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August 19, 2019
Nothing to do with death.
November 8, 2018
Not only is Alive Inside a tightly executed film, its' screening at this year's Sundance Film Festival took home the Audience Award in the documentary category.
August 31, 2018
Terribly maudlin and ultimately exploitative.
August 17, 2017
What remains undoubtable is how deeply moving it is to watch one shut-in after another be let loose, in a moment, by sound.
August 14, 2017
[Alive Inside] goes for the visceral instead of the intellectual, and in that it's a success.
November 5, 2015
Alive Inside is a worthwhile reminder that life is a beautiful thing, and that something as simple as music can unlock the life within our most isolated peers.
November 30, 2014
(Director Michael) Rossato-Bennett and (subject Dan) Cohen struck me at times as being perhaps a little too self-congratulatory, yet the significance of this beautifully-composed documentary and the breakthroughs it depicts can't be denied.
September 25, 2014
"We are made to age," filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett says about halfway through "Alive Inside," which may be the most radical statement you'll hear in a movie theater all year.
August 28, 2014
The iPods of Youth
August 23, 2014
"Alive Inside" contains a tiny revolution within its message, and will likely end up being one of the most important documentaries of the year.
August 21, 2014
Whle it an be faulted for its shortcomings as a film and even as an argument, it's welcome for providing a glimpse of what amounts to an alternative treatment for the ever-growing number of Americans suffering from dementia.
August 21, 2014
Music here seems to have a miraculous power to lift up, to awaken, to reinvigorate.
August 20, 2014
Gratifying documentary.
August 14, 2014
Equal parts heart-wrenching and heart-lifting ...
August 14, 2014
Delivers significant emotion with a uneasy topic, finding a rich sense of hope in the seemingly hopeless inevitability of aging.
August 7, 2014
It's not a particularly well-made movie, and the earnestness on the part of the filmmaker is such that you may find yourself wishing he'd left himself out of the process.
August 7, 2014
I would have preferred a documentary that did more presenting and less pushing. But...the music's vivifying effect on old souls made for some of the most moving scenes I've seen all year.
August 7, 2014
The movie effectively bullies you into feeling good; with its hard sell and superfluous CG imagery, it might as well be a superhero movie.
August 7, 2014
The movie is at its best when documenting the reactions of various patients, which in some cases is nearly miraculous.
August 6, 2014
Uncovers the power of music to heal mentally and emotionally, while the drug corporations and nursing home industry oppose these efforts. Neither of which is in the business of curing patients, but rather perpetuating profits by treating symptoms instead.
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