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January 8, 2018
This is pretty much a one joke movie that is otherwise okay if you're looking to kill time.
The fundamental problem of this film is it forgets its a comedy. Arnold is likeable and towards the end his growing connection to the unborn child is quite touching but along the way it lacks laugh out loud moments.
The only real joke is seeing a pregnant Arnold, if that sounds funny to you watch it.

Emma Thompson is miscast but otherwise the film is likeable.
My Mother laughed more than me.
October 25, 2017
Review: Ok Wow this is just one of those weird '90s films where someone comes ups with an idea and they then just put out crap with no effort. While this movie has some funny parts it kind of ruins the comedy, when it tries to be serious. What they should of done with this film is decided if they wanted it to be a comedy or a serious film, because the way it was made it left me confused and felt like I wasted my time watching it.
Rating: 4/10
Recommendation: Rent, but try to catch it on TV if you can. You're not missing anything if you don't watch it but I feel almost every film is worth one watch.
August 16, 2017
Unfunny and very uncomfortable to watch. Junior is a terrible movie in so many ways.
½ July 3, 2017
seriously who would pay to see this garbage, the poster is better than the movie.
June 25, 2017
Not very good, weird plot and weird cast.
May 29, 2017
An overlooked comedy gem about a man who goes through pregnancy. An outrageous concept, but anything can happen in the movies. I thought it was funny and sweet. (First viewing - Childhood)
April 29, 2017
It embraces its absurdity and that's likely the only way it works. Otherwise stillbirth.
½ April 16, 2017
Too painful to watch. I'm embarrassed for the actors in this movie.
½ January 10, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 10, 2017
This is ridiculous but not in a funny way.
March 16, 2016
Arny as a baby AND a woman?!? Those are some of the scariest things I've ever seen!
March 3, 2016
Nice movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger is so cute in this.
½ February 14, 2016
Aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître, Junior est aussi crédible que Jumeaux, déjà avec Arnold Schwarzenegger et Danny de Vito. En effet, la 3e comédie d'Ivan Reitman avec l'Autrichien (la seule non parasitée par une intrigue policière inutile) parvient encore à faire avaler son high concept à son spectateur, une heure trente durant, dans laquelle nous allons voir Schwarzenegger devenir enceinte et développer un instinct maternel hilarant. Bien entouré par Danny de Vito et Emma Thompson, il est la principale qualité d'un film qui se trouve être une comédie fun, inoffensive, oubliable en quelques heures et aussi vaine qu'hilarante.
December 30, 2015
12/29/2015: An excellent cast, but not funny at all. Pretty disappointing.
October 26, 2015
NOT FUNNY. The one time we actually WANT to see Arnold (and Danny) being over the top and spewing silly bullshit at us over this ridiculous plot, they actually treat the subject seriously. And when they really do try to make a joke, it falls flat. Doesn't work as comedy nor drama. Stay away from this one unless you have a Schwarzenegger fetish.
July 17, 2015
I want to see this just for his 1-liners
½ June 4, 2015

Junior is a film by Ivan Reitman that not only doesn't play out so well, but also breathes absurdity. The film stars hulking Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito where Arnie gets pregnant, it's the kind of plot made from hell, oh and also Ivan Reitman. It just doesn't work for me and comes off messy at best, it isn't the worst movie of all time and definitely not within comedy, but here are my thoughts below.

The plot is just confused and I mean in a way where the story just rides along not really knowing where it is going, can be fun and will be for some, but still not memorable. It isn't funny and for me that is it's greatest sin, the jokes don't come and the direction from Reitman doesn't add anything whatsoever to the writing that strips this of all respect.

Schwarzenegger deserves a bit of respect for giving it a go, not in a kind of good way but he tries his hardest and he acts in the only way he knows how. Emma Thompson comes in as the new Doctor on the scene Diana, she is OK here but she doesn't do anything to help, this is the kind of movie that can truly ruin careers, thank god this didn't contain the very very best(at least at the time).

I think to really enjoy this you have to not only laugh at a lot, but also be won over by the sweetness of the plot, not by the depth, this is one movie truly lacking in true depth. If you want a serious plot, well this tries to be one but turns out one massive joke, that also isn't funny. Kevin Wade and Chris Conrad don't write this well enough to entertain most, those easily won over then yes, but this just doesn't work right.

As the great Roger Ebert once said about Junior "I know this sounds odd, but Schwarzenegger is perfect for the role. Observe his acting carefully in Junior, and you'll see skills that many serious actors could only envy." Now I don't agree with this quote but I see where he is coming from, Arnie seems to as I mentioned before, match the role and he makes the character seem more real(to say he is a huge pregnant man). Danny DeVito doesn't supply him with enough for me though, now DeVito for some is great but I have never loved him, and here he further proves me right.

I think finding positives here is as hard as it can get, this isn't the worst film ever but it is hard to find lots and lots of positives. I liked the sets if that is even a real reason, well OK it isn't but It really is hard, The plot I guess is fun(at times) and can as I have also said before, be sweet and Arnie gives his all in making his character more human.

Overall a pretty bad movie but one that even today is still remembered fairly well. Reitman directs DeVito and Schwarzenegger again after they came together in "Twins(1988)", but he doesn't succeed in making these two classic although I will say he does make this classic as that movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant, and I'll use my consensus one more time, good for some, not fun for most.
May 28, 2015
This movie is pretty sad. Great cast, strong director, but this movie is trope ridden trash and I don't know how it happened that way! It's easy to accept that the science in this movie makes no sense, because it's a comedy and you can get away with a lot of bad science. However, your story, themes, and characters need to make up for it and they don't. This movie felt like no one in it wanted to be there, especially Arnold! This movie had a poorly crafted script supported by lack luster acting. The movie has about 3 funny parts, but its comedy is based on us laughing at Arnold playing every "pregenant woman" trope and stereotype possible and it grows old fast!
May 16, 2015
laughed it definitely makes the story of role reversal even more fun
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