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March 20, 2017
In the early days of Bay's career, films such as 'Bad Boys', 'The Rock' and 'Armageddon' were of course "leave-your-brain-at-the-door, testosterone packed" action flicks - but they still had charm that made them bearable. These days Bay just makes films that are god awful. This is probably the worst of them (or at least, the worst that I've seen or care to remember), and that's a shame because the original was actually quite good. Whether or not it deserved or needed a sequel is questionable.
Smith & Lawrence's chemistry has evaporated over the years revealing exactly how much talent they have (i.e. none) and everything Bay has done in this film opens alot up for scrutiny.
½ February 25, 2017
There's a moment when I realized that Bad Boys II is not so much as a film, as more of a pastiche. It almost delves into parody, maybe during the second car chase when dead bodies are thrown at our heroes. The movie bloated, loud, and probably shown to the masses in North Korea to show American excess. It has very little entertainment value, and it goes to show the difference between a 23 million dollar budget and a 130 million dollar budget, and how it can completely and utterly wasted.
February 22, 2017
There ain't too many movies with the action, thriller and comedy that this movie has. I can't get enough of it!!
January 28, 2017
Basically the cliche Michael Bay movie. Tons of explosions and car chases that never amount to anything.
January 27, 2017
A disappointment as I enjoyed the first movie. A bad sequel that is poorly acted and poorly written. Unbelievably long too considering how boring it was. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
½ January 4, 2017
It was fun at first, but now, it's just too stupid for its own good!
December 6, 2016
Upon re-watch in 2016, I found that it is miles above most action spectacles produced today. It was enjoyable the entire time. Although, beware of Bay's now signature racism, sexism, and all around creepiness. Aside from that, this movie is an action treat. It's worth a re-watch.
½ October 25, 2016
BAD BOYS II wants to be mindless, fun entertainment. It succeeds on being mindless, but definitely not fun. It is stupid, cheap, extremely cruel, exploitaive, apallingly and sanctimoniously racist towards almost all people of all shown races in the film, mean-spirited, unpleasant, and just downright boring- there is not one likable or interesting character in this dreadful waste of money.

The film wallows in the depths of cinematic lowness. The film is not only unoriginal and formulaic in almost every sense, but it is so tonally careless- there are tasteless, racist jokes strewn all through here, horrifically violent and brutal scenes in a comedy, no less; and dialogue and situations that so dumb and so boring, that I found it impossible to actually be invested in anything going on here.

I'll give you an example of this film's tone, and what the filmmakers think is funny: There is one scene where a poor innocent boy comes to Martin Lawrence's house to pick up his daughter for a date. They put a gun to his head, call him the "n" word, say baseless and awful things to him, etc. They are so cruel towards him, I wondered why he just didn't run away or kick him in the nuts, or something. Based on this movie's tone, that probably would not have been a good idea. Also- there are action scenes where cars tear through people's houses, and dozens (if not hundreds) of these innocent people are killed carelessly and senselessly.

I know, I know. The movie is supposed to be totally ridiculous in a fun sort of way- for example, Will Smith's character- a Miami police officer- drives a $200,000 Ferrari. But there are so many offensive things about this movie that I found it totally impossible to trust that much. It tries to manipulate its audience by passing off its cruel, racist tone as "non-serious". That is absolutely appalling.
October 16, 2016
Bad Boys II only major issue is its two and a half hour runtime. But it still manages to improve in some points on the first movie. More story, more jokes, and (of course) more boom. Dull, but highly entertaining fun action.
½ October 9, 2016
Non-stop action doesn't mean it will always be fun. At times it will get annoying or boring. This movie is a perfect example of that. Will and Martin gave it their all, but "Bad Boys 2" lacks a decent plot with caring characters and decent jokes that doesn't fall under toilet or sex humor. I'm surprised both cops are not arrested for causing mayhem across the streets. Again, why the bad guys have to be either Hispanic, Russians, or any other international countries? I'm sure we have a couple of assholes in the United States that would like start shit up.
September 18, 2016
Both these movies are great and I think the second one is actually better. Michael Bay sure loves blowing shit up. Happy to hear this franchise is returning.
½ September 15, 2016
Action packed to the fullest; almost too action packed for some. Bad Boys II is an overkill sequel that works beautifully! The first car chase scene is one of the most spectacular action sequences I have probably ever seen. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith take banter to a new level and I would love to see them together again.
September 5, 2016
slightly too long but never the less still enjoyable as this buddy buddy cop film is filled with action and explosive stunts.
½ August 22, 2016
More fun, dumb action that actually improves on the action & comedy but suffers from having too much of it. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence continue their excellent turns as Mike & Marcus, playing off each other splendidly & given new layers, as Mike is dating Marcus's sister, Syd (nicely played by Gabrielle Union) while Marcus is considering transferring out of the squad. Many of the best bits of the film are just their dialogue (the scene in which Mike & Marcus intimidate a young boy dating Marcus's teenage daughter is standout) but end up overpowering the rest of the cast. Joe Pantoliano does have fun playing a cliched police captain, as does Jordi Molla, a drug kingpin with some much hidden cash rats are eating it. Behind the camera, Michael Bay did show improvement in both style & storytelling, delivering some of his best action scenes (the freeway chase in which cars are flying about and the final set piece in Cuba are highlights) but suffers from his problem of going too long. At 2 1/2 hours, the movie starts to drag, especially in the middle, as Bay's bombastic style can wear you down. If Bay ever learned to keep his films under two hours, he probably get a much better reception from audiences & critics. Overall, still a fun film, even if it drags a bit in the middle.
August 7, 2016
Better dialogue than the last. Much more funnier than the last. The action was amazing and on a bigger scale than the 1st. And the plot really gets you invested in what's going on.
July 28, 2016
Juvenile, overlong but ferociously entertaining. Bad Boys 2 is one of those kinds of movies you either go with or you don't. And if you are one of those that do you'll find an action film that brings both great action and some genuine laughs. Just leave your brain at the door before you get on the ride.
July 25, 2016
Worse Than I Thought It would even turn to be,
This is one of the worst Will Smith films i have ever seen to lebrace my screen, I Just Love Making Words Up! And Now... The Climax of this film is not the best i ever saw and the acting was somehow good but their humour isn't funny, I feel very very bad for Will Smith, I just can't believe i saw a terrible film with one of my favourite actors, Fuck You Michael Bay!

Score: 3/10
½ July 6, 2016
The sequel that sometimes gets bogged down in its spectacle and averting of certain stereotypes (think the audio/video store scene). But all in all, it offers some genuine thrills and fantastic comedic timing from its leads.
July 1, 2016
A pale shadow of the awesome original.
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