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June 14, 2018
Having just seen this movie for the first time, I have to say that it's certainly a product of its age. In a time when filmmakers were trying new concepts with the horsepower of computer-aided effects, A.I. comes off as more an exercise in being fanciful for fancy's sake than anything meaningful. What meaning there is is so on the nose and obvious that the movie may as well have been written by David Cage of "Heavy Rain" fame. I was waiting for the characters to turn to the screen during some parts and scream, "It's symbolic, stupid!" And the ending, while an interesting twist, is almost too strange to be taken in any way seriously. All in all, it's a fairly fun romp, but not something I will watch again.
May 24, 2018
Many have criticized Spielberg's handling of this material, saying that he didn't give the film the sort of ending Kubrick would have imagined.
People who say this have either never seen 2001, or they have forgotten it.
April 28, 2018
this movie was a little bit too cute by my standards. still, its a good watch
½ April 25, 2018
Despite all the narrative holes, this movie makes me think about the dilemmas which involves the use of A.I
March 22, 2018


[Steven Spielberg]
March 8, 2018
Watching A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a generally unpleasant experience. Almost every moment of potential pleasantness is undercut by an undercurrent of uneasiness. Additionally, the story is stretched unnecessarily thin and the performances are, for lack of a better word, wooden. Aside from a few interesting ideas and some cool visuals, this Steven Spielberg movie doesn't have much to offer.
February 25, 2018
I think Spielberg's version of Stanley Kubrick's long percolating adaptation of Brian Aldiss's short story is interesting. It's maybe 2/3 of a really good film with a bunch of confused dreck grafted onto it. It's a very nice bit of world building in the sense that the world looks great and often seems like a convincing extension of our current world. It also feels weirdly incomplete around the edges. The film is populated by sex robots that seem to be self-employed ... but why would robots work for themselves. William Hurt seems to be operating a lab in a half submerged skyscraper in an abandoned, flooded city ... but we never really know why. I'm not exactly nitpicking. It's symptomatic of a film that bites of big ideas and interesting questions and then seems to have no idea what to do with them. I think it's one of Spielberg's better films, but it's not a great one by any means.
February 19, 2018
I think this movie takes a while to fully understand. But worth thinking about for 5 minutes.
February 18, 2018
This movie give me bad nights...I mean nightmares...it is powerful, at least for me and my subconscious...Osment great.
½ February 13, 2018
Thought provoking look at the future, and what it could be, and that everything has a soul, and a purpose.
½ January 6, 2018
A weird mishmash of apparently Kubrick and Spielberg ideas that winds up feeling like the mess it is. At times its pathetically simple, other times trying to be so artsy it seems to be stopping to smell its own farts. I've seen ideas like this handled better in Star Trek many times.
December 3, 2017
The Masque (Mecha) of the Red Death
December 1, 2017
It is not scary and not fake
November 17, 2017
The first half of this movie was pretty decent...however I am not even sure I have the words or the drugs to describe the last half of this one. The effects are great, even all these years later, but the story didn't flow well for me.
October 15, 2017
Great esoteric SF film exploring the nature of AI and machine emotions . . .
½ September 25, 2017
A must watch tearjerker, A.I. demonstrates the brilliance of Joel's childhood talent and showcases the wonderful chemistry Jude Law shares with his kid companion. An unlikely friendship forms as robots made to represent different forms of love go on a journey to discover themselves, or perhaps to discover the others that put them there in the first place. With an ending that leaves your mind numb and your mouth open, this film is definitely among my favorites.
½ July 20, 2017
Great movie. Though a few of the themes have been seen before in films dealing with artificial intelligence, this still offers up some interesting storytelling, stellar effects, direction and production design, a chilling and compelling musical score and a fantastic performance from Osment.
½ July 20, 2017
This will blow you out of the world and will probably land in the same era of the movie's depiction. Probably the best of Spielberg ?
July 17, 2017
Fuckin' weird movie man. Interesting and curious but weird and all over the place. I'm glad Kubrick didn't direct it. Funny how Teddy was my favorite character and he wasn't even the most human character out of all of them.
July 16, 2017
Hands down, Most ive ever cried in a movie before.... i felt so much for the MC. i wanted to help him so much. but considering it is a work of fiction. i cannot do that..very well done. beautiful direction and stunning visuals.
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