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½ September 26, 2017
This truly excellent analysis of masculinity, male desire, and mid-life crisis is one of the forgotten, underrated masterpieces of 70's hilarity.
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September 26, 2017
"10" is far from a masterpiece, in fact, it's much more of a goofy 70's rom-com than anything else, but there's a little bit more heart and quite a few more laughs than I thought there would be here. The film is about a man (played by Dudley Moore) going through a mid-life crisis as he realizes his age is creeping up on him as he's failing to provide a spark in his relationship with the one and only Julie Andrews. What follows feels like a movie made specifically for sexually deprived teenagers, but there's definitely a little bit more to it than that. George Webber (Moore) is a film composer recognized by everyone for his famous ballads, but he rarely shares an intimate moment with people for various reasons. Spending his nights desperate to find his music again and spying on his neighbor who consistently hosts sex parties, there's not a lot going for Webber. But when he stumbles upon a young newly married woman, things begin to change. The actual plot itself isn't the most interesting, especially as it consistently meanders into slapstick comedy. I mean, George literally has a mid-day fantasy of Bo Derek slowly running on a beach Baywatch style for over a minute. It's not exactly the most tightly written or directed feature. However, I did at least connect to the Webber character in part. His relationship to Andrews is touching at times, and I have a special place in my heart for film composers. Henry Mancini's score is another gem and it's definitely a film that can be enjoyed in the background if you turn your brain off for a few hours.

½ September 11, 2016
10 (1979) C-122m. [2 stars] D: Blake Edwards. Dudley Moore, Bo Derek, Julie Andrews. Moore is well cast as Hollywood musician who's hung up on his life and becomes highly infatuated with newly married Derek. Pompous, only occasionally funny film benefits from relevant casting and moments of real perception and truth. However, after about an hour it becomes humdrum. The director also wrote this one.
May 30, 2016
5/30/2016: An ok movie. An interesting story with a good cast, but I was hoping for more laughs from a Moore film.
½ November 11, 2015
Bo Derek is NOT a 10. And Dudley Moore is never funny. And this movie is not worth your time.
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October 27, 2015
It is surprising that this excellent film is so underrated and has never been appreciated as it should be. Dudley Moore is a great actor and a great comedian, and this is a hilarious story that takes a very honest look at the middle age crisis and inchoate yearnings.
½ October 22, 2015
It had some funny moments but it's a pretty tiresome story
October 14, 2015
Another stupid comedy about the mid-life crisis of a man and his obsession with a beautiful woman, until he realizes that the obsession is senseless. Quite similar to other movies la "The Woman in Red".
½ April 9, 2015
A decent little comedy that's bloated as a classic.
February 23, 2015
wickedly funny comedy
½ February 18, 2015
Middle aged man follows a sexy engaged blonde to Mexico and attempts to win her over. Although this classic was brilliant for its time, so many copycats have ruined its original charm.
September 18, 2014
Blake Edwards's "10" is hands down one of the funniest movies ever made. Like the best comedies, it takes common human emotions (undeniable longing and the fear of aging and death in this case) and uses them as a springboard for a series of maniacally hilarious comedic setups and witty observations about the complexity of life, love, and sex. By the time of its release in 1979, Blake Edwards had proven himself an A-list director capable of directing a wide variety of different film genres from romantic comedies ("Breakfast at Tiffany's) to heavy dramas ("Days of Wine and Roses), but his winning streak was beginning to fade. He had achieved enormous commercial success with the first five Pink Panther movies, but his efforts outside the franchise were flops by comparison. With "10", Edwards not only achieved the high comedic delirium of the Panther films, but also created a new, more observant kind of comedy that started a ripple effect in pop culture we are still seeing in films today such as Jason Segal's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" or Judd Apatow's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin". At the core of the story is a brilliant performance by Dudley Moore whose George Webber, a short forty-two year old musical composer, epitomizes the deepest desires of the human condition. We first see him celebrating yet another birthday surrounded by his longtime lover (Julie Andrews) and a collection of friends. George appears to have everything: a successful career, a perfect house atop a California hillside, and a healthy relationship, but nevertheless the onset of middle age casts a dark shadow over his entire existence. In their collective portrait of George, Edwards and Moore have molded him into the perfect underdog yet we are still able to laugh at him when he falls victim to a slew of random and unsuspected pratfalls. Even after he boards a flight to Mexico to indulge his unbridled infatuation with a beautiful young woman he spied while waiting in afternoon traffic (Bo Derek), the audience is with him on every step of the journey. Also vital to the film's success is the casting of the female leads. Not once do they fall into sentiment or cliche. Bo Derek as Jenny Miles, a.k.a. the "eleven" of the picture is sex personified and perpetually luminous. With her nude bathing suit, cornrows, and luscious curves, she takes Jenny far beyond the standard object of lust. In the famous scene where we see her running in slow motion down the beach, she is more like a sexual deity than a brazen temptress. Surprisingly, the reverse is true of Julie Andrews as George's acid-tongued, level-headed mistress. Her Samantha Taylor spouts off a stream of language you would never find in the vocabulary of Mary Poppins or Maria Von Trapp and though she is only featured in a few scenes, her presence can be felt throughout. Rounding out the supporting cast is a collection of fine character actors that include Robert Webber as George's cognitive and shockingly not stereotyped homosexual best friend, a young Dee Wallace as an old acquaintance of George whose self confidence has been bruised by a series of failed relationships, and Brian Dennehy as a warmhearted bartender in Mexico. Something truly magical happens on screen when fantastic acting, superb directing, and deft screenwriting are combined. With all the elements set into place, Edwards has full control over an unhinged plot and the audience is nestled comfortably in the palm of his hand. This is the mark of great filmmaking and that is why "10" has remained one of the best.
August 21, 2014
Not funny, but instead boring. And it just WOULDN'T END. Over two hours is unacceptable. It's more of a movie of broad ideas, not actual execution.
August 1, 2014
dumb dumb dumb and not at all funny
July 22, 2014
this movie was absolutely HILARIOUS ! i have no idea how much of it was intentional, but i really really enjoyed watching it. the film also showed very accurately, albeit depressingly, how immature men really are, regardless of their age.
March 11, 2014
10 is one of the more notable comedy films of Dudley Moore's career and featured Julie Andrews in a prominent role and Bo Derek in her breakthrough performance, so with such an amiable cast and the notable image of Bo Derek running along a beach in a swimsuit in slow motion to boast for its cultural success and notoriety, 10 sounded like a film I should definitely take a chance to explore.

Blake Edwards' 10 is a rather clever film for people who have minds open to learning about the psychology behind sexuality and relationships. It deals directly with the complex theme of sexuality from multiple perspectives and bring it into a story about aging. It analyses many themes from the perspectives of both male and female characters while serving predominantly as a realstic look into the complicated functioning of the male psyche which is as relevant now as it was in 1979. While the comedy can never really stay consistent in being genuine comedy and romantic comedy, it does prove intelligent and charming in parts. I can't say that I really laughed much at the film, but I did pick up on a lot of the intelligent angles that it was getting at so I walked away from 10 having learned more about adult sexuality from Blake Edwards.
In the age we live in, sex comedies tend to be more explicit and romantic comedies tend to be dumb. While 10 succeeds as a superior romantic comedy to the formulaic genre of today, it isn't as explicit as one might presume and has a tame sexual nature by today's standards so it has in fact suffered from the battle of age. But 10 still has a certain charm to it. It's a cleverly written film which is directed well by Blake Edwards, even if it is only funny in parts. But it succeeds from a technical standpoint as well because 10 has a lot of lush scenery to it which is shot with beautiful cinematography which in its widescreen style manages to capture every visual element necessary to the success of 10. 10 is a nice visual experience which is gentle on the eyes and yet very beautiful, and it captures a lot of small elements very well.
10 also features a really relaxed musical score which captures the atmosphere of the film nicely and allows the energy to come naturally. Audiences are constantly able to keep their moods in tune with the mood of 10 thanks to the Academy Award nominated musical score and the charm of the also Academy Award nominated song "It's Easy to Say".
10 succeeds from a lot of perspectives in term of physical qualities and storytelling elements. But most of the success in 10 really comes from the efforts that the lead actors contribute to the success of the comedy and the script.
Dudley Moore made a breakthrough in 10 from before his internationally recognised hilarious performance in Arthur. His character is much like the stereotypical Woody Allen character, only restrained and British. And Dudley Moore proves that he is completely up for it because his comedic line delivery and awkward physical demeanour prove key to the success of 10. His lead performance allows for him to interact with a lot of other characters in a successfully comedic way and he never really falters. While the material is not always funny, Dudley Moore does his best to ensure that when it is, it is successfully funny and there is no denying that he succeeds at achieving that in 10.
Julie Andrews is a ice surprise in 10 because I'm usually more accustomed to finding her associated with family friendly films such as her Academy Award winning performance as the titular nanny in Mary Poppins. So to have her in such an adult oriented sex comedy is quite interesting, yet not surprising as it is a film helmed by her husband Blake Edwards. To dispel the possibility of nepotism taking place, Julie Andrews gives it her all and a gives an amiable down to earth performance which is rich with a lot of charm and friendliness that later turns into a hilarious chemistry with Dudley Moore. As her and Dudley Moore are not as bombastically sexually itemised in films, to have them as the charming British pair in an American sexually-based romantic comedy allows for a lot of comedic opportunity which is harnessed more often than not. Julie Andrews proves to be a great addition to the cast of 10 and her charm has merely increased over the years if nothing else.
Bo Derek makes a breakthrough in 10 by showing off her immense sex appeal as a woman and charm as an actress, integrating it all into her characterisation of Jenny Hanley so that she is a genial presence. Her seductive sexual qualities and line delivery make her appealing to audiences and other characters, particularly to the one portrayed by Dudley Moore who she shares a very interesting chemistry with. What the two of them engage about with conversation proves to be very interesting and audiences will find themselves caught up in a complicated conversation entailing the sexual nature of human beings which they can learn much from. Considering how rapidly Bo Derek's career declined after 10 when she began to star in nothing but a string of failures directed by her husband John Derek, it is safe to say that 10 is the true highlight of her career. She is a good actress to have on board and her sexual appeal makes her a treat for the eyes.
I can't say much about Sam J. Jones' performance since it was too small for me to comment on, but I was just happy to see him in another film since I enjoyed his effort in Flash Gordon.

So 10 is a dated comedy which is sporadically funny, but it is more intelligent than the average romantic comedy of the modern day and has a dedicated cast and firm handling of sexual nature.
February 22, 2014
The film is hilarious and spot-on in its study the sexual hungers of men.
½ January 10, 2014
dudley moore plays a man going through mid-life crisis. this is one of those movies i wanted to see when i was a kid, because of bo derek, but never did. probably for the better because i wouldn't have got it. now i get it and i enjoyed it. moore is great in this role. he has a certain charm that keeps his slapstick from being crass.
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