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½ January 3, 2017
In most movies I wouldn't like it if I felt they were preaching their liberal politics. In most movies I wouldn't like it if I didn't like the character flaws of the main characters. But this movie like the first isn't about what they say or who they are. Instead it is about the interaction between our main characters and their chemistry. It is a simple movie about a couple who met 9 years ago and spent one night getting to know each other. Now they meet again and it is as they were never apart. I look forward to the next movie.
September 24, 2016
I watched the two together (although i did intentionally wait one day), so it's not totally fair to pick this one over the Sunrise. Obviously this one has the benefit to build on the last film and thus a little more emotional, but i found the urgency in this one is what makes it better . Throughout the movie i worry that its gonna end soon, where in before sunrise it does drag a little from time to time. The scene in a car is perhaps just a bit too rushy, but fortunately it settles down for a nice finish.

It was great to see one great quality maintained from the first film: although obviously Paris is like a character in itself , it doesn't take away from the focus: the lead couple and their exchanges. It properly portraits the feeling of couple being in their own little bubble/world, suspended from reality in each other's company.

And also, i think the ending is definite, and it's satisfying enough for me. This is my favourite romantic movie of all time. In some way i wish i waited 9 years for this surprise, considering how much i enjoyed the sequel after just one day of wait.
September 22, 2016
Wow, who would have guessed that the indie romance drama would get a sequel? And a damn good one at that. Before Sunset picks up 9 years after the events of Before Sunrise. Jesse (an even better Ethan Hawke) is on a tour for his book, inspired by the one night he spent with Celine (once again a great Julie Delpy), and then Jesse notices Celine at one of his signings in Paris. Now that they are reunited, they walk around Paris before Jesse has to catch a flight, once again talking about their lives, and everything that had both changed and stayed the same.
One thing that this movie has that Before Sunrise did not, was an extremely short run time. At only 81 minutes, this film goes by quick, but it leaves an impression for sure. Once again with brilliant acting, directing, and writing, this movie is just as good as its predecessor. In fact it may be even better. The writing is now even better with Hawke and Delpy assisting with the script and writing massive amounts of their own dialogue. The acting is now more matured and you can see that their characters have grown as people, making them even more real than the writing does. And the directing is still beautiful with gorgeous long takes with an inventive style to them. Truly a master class in film making. And with no spoilers here, I will say that the ending is so beautiful, and it reveals so much about both characters and it makes you as a viewer appreciate everything leading up to it so much more. By far a better ending than the first film making it a much more powerful and memorable ending.
Overall this movie is just as good if not better than the last. everything is still perfect and the ending left me with the biggest smile on my face. Absolute perfection!!!

September 10, 2016
A sometimes brutal examination of loss, regret, time, memory, duplicity, complacency, happiness, ambivalence, and change, Before Sunset shifts the focus away from its predecessor's exuberant and poetic messages of optimistic love and hope and instead shines a light on the harsh realities of broken relationships, cynical adult life, and the world, while showing how our pasts can live on and haunt us in unexpected ways, albeit sometimes for a reason. Extremely long takes and minimal camera movement ground the film and allows the actors' conversations to feel genuine. The script is another masterclass in enthralling, diverse dialogue and is packed with deeply meaningful parables and reflections on the enigmatic, but ultimately flawed, human condition. Although much of the film is full of gut wrenching realism, it again brilliantly ends on a soulful, mystical note of optimism and ambiguity.
September 5, 2016
Damn. I almost wish I had no idea there was a third film in this series waiting for me to watch. This one ends so perfectly I can assume bad things are in store for this charming pair in their next film.
But regardless of the happy ending here this film continues the overwhelming strength of the first film with remarkable performances from Delpy and Hawke, a wonderful believable screenplay, and some simple but perfect filmmaking from Linklater.
Can't wait to explore the final chapter.
½ August 30, 2016
Definitely much more mature than the first expected the acting and chemistry between the actors is superb along with great camera work..the best way to describe this movie would be to say that its "realistic"
August 16, 2016
In "Before Sunrise", Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply play a couple of young adults who meet in Vienna, share a deep connection and a night together before departing and promising to meet each other back in Vienna in 6 months. It's a remarkable film that celebrates the deep connections between people that can form very quickly sometimes, and celebrates the art of dialogue and talking in films. "Before Sunset" reunites the couple 9 years later in Paris. Hawke has written a book about their night together in the first film, and at a book signing in Paris, he meets Delpy again. This is a very good sequel. It has all of the virtues of the first film, but it also deepens them by dealing with characters who are older and have new situations to confront. Both characters have more commitments now, and have encountered some of life's important compromises and disappointments, so their passion for each other is a bit tempered by an increased dose of reality.
July 3, 2016
I'm so glad I only had to wait a couple months (until I got together with my friend) to watch this film rather than the 9 years real fans had to wait.

It was definitely different, but still managed to capture the real essence of perhaps not love, but true connection and passion. It was so basic, so simple, and even awkward at times. The whole film is just an hour and a half long conversation between two people and feels as though it was shot in one scene. It was very quick paced, but nothing was really happening. Rather than an audience member watching someone tell a story, I felt like a stranger eavesdropping on a conversation two other people are having.

The ending did leave a slight sense of unsatisfaction and felt like it was cut a bit short, but is making me think that Jesse is ready to just throw away his life back in America and move to Europe.

I'm really glad I won't have to wait another 9 years to see the third film. :)
June 21, 2016
Infinitely boring American romance with empty two-way dialogues.
June 21, 2016
Infinitely boring American romance with empty two-way dialogues.
June 16, 2016
Great performances and amazing dialogues.
June 14, 2016
Thankfully this sequel wasn't terrible; I swear I felt some of the feelings that they were feeling, yet I've never been in love. I've had moments where I wept because of the intensity and sincerity that these people expressed. I'm highly anticipating in watching the last part of this magnificent trilogy. It's much sadder than the first because their lives have changed. Nevertheless I'm in awe.
June 11, 2016
So simple, so natural (if not a little too snappy), so real, Yet totally out of this world romantic.
½ June 6, 2016
Following the formula of its predecessor, Before Sunset boasts thought-provoking dialogues, modern romance and deft performances from its leads.
May 4, 2016
Was kind of expecting more out of it, but I enjoyed the sense of conflict and the feeling of longing they had for time lost. However, I didn't like how it felt so shallow at the beginning after where they left off in the last film...was a bit odd to me. Felt it could have gone deeper.
May 1, 2016
This picks up nine years after Jesse and Celine's first and only magical night together. But this time around, the moments are much less magic-filled. After some catching up, the two share their regrets and the demons they're battling in their outside relationships, marriage, and parenthood. Their biggest regret is that they'll never know what their lives would have been like if they had met again sooner. This is a much more mature story than Before Sunrise. At this point in my life, I'm not sure I can completely relate to what the characters are going through. But Jesse and Celine are so genuine, it's entrancing watching the two interact again. 8/10.
April 29, 2016
Compared to "Before Sunrise," "Before Sunset" isn't nearly as thought-provoking, engaging, or, most importantly, interesting.
March 2, 2016
Richard Linklater's shortest feature film is probably one of his best. It's witty, romantic and insightful that tells a wonderful romantic story without following any cliches in any other romance films.
½ February 26, 2016
I never really thought "Before Sunrise" needed a sequel, but I'm glad they made one. "Before Sunset" was wonderful. It was so nice getting to revisit these characters. I thought it was beautifully written and acted. Julie Delpy brought just enough bitterness into the now older Celine. And Ethan Hawke brought just enough sadness and torn emotion into his now older Jesse. Loved the cinematography too. My only complaint was that it was way too short! It wasn't even an hour and a half long. It left me wanting more.
February 7, 2016
Before Sunset is definitely a leap from its predecessor but still a bit boring.
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