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½ September 20, 2018
My only complain about this movie is that the predators die to fast in it.
½ September 19, 2018
2.5/5. The first 45 minutes is very boring. The last 20 are pretty entertaining.
September 18, 2018
The joke from family guy Kramer vs predator sounded like a better movie.
September 17, 2018
Nothing amazing, but its definitely better than other movies in both the Alien and Predator franchises.
September 10, 2018
September 4, 2018
Hindsight is 20/20, and so is the love of this movie as time goes on. At the time of release we can obviously see the reviews of AVP had been harsh. With Prometheus, Alien Covenant, AVP requiem, and Predators being the only movies we've seen since AVP I can wholeheartedly say that AVP stands out above most of those listed. Prometheus gave us something interesting to digest but ended up being confusing and requiring a sequel to tie loose ends. The sequel to do this was Alien Covenant which really failed on a few parts but mainly on missing the point of what we wanted to see after Prometheus and relied on the complete idiocy of an entire crew of space-colonist to move forward. Most questions were skipped over or completed eradicated right before our eyes. Predators was pretty good but added in a "more scary" version of a monster that was plenty scary and powerful to begin with. Etc. Etc.

See what I loved about AVP was that it had some of the best action out of the most recent installments to both franchises. Did the plot make sense, in some ways but there were a lot of holes. Were the characters the most remember-able? Yeah the lead Miss Woods, and Wayne, thats about it (Shout out to badass female leads!) I think the main problem is people expected this movie to tie into each franchises cannon-lore and that wasn't the aim. The point of this movie was to see Aliens and Predators duke it out to the death. The movie focused on this concept almost entirely and setup everything else to surround this concept. Badass A meets Badass B and they prove the point that Miss Woods mentioned to everyone in the beginning. How important it is to be prepared. Her preparedness to adapt and survive proved her the better of her comrades and earned her the respect she deserved. The tech the predators used was gorgeous and a much needed upgrade from the previous installments, Predator, and Predator 2. The Aliens were the antagonist in a way but I wouldn't say they were as focused on as the Predators. The sets were beautiful and the I loved the changing pyramids and some of the "wow" moments it setup. All in all I enjoy AVP each time I watch it and not because I'm a fan-boy of the lore from Alien or from Predator, but because I enjoy seeing my two favorite franchises duke it out. Its a fun movie, its not meant to be the intense thriller of either franchise but to be the answer everyone had in their minds before AVP came out, "Who would win? A Xenomorph or a Predator?"
August 23, 2018
Another dumb movie that was a huge let down, but it did at least give us a decent movie in general.
August 13, 2018
This movie could have been so much more. The plot is terrible, the cast is like nobody whatsoever anyone has ever heard of. Whyyyyyyyy
July 26, 2018
A decent addition to the Predator franchise, more like a tribute to the Alien one, which is perhaps fitting as an extension of the original nod to a crossover in Predator 2 but doesn't manage to replicate the feel of either of them. The plot is quite clever in how it gets all of the players together and the way in which it expands on the Predator mythos, but it is executed as generic blockbuster fare with many a cliché, nothing held back to build suspense and action that doesn't get the heart pounding the way it should. The mere presence of two of cinema's greatest monsters is enough to make it more interesting than it would have been if they had been original creations and some parts of their various confrontations work in a fan service kind of way. The human cast are mostly forgettable cannon fodder, but the mysteries of the impressively designed environment they are all put in is just enough to maintain interest, ultimately however, this slice of fan fiction does both of its stars a disservice.
½ July 13, 2018
Fun,entertainingly bad.
July 9, 2018
Easily the 4th best Alien film after Alien (1979), Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992). Light years better than the awful Alien: Resurrection, which was almost a comedy with a 'truly' unnecessary revival of the dead Ripley character, and far more respectful to the Alien and Predator lore than Ridley Scott's ego trips that were Prometheus (2012) and the atrocious Alien: Covenant. It was great seeing a live Space Jockey in Prometheus and the art aspects in Covenant were brilliant bedsides that, especially Covenant almost destroyed the Alien lore with the horrible David making the Aliens twist, the thankfully it was cleared up in the Covenant Novel he didn't.

Finally about Alien vs. Predator (2004)...Great characters (not on the level of the classics but still great), amazing effects, the Aliens looked great (again far better than Covenant's annoying CGI) they were deadly and smart. Loved the Predators Ceremonial Armor very much (most don't understand that's why they looked different than the ones from P1 and P2). Easily the possible setting on Earth for sure. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and perfect nods to the classics. I love this film.

Although I will say that I want them to make an Aliens vs. Predator film in the future with Colonial Marines on another planet, basically the movie we've always wanted one like amazing PC games like AvP 2 (2001) and the great original comic book of 1990 and most recently the Fire and Stone comics by Dark Horse.

All in all I rank AVP (2004) 6th after the first three Alien films and the first two Predator films.

½ June 20, 2018
Really underated, some great action scenes and lots of lore for the hardcore fans.
June 13, 2018
Sanaa Lathan i loved her in this movie ...great movie
½ June 8, 2018
An alright attempt at a franchise crossover.
½ May 27, 2018
This movie was never going to get a good critical response but that's not why the film was made. You cannot deny that this film is fun and at least one moment in it will make you smile.
May 11, 2018
This movie is a riot! The characters are likable, the plot is interesting, the scenery is beautiful and well shot, and the fight scenes are surprising and fun. Anyone who thinks this movie is betraying the Alien or Predator franchises hasn't seen either of them any time recently.
½ March 27, 2018
Embarrassingly bad. The horrible sequels, except Aliens, should be banned from the public.
February 12, 2018
Taking a creepy and original Sci-Fi horror classic and meshing it with a violent, no-bars-held Action flick and then watering it down to PG-13 safe zones is just unacceptable. Still, a few good fight scenes and it's always nice to see the buffed up predators and vicious aliens again.
February 11, 2018
Based off of comic books based off of two franchises, Alien vs. Predator gets way more hate than it deserves. For me, it's an improvement over the previous movies in both franchises (i.e. Alien Resurrection and Predator 2). I'm not saying AvP is perfect but come on, at least you can actually SEE what's going on in this movie...yeah, I heard about the awful lighting in Requiem, though I haven't seen it yet. The special effects can look cheap at times although give Paul W.S. Anderson some credit. At least most of the movie has actors in costumes. If you can look past the jerky movement, the action sequences are actually quite fun. We witness two types of creatures who hate humans beat each other up before it then turns into unity against a common enemy near the end. The primitive race against the more technologically advanced race. More so than in Aliens. It's good to see Lance Henriksen in this franchise, since it allows for continuity with one franchise. Granted, this movie isn't canon, but it's still good to see him return as the creator of Bishop who appeared at the end of Alien 3 despite both those movies taking place in different years. As I said, AvP isn't canon. Our heroine seems like she could've been a worthy successor for Ripley. Sadly, she never appeared in any more movies within either franchise. Not even a small cameo? :( AvP delivers the xenomorphs fighting the Predators and ti does it decently enough although in the end it's a forgettable movie.
January 11, 2018
This movie was made with one goal on it's mind, to profit. It lures in fans of both franchises, in the hope of something great, but what we get is a mess, a Gore dependent movie with no reason at all. This movie is an insult to both franchises...
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