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Humbert Humbert is a fine and distinguished gentleman, a citizen of the world, a lover of European culture, who teaches French literature in a small town in New England. And, in this year of 1947, he is looking for accomodation.

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Jeremy Irons
as Humbert Humbert
Melanie Griffith
as Charlotte Haze
Frank Langella
as Clare Quilty
Suzanne Shepherd
as Miss Pratt
Keith Reddin
as Reverend Rigger
Joan Glover
as Miss LeBone
Ed Grady
as Doctor Melnick
Michael Goodwin
as Mr. Beale
Angela Paton
as Mrs. Holmes
Ben Silverstone
as Young Humbert Humbert
Emma Griffiths Malin
as Annabel Leigh
Ronald Pickup
as Young Humbert's Father
Michael Culkin
as Mr. Leigh
Annabelle Apsion
as Mrs. Leigh
Don Brady
as Frank McCoo
Trip Hamilton
as Doctor Blue
Hallee Hirsh
as Little Girl Bunny Suit
Scot Brian Higgs
as Policeman at Accident
Mert Hatfield
as Policeman at Accident
Chris Jarman
as Policeman
Hudson Lee Long
as Elderly Clerk
Jim Grimshaw
as Policeman
Lenore Banks
as Nurse at Hospital
Dorothy Deavers
as Receptionist
Donnie Boswell Sr.
as Taxi Driver
Judy Duggan
as Solo Singer/Piano Player
Paula Davis
as Motel Clerk
Tim Gallin
as Hospital Orderly
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Audience Reviews for Lolita

  • Oct 02, 2013
    Drama about a man's obsession and relationship with his new wife's 14 year old daughter. What seems like a very controversial subject matter starts as we see the man lose his first love to disease at age 14, freezing part of him in that moment forever, his mind constantly reminded of the happiness and passion of this time. When he meets Lolita for the first time he instantly falls in love and it seems the young girl likes him to. When the man's wife gets killed(straight after finding his manuscripts detailing his disdain for her and his love for Lolita, great timing!) this means he can track Lolita down at her boarding school and run away with her. Obviously with this type of relationship things become difficult and there are many obstacles in the way until the tragic ending. Lolita is a well made and acted film, Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain brilliant in their respective roles and it doesn't come across as sleazy in any way, with some sly humour sometimes used. It might look like a bit dated now but Lolita is a decent drama on an interesting and controversial subject.
    Adam M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 07, 2011
    Nabakov's insightful questioning of the values of modern Western culture are still wonderfully hidden in this take on his still discomforting tale about living your dream, about the myth of having it all. Excellent turns by the cast almost give one to forget the mischevious, indelicate way the subject is approached. The puzzle here is that Nabakov's ( and the original film's ) "you-know-I'm-joking, right, just-making-a-point?" wink at you is replaced by Lyne's decision to simply tell the tale straight, w/o any curves at all ... is that a good or a bad thing? Its certainly more terrifying.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 10, 2011
    I expected it to be much more disturbing, however since it was Lolita who started all their exploits it wasn't as creepy or perverted. Saying that, it was uncomfortable to watch at times especially with the great performances by Irons and Swain. The character of Lolita was very well done as she acted incredibly childish and immature for her age but then suddenly switched when she wanted something. She knew exactly what she was doing. I sort of felt sorry for Humbert as she was blatantly playing him and he fell for it because of his past. However, he still shouldn't have given in to his desires and they both got what they deserved in the end.
    Sophie B Super Reviewer
  • Jul 17, 2011
    Where do I even start with this movie?! I seem to have fallen into a trap of late of watching movies that seem to have this child/adult love theme. I had the book for ages and never read it, resigning myself to watch the movie before hand (which is something I very rarely do) and I am happy I did because now I could not imagine the characters as anyone but those in movie. Jeremy Irons again perfection, his narrative in this film haunting and resonant even if there were moments when I wondered why the hell I was watching it! Kinda slow, but never dull.
    Unknown H Super Reviewer

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