure in both independent and women's filmmaking since the early 1980s, director Susan Seidelman leapt to prominence with her smart, angsty drama "Smithereens" (1982), which paved the way for her greatest screen success, "Desperately Seeking Susan" (1985), featuring Madonna on the cusp of superstardom. Both films hinged around women confronting society's requirements to conform to traditional female roles by pursuing their own dreams, no matter how offbeat or impossible the goal might seem. This central thesis also informed most, if not all of Seidelmen's subsequent work, including the comedies "Making Mr. Right" (1987) and "She-Devil" (1989), as well as the pilot for "Sex and the City" (HBO, 1998-2004) and "Boynton Beach Club," which honed its focus to the lives of women in their senior years. Though she never quite reclaimed the success of "Susan" with another feature, Seidelman worked steadily throughout her two-decade-long career in a variety of genres while applying her own aesthetic to each of her projects. In doing so, she transcended the typical Hollywood model of "hits" and "flops" to present instead a body of work regarded more for its quality and integrity than its box-office returns.




36% 34% The Hot Flashes Director - 2013
37% 78% Musical Chairs Director,
Executive Producer
$31.3K 2011
60% 41% Boynton Beach Club Director,
$3.1M 2005
No Score Yet 20% The Ranch Director - 2004
No Score Yet 43% Power and Beauty Director - 2002
29% 45% Gaudi Afternoon Director,
Executive Producer
- 2001
No Score Yet 47% A Cooler Climate Director - 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Barefoot Executive Director - 1995
60% No Score Yet Tales of Erotica Director,
- 1994
40% 49% She-Devil Director,
$12.8M 1989
14% 39% Cookie Director,
Executive Producer
$1.4M 1989
50% 36% Making Mr. Right Director $444.8K 1987
84% 62% Desperately Seeking Susan Director $24.4M 1985
100% 60% Smithereens Director - 1982
No Score Yet No Score Yet Yours Truly, Andrea G. Stern Director,
Film Editor
- 1979


No Score Yet No Score Yet Scenarios USA Shorts Director 2017
100% 100% Now and Again Director 1999
70% 82% Sex and the City Director 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Early Edition Director 1996