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½ November 17, 2017
Even though it had some good visual effects in the film but I didn't feel the terror in this film not like I did with Ridley Scott's masterpiece of a film but the alien in ALIEN 3 is still best thing in the film but overall my less favourite one in the franchise. David fincher is a good director with the girl with the dragon tattoo and gone girl but this sci-fi thriller not so much.
½ November 8, 2017
ALIEN 3, the third installment in the ALIEN franchise is more like the first film than the second; its more of a horror film with more chasing in it instead of just shooting and burning them up in a war-like manner. This film, my opinion does not have a particularly good setting- most of it is grim, ugly and on occasion rather dumb. But it's not as grim, ugly and dumb as most people make it out to be- maybe the theatrical version is. Sigourney Weaver and the mostly male British cast does an excellent- if not over-the-top job in some instances; the ensemble cast really does heighten the emotional turmoil everyone goes through here.

But this film is one of those "what should have been" movies that was torn apart by studio paranoia and their distrust of a very talented man- this man being David Fincher, who directed this movie. The theatrical version of this movie is a decent film and it more or less works on its own.

But then, 11 years later a brand new version of ALIEN 3 was released as part of what is probably the best-produced DVD set of all time (next to the extended versions of the 3 LORD OF THE RINGS films) called the special edition. This film featured more than 45 minutes of new and alternate footage, making it almost exactly 30 minutes longer than the theatrical film. Most extended versions of films add deleted footage that adds some interesting threads to the film and creates some interesting insights but for the most part the addition of new footage is often ineffectual and changes the movie a little bit. ALIEN 3, however is a different case all together.

This new version of ALIEN 3 is quite a different film altogether- this is apparently the film that Fincher wanted to make. There are whole new character threads, plot threads, expositions and elements that are introduced here. Even the birth of the Alien is different. This version, even with its often useless production sound is more interesting and feels far more complete than the original version.

Theatrical version: 5.5/10
Special edition: 7.5/10
November 4, 2017
After the success of Ridley Scott's "Alien" & James Cameron's "Aliens", I became aware of the mixed reaction of "Alien 3" (directed by later renowned director David Fincher). After viewing the film, I can easily say that "Alien 3" ranged from being so-so to not very good - the special effects & music were pretty decent, but the acting ruined any form of character development, which made the story miserable & dull (especially after the (SPOILER!) deaths of Newt & Hicks & destruction of Bishop from "Aliens").
Overall, I thought "Alien 3" was okay but very inferior compared to the others, thus making it - to me - the least favorite out the original series. (I know there is an "Assembly Cut" of the film that many found much better than the original, but I only saw the original; so until then, my review still stands).
½ October 21, 2017
It's bold directional turn, whilst not too popular with fans is not without some merit. Yes, it's a much harder film to warm to than the previous two but at least it attempts to be different even if likeable characters are a little thin on the ground. The special effects are less special and the frequent use of Alien POV shots makes it feel cheap. The story itself holds together well enough, it's just not the story that most people wanted or expected.
October 18, 2017
Movie were hard for fill wrong Script, Character weren't Memorable. Special Effect were Mix response those Creature and Bluescreen. it so Depressing.
October 12, 2017
If you want a film that sums up all the forget ability about the Alien films, I would have to go to Alien 3. I've got the whole collection in Christmas 2015 and when I look them all, I really got a reaction which I wasn't expecting. All 4 films have different versions. The first was Alien the Directors Cut, second is Aliens Special Edition which I think the Special Edition version is the highlight for the movie's effort. Why? Well, because Director James Cameron didn't prefer the original version on DVD, he prefer's it to the Special Edition version where you can see the missing scenes. The third is what I'm doing now which I'll tell you that in a minute and the fourth one did the same as the third. The film opens with Ripley getting impregnated by the face hugger and crash landed in a place where she had never been before. The dog is impregnated and the alien had come out of it's stomach and all hell is loose. Yeah, the list goes on. Now let me try and tell you about something of what I haven't seen before is there are missing scenes that wasn't in the original. There's a scene where Charles Dance had find Ripley's body where she crash landed. In the original version though, there are three or four men found Ripley's body along with Newt, Hicks and Bishop. The alien is inside the cow's body or you can call it a ox. Because of this, when you watch the assembly cut version, you will watch the ox get impregnated instead of the dog. And yes, the list goes on! I found the movie a mix bag and yeah, Sigourney Weaver is good but it doesn't save the glory of this science fiction horror with a mess story writing and I don't find the film to depressing. Try watching the assembly cut version, I f$king dare you!
October 10, 2017
Yes...I'm a fan of this movie. Sue me! It's bleak, entertaining, well made and visually interesting. Tonally, at least, I actually prefer this to Aliens.
½ September 28, 2017
not as good as the first 2 but it was ok
August 27, 2017
This movie is an under rated gem! It is the best of the original trilogy. The story is more than skin deep. The characters feel real. Fincher is a master at creating atmosphere, and this movie sets a tone which I favor greatly compared to Cameron's 'Aliens'. I find that people that don't like this movie don't really like horror, and would prefer an action/adventure movie instead,,, to me the Alien franchise is best served cold with lot's of blood and dark corners for the imagination to do it's work.
August 20, 2017
Alien 3 is not a bad movie but it's up against two awesome movies in Alien and Aliens. So, if you keep that in mind, you won't be terribly disappointed. Right off the bat, the little girl from Aliens dies...that kind of sets the tone from there. Ripley is the only survivor from the ship and she lands in a place that holds dangerous criminals. The flow of the movie is fine, the dialogue is a little weak...there is some variation of the word "FUCK" at least 100 times in the film, probably more! And though bad words don't bother me, it just seemed a little bit overdone for this movie. The alien hunts down the criminals and Ripley survives (for a very specific reason). In the end, Ripley does what she had to do to prevent the government from studying the alien specimen. And this is perhaps, the most disappointing part of the film. Was it necessary for it to end this way?
For continuation purposes, you should check it out but don't expect this movie to be as good as the previous two films. Overall, I would rate it a 3/5 OR 6/10. It's not a horrible movie, it's just completely different from the previous 2. A little bit better than AVERAGE.
August 19, 2017
While undoubtedly a step down from the first two films, David Fincher's directorial debut still has just enough to keep you mostly entertained, and I would argue that it's better than Resurrection. The dialogue is uninspired and mostly unoriginal, but Sigourney Weaver's performance is as good as ever, and the new Xenomorph design is a nice touch. Despite the best efforts of Fincher and the cast, Alien 3 fails to be anything more than mindless entertainment, which isn't inherently bad, but this is definitely a film that was ruined by studio interference. Fortunately, the film's Assembly Cut saves it from disappearing into obscurity. Despite being 30 minutes longer, the Assembly Cut better develops Alien 3's new characters, improves the special effects, and overall tells a better story than the theatrical cut. Regardless of which version you watch, David Fincher tries his best to make the film good, and the ending is one of the best in cinematic history.
August 18, 2017
Alien 3 suffers from disinteresting characters and a boring story despite entering a few intriguing concepts into the universe. Unfortunately none of those concepts can save it from the mess that it became.
August 16, 2017
With yet another change in tone, the third film opts for a much bleaker feel to suit its premise, a choice that could have been interesting if it weren't for the terribly written script that has neither the tension of the first film, nor the thrilling action and compelling characters of the second, the lack of which becomes painfully obvious the longer it drags on. Add to that some atrocious CGI for the creature as well as a Ripley that is a pale comparison to her former self, and we're left with an overlong mess that is too boring to be saved by its visual and stylistic flair.
½ August 13, 2017
Alien 3 is well directed, well shot and it has a couple of memorable scenes such as the ending and the embryo scan, but it is otherwise one giant mess with entirely forgettable characters, many ridiculous decisions in terms of storytelling, a build up that serves no purpose as it has nothing to do with the Xenomorphs themselves and a lack of any genuine thrills. It surely is the black sheep of the franchise and of David Fincher's filmography.
½ August 10, 2017
Terrible alien 3 movie and spoiler Ripley dies, finally. I hated every alien movie except the second alien movie but that was just ok. This movie is trash.
August 9, 2017
Alien3 is a huge step down from "Aliens". Alien3 doesn't have suspense, thrills, and it just doesn't feel like an alien movie. There were some good things about this movie but not enough. There's no eeriness or creepiness, that worked with Prometheus but Prometheus had good scares and thrills. Alien3 also doesn't have a very good plot. It can get confusing and make no sense at times. The special effects for the aliens look better than the ones in Aliens but that still isn't enough to hold up this movie. Overall Alien3 is lacking suspense, scares, and thrills. It has a thin weak plot that makes little sense. Well, at least it's better than AVP. D+
August 1, 2017
For the most part the film really isn't to bad but otherwise it's nothing but a missed opportunity
½ July 16, 2017
Contains several interesting premises; extending the previous installment's idea that humans are the greater monster and finally following up on the Company's machinations, sadly that potential is not capitalised on. The titular xenomorph gets short shrift; generating little in the way of competent action sequences or tension-building. What there is of it is borderline hammy: it looks bad, most of the time it just appears and kills with no build up and this is especially disappointing when it comes to the fate of certain secondary characters. The result is that it feels like it's trying to go back to the glory of the first film, but doesn't quite know how to pull it off.
½ July 7, 2017
I actually enjoyed this movie, although it is definitely not as good as the first two.
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