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Dodge City and Stagecoach were released the same year and though featuring two very different plots, are both credited with breathing new life and legitimacy into the flagging western genre. Starring dashing Errol Flynn and beauteous Olivia de Havilland, Dodge City begins with a nailbiting race between a stagecoach and locomotive--representing the transition from the Old West to the new one. The story itself begins as an itinerant cattleman rides into the title town and ends up its appointed sheriff and assigned to rid the town of a troublesome villain and his outlaw gang. Along the way, he finds himself falling in love with a lovely saloon girl. The film's highlight is a barroom brawl that is so exciting and fast-paced that it set the standard for western movie bar fights in countless films to come.

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Errol Flynn
as Wade Hatton
Olivia de Havilland
as Abbie Irving
Bruce Cabot
as Jeff Surrett
Ann Sheridan
as Ruby Gilman
Frank McHugh
as Joe Clemens
Alan Hale
as Algernon `Rusty' Hart
John Litel
as Matt Cole
Victor Jory
as Yancy, Surrett's Henchman
Henry Travers
as Dr. Irving
Henry O'Neill
as Col. Dodge
Gloria Holden
as Mrs. Cole
William Lundigan
as Lee Irving
Georgia Caine
as Mrs. Ellen Irving
Charles Halton
as Surrett's lawyer
Ward Bond
as Bud Taylor, Surrett's Henchman
Bobs Watson
as Harry Cole
Nat Carr
as Crocker
Clem Bevans
as Charlie, the Barber
Cora Witherspoon
as Mrs. McCoy
Thurston Hall
as Twitchell
Monte Blue
as Barlow, the Indian Agent
James Burke
as Cattle Auctioneer
Robert E. Homans
as Mail Clerk
George Guhl
as Jaxon, the Marshal
Bud Osborne
as Stagecoach Driver/Waiter
Pat O'Malley
as Conductor
Wilfred Lucas
as Bartender
Henry Otho
as Conductor
Tom Chatterton
as Passenger
Pat Flaherty
as Cowhand
Jim Farley
as Engineer
Jack Mower
as Man at Funeral
Horace B. Carpenter
as Train Passenger
Francis Sayles
as Stage Shotgun Guard
Guy Wilkerson
as Man Wanting Revenge by Hanging
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Audience Reviews for Dodge City

  • Mar 26, 2018
    Warner Brothers thought to try Errol Flynn (the latest Douglas Fairbanks at the time), in a western, but he himself was not too sure that his adoring public would accept him, a popular Swashbuckler, in a saddle. He needn't've worried as he, Director Michael Curtiz, and the usual gang of Warner Brothers stock players (including Alan Hale, natch!) serve up a rousing oater good enough for even John Wayne. The barroom brawl has only been topped by Mel Brooks, so go figure. and, of course, waiting in the wings, the ever so demure Olivia de Havilland.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Jul 14, 2009
    Errol goes out West for a gunslinging Tombstone style clean up of new city, Dodge City. I'm not totally keen on westerns to be honest, apart from afew Eastwood pictures they just aren't my thing. Like all westerns of this era they do look kinda quaint and too charming, not very realistic compared to more later westerns (of course), the acting is oh so sweet haha its all very nice and darling with a reasonable amount happening to keep you interested. Olivia de Havilland (film 5 of 9 together with Flynn) and Alan Hale both join Errol again in fine form directed AGAIN by Curtiz...the Warner super star director of all star cast pictures. There is actually plenty of action and fighting with a reasonable amount of smooching here, the technicolour is evident and lovely yet not as good as other films and locations are rural and real, not much set work by the looks of it. Not the best Flynn film for me but I can see why its a classic.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Aug 25, 2008
    A fantastic western. Errol Flynn is magnificent, as his transition from swashbuckler to western seems effortless, and he proves he's just adept with a gun as he is with a sword. This is a must see for all western fans as it paved the way for the genre.
    Jonny C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 10, 2007
    Another classic film from that golden year in cinema of 1939. This rousing western stars Errol Flynn as ex-soldier, now cattle driver Wade Hatton. Yes, I said Errol Flynn..he of the swashbuckling films like Robin Hood, Captain Blood, and The Sea Hawk. And before you can say it won't work, Flynn is awesome from the get go. He is perfectly at home in a western with a six gun as he would be in Sherwood Forest flinging arrows. The story has him delivering some cattle to the wild and dangerous town of Dodge City. Along the way he also guides a wagon train through the treacherous countryside. That's where he meets Abbie Irving (played by the lovely De Havilland) and her troublesome brother. Well when her drunk brother causes a stampede and shoots at Wade, Wade shoots back and injures the kid. After that unfortunate incident Abbie has no use for wade. Finally when the wagon train arrives in Dodge City, Wade encounters the local bad guy..Jeff Surrett (played to the evil hilt by Bruce Cabot) who has a habit of killing men who he buys cattle off of and keeping the money for himself. Well Wade reluctantly agrees to become town sheriff after he sees a tragic accident and becomes Surrett's worst enemy. Eventually Abbie comes around and starts liking him too. Dodge City is a super western, staged with impressive action scenes including a wild saloon bar fight that leaves the place in shambles. The color is extraordinary and the music score is heavenly. Errol Flynn is perfectly cast as Wade as he shows that he won't take any guff from anyone. Olivia is just amazing. Every time I hear her voice, I fall in love with her. She has the most wonderful accent you will ever hear. Also Ann Sheridan, the Oommph Girl is on hand as a saloon singer who gets to belt out a couple of energetic numbers. Plus the banter between Errol and Olivia only solidifies why they were one of the best on screen couples ever. Dodge City is one of the best westerns ever to come out of Old Hollywood and I highly recommend it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wade Hatton: You know, out here the trail boss has sometimes even got to take the law into his own hands. Abbie Irving: Oh, yes, pioneering I believe you call it, don't you?
    monty h Super Reviewer

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