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      Rating Title | Year Author Quote
      Sexy Beast (2000) Ian Johnston Glazer insists on using inadvisable fantasy images, and it becomes clear that the film has been haphazardly restructured.
      Posted Jun 11, 2001
      Evolution (2001) Adrian Hennigan The funniest summer blockbuster since Men In Black.
      Posted Jun 05, 2001
      Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001) Francesca Franklyn There are some great set-pieces and comic moments and enough drama and beauty for some pleasant escapism.
      Posted May 01, 2001
      One Night at McCool's (2001) Monika Maurer Funny and imaginative.
      Posted Mar 29, 2001
      Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) Jane Crowther Faithful to its source, perfectly cast and even funnier than the book.
      Posted Mar 20, 2001
      About Adam (2000) Neil Smith Once you succumb to the picture's gentle rhythm and quirky sense of humour, you're sure to find it beguiling, intriguing and over too soon.
      Posted Mar 12, 2001
      Enemy at the Gates (2001) Ian Johnston Works as both a compelling thriller and engaging romance.
      Posted Mar 12, 2001
      In the Mood for Love (2000) Monika Maurer A feast for the eyes and -- with a Nat King Cole vocal refrain -- also the ears.
      Posted Jan 26, 2001
      The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) Ian Johnston Vacuous, tedious, pretentious and featuring some uniformly atrocious acting.
      Posted Jan 26, 2001
      Memento (2000) Stephen Applebaum This is virtuoso filmmaking, stylistically dazzling and head-scratchingly intricate.
      Posted Jan 26, 2001
      Snatch (2000) Robin Askew At least Ritchie's leanly plotted, briskly directed yarn is more entertaining than all the other Brit gangster flicks that trailed in the wake of Lock, Stock.
      Posted Jan 17, 2001
      Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Monika Maurer Love, pathos, fear and humour are all brilliantly evoked -- for this is not simply a great martial arts movie, this is an Ang Lee film.
      Posted Dec 14, 2000
      What Women Want (2000) Monika Maurer Makes for passable entertainment.
      Posted Dec 14, 2000
      The Family Man (2000) Monika Maurer While it may be wholly unoriginal The Family Man is also surprisingly touching and funny.
      Posted Dec 12, 2000
      American Psycho (2000) Simon Wardell Bale has never been better.
      Posted Jan 01, 2000
      Chicken Run (2000) Robin Askew It all builds to a fabulously frantic, hilarious action-packed climax.
      Posted Jan 01, 2000
      Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000) Robin Askew While it's not as clever as it thinks it is, it's considerably better than we had any right to expect.
      Posted Jan 01, 2000
      Battlefield Earth (2000) Lisa Andrews Big-budget, little-intelligence entertainment.
      Posted Jan 01, 2000
      The Beach (2000) Monika Maurer A kind of adventure holiday for the MTV generation rather than a cautionary tale of a society that turns in on itself.
      Posted Jan 01, 2000
      Gladiator (2000) Peter Hill A triumph!
      Posted Jan 01, 2000
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