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September 13, 2017
So critics gave this movie 50% why! It should have been like 60% that's what I would say, The scenery to the movie was good the action was good especially the adventure! Kids will enjoy this movie I bet
September 12, 2017
What is this doing with a 50% of rotten tomatoes?! This movie is dope. If it's that bad, then you haven't seen Alpha and Omega. For anyone who doesn't like this movie, fuck off.
August 8, 2017
This is a worthy animated universal film, on par with An American Tail and The Land Before Time. The animation's beautiful, and while the characters and some parts of the story could be a little cliche at times, that doesn't ruin the movie as it has a bit of depth to it retelling a great story about a noble husky who heroically helped delivered medicine to a small village and saved the lives of sick children.
It's that much of a great animated family film for both children and supposedly adults.
July 30, 2017
Toy Story may have stolen the spotlight from Balto in 1995, but this is an under-the-radar movie anyway. They barely stretched the story to over an hour with all the filler they threw in. But it's a harmless movie with a heartwarming message. Good boy, Balto.
July 10, 2017
Hay now I remember this when I was younger I would watch this and I found it good and funny with good action so I would say run a long see the movie!
July 1, 2017
One of my favorites during my childhood. But looking back at it now, it's quite silly and somewhat dull. Though it has some excellent voice acting and animation, the plot is not up to par, and certain moments seem very pointless (Especially when Boris is trying to cheer Balto up). The characters are only mildly diverting (Though Jim Cummings as Steele is sometimes hilarious due to his over-the-top performance). And there is really no exciting moments with the exception of a Bear fight. Overall, it's quite dated and forgettable to the average viewer. But for my standards, it was very nostalgic. I would give it a watch again if I really wanted to. But for everyone else, only give it a try if you like talking animals.
½ June 23, 2017
A humbly animated, lovingly crafted film which seems to understand what it is and does not strive to over-extend itself. However, its short runtime services the movie well, with perhaps too many comic relief characters who can become annoying. Yet, the scenes either impressively dark-toned or surprisingly intense, as well as enjoyable acting, leave the viewer satisfied.
June 22, 2017
A generic and rather manipulative kid's movie.
½ June 11, 2017
This was an amazing film but in my opinion the only flaw was the soundtrack. If this film had a soundtrack like that of the movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron, then this film would be even more beautiful than it already is. I am a really big fan of animated animal movies because ever since i was a kid, i always had a soft spot for them in my heart.
½ June 2, 2017
One of my favorite childhood movies. I watched it more recently and still loved it. Uncle Boris still kills me, Steel is still awful, and Balto is still adorable. I *might* have cried at the end.
½ May 9, 2017
While the characters could be more interesting, the story is good (albeit cliched and historically inaccurate) and the animation is very well-crafted. Of the whopping 3 movies that Amblimation had produced before evolving into DreamWorks, this was definitely their best one.
April 1, 2017
Very underappreciated movie
½ March 30, 2017
very underrated animated feature!
March 26, 2017
This is an excellent and enjoyable children's movie. As a medical student, I love seeing such an important issue, access to medical care in rural communities, come up in this inspiring movie. What better way to initiate a conversation with your kids. Highly recommend. Plus, the animals are cute.
½ March 24, 2017
Talking dogs, what do you expect?
March 4, 2017
In my opinion the best movie of all time
February 10, 2017
i grew up watching this film over and over again when I was little so it's hard to not like the film even thought it has it's fair share of problems.
October 11, 2016
Balto is probably the most, if not then one of the most, underrated childrens' flicks out there! Even as a twenty-two year-old adult, I can admire this film for what it does right. Balto, unfortunately, was not actually part wolf, but a Siberian husky inside and out. However, adding that aspet into the movie wasn't a complete bust. Also, I loved a lot of the characters in this film; that's right, even the polar bears got a chuckle out of me here and there, that and the way their fur is designed is very unique. The romance between Balto and Jenna is simple, but still likable. The animation on the backgrounds, FANTASTIC! This is easily one of the most beautifully hand-drawn, 90s films out there! Now, some of the human designs are a tad corny, but they didn't distract all to much.
Overall, Balto is thrilling, exciting, and will keep your kids and possibly even yourself entertained from beginning to end! -Thank you, Balto. We would have been lost without you.
-Sincerely, Gabby Smith
½ September 17, 2016
This is an enjoyable film, unfortunately is can hardly be called a fact-based story. There's about as much fact in this film as there are peaches in peach tea. Balto led a team of dogs (which has been debated ), that ended up being the final team in a relay of about 20 mushers. Only doing so by bypassing a fresh, rested team. He was neutered at six months old, so had no "sequels". He was also not a wolfdog.

There's embellishing a story, and there's laying linoleum over marble. The true story is so much more amazing.
July 22, 2016
Two Thumbs Up Siskel And Ebert
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