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November 1, 2017
The predecessor of Spike Lee's slightly superior documentary "Michael Jackson's Journey From Motown to Off the Wall" still is required watching for all MiJac aficionados: Among many other great witnesses, it features all of the main architects of the amazing "Bad" album (e. g., Quincy, Bruce, Greg), with interesting behind-the-scenes insights and rare demos produced at the Hayvenhurst family villa in Van Nuys (which I once had the pleasure of visiting).

Most noteworthy info (IMHO - shared by vocal coach Seth Riggs): Jackson had a three-and-a-half octave range. As demonstrated in sample clips, he could do a strong basso - but, according to Riggs, he just didn't feel like it. He preferred the child-like tenor.
July 24, 2017
Lee's documentary is one long homage to the great and iconic Michael Jackson's Bad album. It's clearly a labour of love to both Lee and all the interviewees who are diverse, vast and all uniquely interesting. The documentary is both poignant and beautiful to watch unfold, it's just a shame Lee isn't on camera.
March 2, 2016
August 7, 2014
This movie shows the King Of Pop in a good light.
March 11, 2014
As far as music documentaries go this one is pretty perfect.
August 29, 2013
the best film about Michael Jackson art, a must see
½ August 26, 2013
Great documentary ... but I really didn't need interviews from Justin Bieber & Chris Brown. Wtf?
August 12, 2013
Favorite MJ album. Great doc
July 23, 2013
.... to be able to deeply explore the work of a superstar is rewarding ... to see and to fully understand the extent of his work is a gift in itself, and it allows us to celebrate this king's life in its prime time, even when he's not here for it. It shows his hard work and dedication to his career and to his music ... he only cared about one thing-making his fans happy and feel a part of his life. He strived to make his fans happy, even with people bashing him.
This special gives direct insight into his life, as do many others I have seen. He is just ... such a wonderfully beautiful person, so relaxed and so refined. He's just amazing. That's it. The gist. He's amazing.
July 15, 2013
Bad25 is going to appeal to the Michael Jackson fan. It casts some much needed light on the creative process the led to the finished "Bad" album. This documentary will not appeal to those who want to learn more about Michael's private life,... especially his eccentricities. It was interesting that the buying of the Beatles catalogue may have led to some of the junk journalism. Some junk journalism was released by people in Michael's group. If this is indeed the case, it backfired badly for Jackson. The documentary is a standard example of a factual documentary, with alot of talking heads. I feel that Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Chris Brown and Cee LoGreen and maybe one or two others were unnecessary add-ins. They added little to the story, though with Mariah, it was funny to hear she had two dresses reminiscent of a Thumbtzen dress in the late 1980's. Little things like that are nice to hear, in my opinion. I have grown impatient with the amount of focus on Michael's private life. I'm a scientist, and if I have learned anything, it is this. Outside of science all you have is a court of law, which examines the available evidence. The general public have no right, in my opinion, to judge a person upon junk journalism. I remember in the documentary "The Michael Jackson Story", Seb Fontaine (narrator) pointed out at the beginning of the documentary that "it is easy to forget what all the fuss was about in the first place; it was of course his music". It is really sad that some people have actually "forgotten" why Jackson became famous in the first place. This documentary reminds us of a man driven by passion for music, driven by a passion to surpass himself musically, driven by a passion to entertain. He was a workaholic and he deserves credit for his hard work. It was not easy and few people remember this when they critically examine his music. There was one part of the documentary which fell down considerably. That was the discussion of the song "Just Good Friends". It was considered a "coffee break" between "Liberian Girl" and "The Way You Make Me Feel". I don't understand why. I like it. This documentary will bring people back to the man and his music. Buy the DVD, Watch it and leave your junk journalism down forever.
Critique Threatt
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December 23, 2012
When I watched Spike Lee's documentary "BAD25", I saw a humble, serious, determined artist at work. Lee uses the talking heads approach and well as much as I admired Jackson as a music artist, I didn't find anything special with what Lee was trying to present with this documentary other then to showcase archival footage fans hadn't seen before. For those hoping the picture will talk of Jackson's personal flaws, won't find it in this documentary. Bad25 is about an artist totally in control of his craft.

One of the archival footage I did admired was watching Martin Scorsese directing Jackson, Wesley Snipes and dance choreographer Jeffrey Daniel for the music Bad. At times I was hoping Lee would show more and more footage of them but the clips is pretty standard and it's no different from viewing a behind the scenes footage one would find on DVD. Before going on set, Wesley Snipes mentions a few words about the character he portrays. Jackson and Daniels practising the dance moves for BAD late into the night and the well known breakdown of Jackson and his dancers addressing Snipes and his posse like preachers setting the wicked straight.

I also admired of Lee showing Jackson's inspirations. From Fred Astaire, Grace Kelly, Bob Fosse, the old gangster pictures of the times, and the Vincent Mineilli film "The Band Wagon". I also admired watching the working relationship between Jackson and Siedah Garrett. Futhermore Tatiana Thumbtzen remembers working with Jackson's in the music vid "The Way You Make Me Feel".
BAD25 also provides inteviews from Chris Brown, Mariah Carey (who was impressed with Jackson's acting skills in BAD), Sheryl Crow, Cee Lo Green, Andre Harell, Thelma Schoonmaker, Richard Price, L.A. Reid, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, and Justin Bieber. Bad25 is good although the album is probably better.I felt "Michael Jackson's This Is It" set the mark. Shamone.
½ December 17, 2012
As great as the biggest selling album 'Thriller' was, my personal favourite album of all time has always been 'Bad' and Spike Lee is very successful in paying tribute to one of the best records ever made. Needless to say that this is for MJ fans so this review mainly appeals to them. Best thing about this by far is all the unseen footage shown of Michael behind the scenes in the making of his legendary 'Bad' music videos and its amazing how much material is actually kept which goes into detail into every little aspect of his music their "short films". People who worked on the songs and the videos give in depth accounts while other celebrities pay homage to the King of Pop. Not much is new on the later subject but still good to see how he remains a strong influence on the current entertainment industry. I'm glad they left out all the rumours (depending on what you believe) that circulated in the media and tainted his image as its all been heard before. Bit annoyed how they glazed over 'Just Good Friends', I actually quite like that tune but admittedly it is not as iconic as the rest. Quite lengthy but an insightful documentary.
December 5, 2012
A satisfyingly comprehensive look at my personal favourite album of all time- Bad. Newly revealed archive footage of MJ and some intriguing behind the scenes stories from those involved really make you feel you are being given the full account of proceedings. I particularly like the one about the no-kissing-Michael rule implemented in The Way You Make Me Feel filming. I also learnt a lot about the connotations of songs like Speed Demon, Bad and Liberian Girl that I just wouldnt have known otherwise. At 2 hours long you certainly have to be a big MJ fan to get through it, I would hazard to guess that if you didn't particularly like the album you might get bored. You do get a terrific sense of how dedicated he was though, and to think he mad thriller on top of this is unbelievable. Minor complaints are the overly rose-tinted views at times, they certainly don't want to tackle the serious but well known issues too much, there's a sense that the negative aspects are glossed over a bit. Overall though, this is an absolute must for MJ fans. With this and the Marley doc I feel very happy that my 2 biggest musical icons have been given such strong focus pieces.
December 2, 2012
I'm not Jackson's fan however this documentary is completely awesome.
½ December 2, 2012
The intriguing footage just about overrides the slow pacing and off-topic discussion.
December 2, 2012
It isn't as insightful and emotional as 'This is It', but 'Bad 25' is an enjoyable and just plain wonderful look into the record breaking 'Bad' album. This movie is Bad, but in the Michael Jackson way.
December 2, 2012
A wonderful look into the making of Michael Jackson's Bad album, celebrating 25 years of "Who's bad?". Spike Lee creates a portrait of a kind, misunderstood man who was a top artist, fully at the top. It features interviews with people who collaborated with him on the album and created the short videos he became obsessed with. A truly astounding look into the one and only King of Pop.
½ November 26, 2012
Leave it to Spike Lee to keep it simple, meaningful, interesting and to the point. It doesn't ask for tears, it doesn't try to capitalize on a tragic ending, it doesn't ask for any reaction actually. It's a breve "come along for a ride" experience that takes you back to a point in time where there was a man working on an album, did his videos and thats it, however to future generations, this man will be more of a myth, a distant legend, nothing you can tell your kids about him will sound believable.
November 24, 2012
So thorough and so entertaining. Not just talking heads - an incredible amount of candid photos and archival footage.
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