Andrei Rublev Reviews

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August 7, 2020
The film clocks in at more than three hours, but feels only half as long with themes of self, religion, art and freedom perforating each episode.
July 1, 2020
I think what [Rublev] truly can't forgive is the world[.]
July 30, 2019
The biography itself is awkwardly narrated and does not move us. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 30, 2019
We are forced to wonder if this magnificent art must have been carried through trauma to reach the ultimate seat of grace.
June 3, 2019
The stark black and white imagery, accompanied by the hushed sound design with its wordless vocals and tolling bells, immerses us in a dream that feels at once sacred and profane.
December 29, 2018
...a sprawling historical biography that sought to connect a godless society with the medieval monasticism that defined them as a separate ethnocultural entity.
December 26, 2018
Among the most startling movie scenes of them all, a climax that is visual, emotional, and the patient result of depicting process-craft and narrative alike-as tactile poetics of detail, gesture, mud, rain, fear and hope.
October 31, 2018
What makes the film so powerful is how Tarkovsky's vision transcends the mere people politics of its frame to conjure an idea about Russian history and the transience of man.
October 17, 2018
As Andrei Rublev's narrative and themes pose us a challenge, so too does its climax.
October 17, 2018
May be one of the most impressive portraits of an artist ever committed to film, if mostly because it also transcends its subject as a masterful examination of medieval Russia.
October 17, 2018
a film of intense yearning that uses the medieval painter as a launching point for artistic and philosophical inquiry, which necessarily makes the film narratively disjointed and sometimes challenging to follow
August 30, 2018
Draining as it is to endure, Andrei Rublev is an intensely devoted act of respect for the artists whose brilliance and courage were equally essential to keeping the Christian flame burning through the darkest hours.
August 27, 2018
You may dread being ground down by this extraordinary film, but fear not. It will bear you aloft.
August 21, 2018
It evinces a complex understanding of spirituality and faith that would inform all of Andrei Tarkovsky's subsequent films.
August 21, 2018
Tarkovsky's version of an indifferent world is inflected with the spirituality that is ever-present in his work, a sense that while we may be on our own, we are never quite alone.
July 11, 2016
It is one of the most profound and moving experiences that cinema has ever conveyed.
July 25, 2015
If cinephilia has a literal holy text, to be referred to and examined in times of joy and stress and sorrow, it is this.
March 4, 2015
You can object to [Tarkovsky's] vision as messianic and sometimes fundamentalist. It is hard, however, to mock the impact of his films.
December 30, 2013
Tarkovsky merges dour meditation with barnburner technique in this overwhelming parable
August 26, 2013
Devoid of conventional genre traits and cinematic formula, Andrei Rublev is deeply unsettling -- and absolutely unmissable.
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