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½ July 16, 2017
Contains several interesting premises; extending the previous installment's idea that humans are the greater monster and finally following up on the Company's machinations, sadly that potential is not capitalised on. The titular xenomorph gets short shrift; generating little in the way of competent action sequences or tension-building. What there is of it is borderline hammy: it looks bad, most of the time it just appears and kills with no build up and this is especially disappointing when it comes to the fate of certain secondary characters. The result is that it feels like it's trying to go back to the glory of the first film, but doesn't quite know how to pull it off.
½ July 7, 2017
I actually enjoyed this movie, although it is definitely not as good as the first two.
July 2, 2017
This movie is not up to scratch with the previous 2 entries in the series. The acting is awful, the CGI looks cheap and nasty and the Xenomorphs aren't as badass as they've been before. It's a shame as it could've been something amazing, but it's a complete disappointment.
½ July 1, 2017
Maybe not a stone-cold classic like the first two, nevertheless "Alien 3", with the reliable Sigourney Weaver once more as Ripley, offers enough chills and thrills to be considered a winner. Following in the footsteps of Ridley Scott and James Cameron, David Fincher, in his feature-length debut, instills notable atmosphere in his creation. Suspenseful, immersive and occasionally funny, "Alien 3" also features a very convincing cast, with Charles Dance and Brian Glover arguably standing out.
½ June 30, 2017
Eh, I'm trying to understand what the point of this happening on a prison colony was meant to be. The concept of a planet of rapist, murderer criminals, with no escape seems creepy, but in the context of the movie it just feels more like a burden - yet another heaping pile of stress Ripley has to deal with. Yet when you drop an alien in the mix, the menace of these prisoners melts away pretty quickly.

Initially I thought it was going to be a movie about human menace, juxtaposed with Ripley's far more interesting PTSD problems. But instead it just sort of dissolved from thoughtful to predictable action the moment her prison buddy dies. Ah well.

Maybe there's just too much testosterone in this one. I had a hard time caring about the prisoners and their honor whatsoever. Alien: Covenant handled that concept better imo.
June 29, 2017
The "Assembly Cut" is much better than the theatrical version and it is close to the director's original version. It is 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Much better than alien 1 and 2. If is more poetic and symbolic . And beautifully shot. Great cast and not the acting is not macho or too forced.
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½ June 26, 2017
Following hard plot-wise on the heels of Aliens (the second movie of the franchise and rightfully revered), is this addition wherein Ripley crash lands on a former prison colony. Guess who comes with her? Now there's 25 supposedly hardened ex-cons on the site, but they scream like a school bus of girl scouts taken to the ice cream shop at the mall once they find out about the other guest (one, count'em, one xenomorph). Is there any yelling, any shouting, any raising of the voice? Oh you bet your stars and garters there's that, bucko. Why Mr. Dutton might not have a single line in the thing delivered with his "inside voice". And all that yelling to get to practically very little going on. I sure hope 4 is better than this, the runt of the litter IMO.
June 24, 2017
Not as serious as the other alien movies. Its a good watch. Not as much imagination but a good cast with decent characters. Plenty of action.
½ June 22, 2017
Watched the Assembly Cut. Not a good movie. So much better than Covenant.
June 15, 2017
a total mess of a film. i wish fincher could have enacted his vision without corporate greed getting in the way of this franchise.
June 15, 2017
Definitely have to watch the director's cut, otherwise this movie makes zero sense.
June 10, 2017
The most underrated Alien classic, depressing,dark and claustrophobic sci-fi masterpiece !
June 10, 2017
A fitting end to Ellen Ripley's character arc, Fincher creates a dark vision of a largely abandoned wasteland of a Weyland-Yutani work prison and it's small stay-behind group of morally/spiritually reborn prisoners who are ruthlessly hunted by the beast as they attempt to destroy the creature before it destroys them, after it arrives with Ripley.
½ June 7, 2017
It's very hard to follow up two classics like Alien and Aliens and I can understand why some people dislike this movie, but I still like its eerie scenery and tense atmosphere and I never found myself hoping it would end soon. Not for everyone, but I thought it was alright.
June 4, 2017
A vers√£o do diretor √ (C) melhor...
½ June 3, 2017
A dismal experience with 'some' good acting. The changes made for the special edition help a lot, but what's the expression? 'Perfume on a pig'. David Fincher's original vision would have been vastly superior. Instead the studio changed it and micromanaged Fincher until he left the film before completion. (Fincher is responsible for the brilliant S7ven, & Fight Club!). Not to mention the CGI hasn't aged very well at all.
½ June 2, 2017
Even though it had some good visual effects in the film but I didn't feel the terror in this film not like I did with Ridley Scott's masterpiece of a film but the alien in ALIEN 3 is still best thing in the film but overall my less favourite one in the franchise. David fincher is a good director with the girl with the dragon tattoo and gone girl but this sci-fi thriller not so much.
June 1, 2017
My review for this movie will be for the Assembly Cut version because in my opinion, that version is a bit superior. With that out of way, this is my review for Alien 3 (1992). While I certainly DO NOT hate this movie, I will be fully honest and admit that Alien 3 (1992) is no where near as good as the first two movies in the Alien franchise, but in my opinion, this movie is just okay at best. The biggest positives that I'll say about Alien 3 (1992) are that the acting, music, and special effects are awesome and handled very well. The biggest flaw for me in this movie however is that while the idea of it taking place on a prison planet is a cool concept, for the most part, it just felt like a re-hash of the first Alien movie in terms of its tone and the fact that humans have to survive against one Xenomorph. I appreciate this movie going back to the survival horror route that the very first Alien film had, but I just wish it was executed a lot better. The Assembly Cut features a lot of extra scenes that were not in the Theatrical Cut, and I will say if you are interested in seeing this movie, I mostly recommend watching the Assembly Cut because the extra scenes do help the story flow a lot better than in the theatrical version in my opinion. So overall, Alien 3 (1992) is just an average sci fi horror movie that serves as just a mediocre addition the Alien franchise.
May 31, 2017
Not at all as terrible as i remembered it. Clearly an attempt at revisiting the creepy, scary, claustrophobic feeling of the original Alien, but with much less finesse. Still, its got Sigourney Weaver in it, so its not all bad.
May 28, 2017
Not as good as the first two movies. Sigourney Weaver is great as usual.
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