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This remake of Planet of the Apes can't compare to the original in some critics' mind, but the striking visuals and B-movie charms may win you over.



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This big budget "re-imagining" of the 1968 original departs somewhat from both that classic science fiction film and the source novel by author Pierre Boulle. Mark Wahlberg stars as Leo Davidson, an astronaut of the early 21st century whose unauthorized mission to rescue a chimp companion from a mysterious space storm goes awry when he and his ship are lost through a rip in the fabric of time. Leo crash-lands on a planet where intelligent, talking apes are the dominant species and humans a conquered slave class. Befriending both a chimpanzee activist named Ari (Helena Bonham Carter), who's sympathetic to humans, and a beautiful human rebel, Daena (Estella Warren), Leo quickly becomes a prominent figure of resistance to his fellow humans. This makes him an instant source of irritation for the militant and ambitious General Thade (Tim Roth) and his trusted adjutant, Attar (Michael Clarke Duncan), who intend to hunt Leo down and crush the burgeoning human uprising. War looms between ape and human as Leo and his band head for a sacred site deep in an off-limits desert, where secrets about the planet's ape and human ancestry wait to be revealed. Planet of the Apes is directed by Tim Burton and features the original film's star, Charlton Heston, in a cameo role as the dying father of Thade. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

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Mark Wahlberg
as Capt. Leo Davidson
Tim Roth
as General Thade
Michael Clarke Duncan
as Colonel Attar
David Warner
as Senator Sandar
Glenn Shadix
as Senator Nado
Chris Ellis
as Commander Karl Vasich
Anne Ramsay
as Lt. Col. Grace Alexander
Andrea Grano
as Major Maria Cooper
Michael Jace
as Major Frank Santos
Michael Wiseman
as Specialist Hansen
Deep Roy
as Gorilla Kid/Thade's Niece
Chad Bannon
as Red Ape Soldier/Man Hunt Ape
Kevin Grevioux
as Limbo's 1st Handler/Ape Commander/2nd Ape Soldier
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
as Limbo's 2nd Handler/1st Ape Soldier
Quincy Taylor
as Ape Soldier
John Alexander
as Ape Dinner Guest/Old Man Servant/Old Ape No.1
Jay Caputo
as 1st Ape Teenager/2nd Ape Soldier
Philip Tan
as 2nd Ape Teenager/Gossiping Male Ape
Callie Croughwell
as Little Human Girl
Brett Smrz
as Human Kid No.1
Rick Baker
as Old Ape No.2
Cameron Croughwell
as Ape Soccer Kid
Joshua Croughwell
as Ape Soccer Kid
Hannah Peitzman
as Ape Soccer Kid
Molly Peitzman
as Ape Soccer Kid
Jesse Tipton
as Ape Soccer Kid
Shane Habberstad
as Ape Soccer Kid
Chet Zar
as Fruit Vendor
Linda Harrison
as Woman in Cart
Eddie Adams
as Friend at Leo's Party
Todd Babcock
as Friend at Leo's Party
Lorenzo Callender
as Friend at Leo's Party
Shonda Farr
as Friend at Leo's Party
Kam Heskin
as Friend at Leo's Party
Jim Holmes
as Friend at Leo's Party
Todd Kimsey
as Friend at Leo's Party
Candace Kroslak
as Friend at Leo's Party
Joanna Krupa
as Friend at Leo's Party
Elizabeth Lackey
as Friend at Leo's Party
Mark Christopher Lawrence
as Friend at Leo's Party
Melody Perkins
as Friend at Leo's Party
Tate Taylor
as Friend at Leo's Party
Jonna Thompson
as Friend at Leo's Party
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  • Sep 15, 2016
    Reinventing a classic film is one thing, but if you're going to remake something beloved by film fans worldwide, do it for a reason. This Planet of the Apes reboot brings little to nothing new to the series with a brutally dull outcome. Look, it's easier said than done. Remakes and reboots have a lot of pressure and usually wind up being a waste of time. But there was serious potential here. With Tim Burton coming off a few solid films with Johnny Depp and box office success with Batman, you'd think he would have a grapple on what to do with the Apes franchise. Sadly, it was the exact opposite. The original 1968 classic was thought provoking and lead to a couple really well done sequels, but Burton's take is disappointingly more creepy and awkward than it is cerebral. I'm sorry, but I just don't care for seeing Mark Wahlberg have a strange romantic relationship with a female ape. Or, rather, an equally dull relationship with a human, played by Estella Warren. No chemistry between the two, whatsoever. But there are a few redeemable qualities surprisingly. Instead of a massive Statue of Liberty reveal at the end, Burton makes a few middle act changes that actually benefit the story in the long run. Having the very cause of the apes taking over earth being due to Wahlberg's mistake was interesting, but I'm just not sure it was earned. Something else that wasn't earned is the entire third act. Talk about an atrocious piece of mess, the third act tries to propose so many ideas and take twists and turns that it just all feels tiresome. Unfortunately, by the time the big battle comes around, you just don't care. It's easy to look at a film in hindsight and say it shouldn't have been made, but seriously, this Apes entry should not have been made. It wasn't yet the time where visual effects offered up the opportunity to do great motion capture or picture perfect-looking Apes (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 2014) and using old make-up was the wrong choice. It's nice for the 60's but using it in 2001 is a completely different entity. But the main problem is that the characters and story are second to an attempt to build out impressive set pieces. Tim Roth's one-note villain and the film's choice for romances make for one brutal viewing. +Some interesting subtle changes -Lack of reinvention -Awkward romances -No reason for 2001 to be the time for a remake 4.6/10
    Thomas D Super Reviewer
  • Mar 29, 2016
    I have no idea what this movie is; why is was made; or what the purpose behind it was. This is one of the worst movies that Tim Burton has ever directed, and it's definitely one of the worst movies ever produced in Hollywood. With a star-spranged cast and a director who have had a lot of hits in the past, we thought we were going to get something extraordinary and original. Unfortunately, we only got a movie filled with bad lines and horrible acting. The only thing that makes this movie sort of watchable is the performance from Tim Roth who actually seemed like he gave a f**k!
    Lasse G Super Reviewer
  • Dec 23, 2015
    It's movies like these that make the movie so promising, then the ending came. What kind of ending did they done?
    EpicLadySponge t Super Reviewer
  • Oct 10, 2013
    Pretty good in places wierd in others could of been great if given to a director who doesn't make everything he touch dark as hell, Nark Wahlberg does well and the battle scene at the end was ok but apart from that there's not much to take away.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer

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