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January 2, 2018
A surprisingly fun and entertaining film for action fans. Another pale imitation in the long line of Die Hard imitations.
This film follows a similar premise but if you can turn your brain off and you just want a fun action flick, it delivers.
July 30, 2017
This is the story of Sudden Death
May 29, 2017
A nice action film..!
April 15, 2017
Mid-nineties action film set in a stadium during a hockey game with the Vice President taken hostage by a bunch of money grabbing murderers, what could go wrong? Well a fair bit actually since the script is basic at best, the editing in places is choppy, there is some laughably bad CGI and it is cliched but there are so many unintentionally funny moments mixed in with some really rather good action scenes that I just don't care. It also features a performance by Powers Boothe who literally chews the scenery while featuring one of the funniest, most ridiculous but ultimately satisfying movie villain deaths ever.
½ March 15, 2017
For my money one of Van Damme's best for a number of reasons. 1 ) A truly great moustache twirling villain. 2) A confined arena of action with lots of peril in the vein of Die Hard. 3) A fast pace. 4) A wonderfully over the top memorable ending.

It may look slightly "TV movie-ish" on occasion but this is a great action movie with a decent script that I do like to return to from time to time. A lot of fun and strangely under appreciated.
February 12, 2017
Die Hard in a hockey stadium. Is it derivative? Of course. Is it awesome? You bet your ass.
December 21, 2016
Van Damme makes good bad movies. This is NOT one of them.
½ September 12, 2016
A good action thriller in the same vein as Die Hard. One of few Jean-Claude Van Damme movies that I've seen, but it's the best so far. (First and only viewing - 9/12/2016)
May 7, 2016
For a Die Hard clone, it's got some fun action, deliciously ruthless villians and suprisingly self aware moments. It sadly does lose steam after a while. Nothing special, but solid entertainment.
August 6, 2015
Really well made and exciting 90's action flick, notable for a seriously mean streak, truly fucking unpleasant bad guys (Powers Boothe, you magnificent bastard!) and Van Damme fighting a lethal woman dressed as a penguin.
April 25, 2015
You can count on one hand and not use all the fingers when talking decent Van Damme movies but this is one and surprisingly so.
½ December 30, 2014
Great movie. While the plot of Sudden Death may be a tad preposterous, it's sets up all of its action sequences, fight scenes, and big thrills that it expertly delivers. The performance from Van Damme is also great, being funny and intense at the same time.
November 22, 2014
Die Hard at the Stanley Cup Finals... what more could one ask for?
November 2, 2014
Though it is die hard on ice I can't help but love the penguin fight
September 16, 2014
I didn't really think this movie would interest me based on the description, but I'm glad I watched it! I really enjoyed the story, all the action and the characters.
September 2, 2014
So cool cant stop waching it one of the best jean claude van damme movie
July 18, 2014
My favorite Van Damme movie, sure it is just a die hard rip off but when you think about it the stakes in this movie are way above die hard because instead of just a building full of business people this movie has a stadium full of people plus the vice president. Van Damme character is really good you feel sorry that he isn't a fire fighter anymore after the death of a small child and with him you are scared that his daughter will be killed so I think people should give this movie a re watch because it deserves it.
½ July 7, 2014
"Sudden Death" is cinematic excellence at it's finest quality. Van Damme beats the shit out of a hockey mascot and it's not hammed up - it's just an action scene. What would you do if you were a kick-ass martial artist trying to rescue your daughter and there was a terrorist dressed up as a hockey mascot? You'd probably beat the shit out of him, right? The realism in this movie is subtle brilliance. The fact that people call Van Damme's acting wooden is clearly language bias as the American audience has trouble accepting accents as a part of reality. However, as always, Van Damme is great at bending down in the middle of the street to hug the kid that runs after him, he gives warm smiles when needed, and beats the crap out of bad guys at an increasing rate until a fucking helicopter crashes into the stadium in super slow-mo with about a thousand camera angles on it. I would have said spoiler alert, but it's right there on the movie DVD cover. Discussing the plot of movies like "Sudden Death" is like discussing the action in "My Dinner With Andre," or the humor in movies like "Schindler's List": It doesn't matter! It's an action movie and the action is great as are the fight scenes, and all of the actors in the movie sure know how to act like they are beating each other to holy hell, and isn't that all you really want out of a vehicle for a martial artist? Thank you "Die-Hard" for spawning "Sudden Death."
April 11, 2014
A blatant Die Hard rip-off, but it's still good.
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