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      Hammer to Nail

      Hammer to Nail is not a Tomatometer-approved publication. Reviews from this publication only count toward the Tomatometer® when written by the following Tomatometer-approved critic(s): Chase Whale, Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Don R. Lewis, Jessica Baxter.

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      Rating Title | Year Author Quote
      My Love Affair with Marriage (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Rarely do we see such near-manic creative fervent come together in as perfect a harmony.
      Posted Oct 04, 2023
      Les Indésirables (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Montvilliers may be a construct of the screenplay, but the themes it represents are very real. Power corrupts. Vive la révolution!
      Posted Sep 22, 2023
      Working Class Goes to Hell (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed And even if the director lets his tale go on for too long, with a messy narrative in need of trimming, he still delivers an appealingly whacko and unique work.
      Posted Sep 22, 2023
      Dumb Money (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Overall, "Dumb Money" is good fun, frequently smart enough to make sharp points about our universe, if never exceptional. Many of the targets are too obvious to surprise, yet there is still a feel-good, grab-the-pitchforks quality to the whole.
      Posted Sep 15, 2023
      Silver Dollar Road (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It’s a genuine story about real people with real problems and, we hope, real solutions in the very near future.
      Posted Sep 14, 2023
      Songs of Earth (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Norwegian director Margreth Olin’s deeply personal cinematic essay, "Songs of Earth," showcases the magnificent northern landscapes in which her parents have always lived.
      Posted Sep 13, 2023
      Flipside (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Nominally about the titular record store in Pompton Lakes, NJ, near where Wilcha grew up, the documentary is even more a cinematic contemplation of the search for meaning.
      Posted Sep 13, 2023
      The King Tide (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed There are hidden secrets below the surface, even if some remain obscure.
      Posted Sep 13, 2023
      Copa 71 (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed May "Copa 71" serve as a testament to those who would offer a winning alternative. After all, according to a final title card, women’s soccer is today the fastest-growing sport on the planet. Huzzah.
      Posted Sep 08, 2023
      Amerikatsi (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Written and directed by—and starring—Michael A. Goorjian, the new film 'Amerikatsi' is many things, among them a paean to the resilience of the human spirit.
      Posted Sep 05, 2023
      The Mountain (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The beautiful cinematography, courtesy of Alexis Kavyrchine … makes the Alps come alive (in every way, as we discover), and the emotional restraint of both Salvador and Bourgoin serve to heighten the eventual catharsis at the end.
      Posted Sep 01, 2023
      Bottoms (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed This may be a "Barbie" season, but if you want a truly subversive movie that will catch you unawares with its marriage of high entertainment and important messaging (mostly, and mercifully, buried in the subtext), then "Bottoms" is the one for you.
      Posted Aug 25, 2023
      Golda (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The result is an engaging, if somewhat limited, take on these important historical events.
      Posted Aug 24, 2023
      Hummingbirds (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed They make quite a pair, and despite the worry expressed early on that “if you record something, you are more likely to forget it,” the two are always memorable. No one watching will be able to stop thinking about them anytime soon.
      Posted Aug 22, 2023
      Simone: Woman of the Century (2021) Christopher Llewellyn Reed "Simone: Woman of the Century" mostly does her proper cinematic service—as do Marder and Zylberstein—though at times we might wish that Dahan would trust the story without needing to underline big, dramatic moments with music.
      Posted Aug 18, 2023
      The Eternal Memory (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed By the end, the viewer emerges with a rich panoply of scenes to contemplate, each one building on the impact of what came before.
      Posted Aug 11, 2023
      Last Stop Larrimah (2023) Don R. Lewis A truly crazy entry into the true crime documentary pantheon.
      Posted Aug 07, 2023
      A Compassionate Spy (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It’s a complicated narrative, as it should be.
      Posted Aug 04, 2023
      After the Bite (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed By the end, though we ourselves hope to never become food, we at least have food for thought.
      Posted Jul 26, 2023
      Amanda (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The performances—especially those of the two leads—are pitch-perfect, Porcaroli and Bellugi conveying simultaneous indifference and vulnerability.
      Posted Jul 21, 2023
      The Deepest Breath (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed In this beautifully photographed and edited movie, director McGann crafts riveting, and fully three-dimensional, profiles of the protagonists, bringing in plenty of supporting voices and characters, as well.
      Posted Jul 18, 2023
      Make Me Famous (2021) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It’s a great mix of voices, allowing the narrative to truly come alive.
      Posted Jul 10, 2023
      Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed What results is a deep dive into the star’s rise and early troubles camouflaging his sexuality.
      Posted Jun 23, 2023
      The Listener (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed We also have the opportunity to observe Thompson’s performance, which is a model of carefully modulated behavior. Tour de force does not come close to describing her turn.
      Posted Jun 22, 2023
      Milli Vanilli (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Learn, evolve, and be happy.
      Posted Jun 19, 2023
      Richland (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The great appeal of the documentary is this very panoply of thought, showing that the world can exist in shades of gray.
      Posted Jun 16, 2023
      Final Cut (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The best part of the entire enterprise is, in fact, the boundless enthusiasm of everyone involved. How could we not sit back and cheer?
      Posted Jun 14, 2023
      Breaking the News (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Good journalism just might save the world.
      Posted Jun 14, 2023
      Chasing Chasing Amy (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed "Chasing Amy," it seems, has many layers, and "Chasing Chasing Amy" even more. I am pleasantly surprised.
      Posted Jun 09, 2023
      Monica (2022) Jessica Baxter It takes a very delicate screenplay to convey a story like this without dipping into egregious exposition and melodrama, and it takes nuanced performers to pull it off.
      Posted Jun 07, 2023
      Anonymous Sister (2021) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Dedicated to everyone who did not survive, "Anonymous Sister" reminds us at every turn to hold the perpetrators accountable.
      Posted Jun 02, 2023
      The Hole in the Fence (2021) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Resistance is futile; the wicked shall rule.
      Posted May 26, 2023
      Victim/Suspect (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Watch, learn, take action. Reform won’t happen unless we demand it.
      Posted May 23, 2023
      Other People's Children (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed There’s more to the film than one single thread, as all scenes come together in a finely embroidered garment of great cinematic depth.
      Posted May 18, 2023
      BlackBerry (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The movie is an intense laugh riot, though laden with fraught drama as things fall apart.
      Posted May 12, 2023
      The Starling Girl (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed A fraught coming-of-age tale filled with sexual drama, the movie showcases the considerable talents of the director and her star, Eliza Scanlen.
      Posted May 10, 2023
      The Taking (2021) Christopher Llewellyn Reed What emerges by the end is a fascinating, robust account of a natural wonder and its function as more than just a movie backdrop
      Posted May 04, 2023
      Polite Society (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It's to Manzoor’s immense credit that she builds the intrigue with both great intricacy and humor, overcoming the initial flaws in her design.
      Posted Apr 28, 2023
      Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, the movie … is everything that fans of the author and this book could hope for, filled with all the innocence, angst, tears, joy, essential moral lessons, and humor that mark Blume’s writing.
      Posted Apr 26, 2023
      Showing Up (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It’s well in line with the director’s series of understated portraits of seemingly ordinary eccentrics who are anything but. And though a very slow burn, it offers meaningful rewards to the patient viewer.
      Posted Apr 14, 2023
      How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed If you like your thrillers with a slice of social consciousness, give "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" a watch. It’s incendiary in all kinds of exciting ways.
      Posted Apr 06, 2023
      Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed By the end, we have come to know Roach in all his complicated glory. He was brilliant and mercurial, and left behind an inspirational legacy that remains as vibrant today as it ever was.
      Posted Mar 24, 2023
      Brooklyn 45 (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Sit back and let the horror take hold. It’s a wild ride.
      Posted Mar 21, 2023
      Black Barbie: A Documentary (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The documentary is a celebration of the talents and creativity of Black women.
      Posted Mar 17, 2023
      Joan Baez I Am a Noise (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It’s a raw, personal look at her life in all its glory and misery. A more moving cinematic testament to Joan Baez could not exist. Encore, please!
      Posted Mar 16, 2023
      The Lady Bird Diaries (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Mixing specific intimacies with universal truths, "The Lady Bird Diaries" helps revitalize a well-trafficked history and genre, to the great joy of the viewer.
      Posted Mar 14, 2023
      Plan C (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed Let’s hope the next film Tragos makes is not about what happens when Republicans again seize complete national power and enact a complete ban everywhere.
      Posted Mar 12, 2023
      Confessions of a Good Samaritan (2023) Christopher Llewellyn Reed The stakes are high, and so are the rewards. It’s a remarkable film.
      Posted Mar 12, 2023
      Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist (2019) Christopher Llewellyn Reed It’s a restrained approach, and an effective one. I could listen to Friedkin all day, it turns out.
      Posted Mar 09, 2023
      Gods of Mexico (2022) Christopher Llewellyn Reed A visually sumptuous ode to the extraordinary beauties of its titular country, "Gods of Mexico" is filled with images detailing a great variety of people and activities, the sum total of the collection adding up to an étude in stunning cinematography.
      Posted Mar 03, 2023
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