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½ October 26, 2017
Sick of this bullshit!
I've been watching identity movies recently, even though they all got under 40% on Rotten Tomatoes - they actually deserved 60%+. I took a risk with them because RT gives harsh reviews to most movies, apart from the following types: Postmodernist (ironic), Holocaust/Jewish, US propaganda, Feminist, Race issues etc etc. Basically, if your movie is 'politically correct', you get a high grade on RT. Stoopid Sheeple!
The highest reviewed of all the identity movies was Bound, the one about lesbian criminals. It got an AMAZING 92% on RT. The only reason I can see for this rating is the lesbian feminist view expressed throughout - it definitely has nothing to do with the actual quality of the movie. I dare anyone to watch more than 15 minutes without hitting the 'STOP' button. The acting, the script, the clichéd characters, the vain attempts at being 'cool', the oh so obvious flirting, the hilarious symbolism - it's all so embarrassingly AWFUL! Two examples from the first 15 minutes are enough:
1. (Childish) Characterization: we, of course, have the Fem lesbian and the Butch lesbian. The butch one is so butch that she wears a pair of white Y-fronts. What!? HAHAHAHAHA! What is she gonna pull out of the 'Y' - a strapon? ??
2. (Adolescent) Symbolism: As fem lesbian watches on seductively, butch lesbian handi-woman/plumber (yawn) rubs hands up and down pipes until water gushes uncontrollably all over her hands. I wonder what that's all about? Doh! If it had have been a male plumber, it would've been laughed out of the place, and deservedly so.
I will try to watch/get through this drivel in the next few days, just to see if it has any redeeming qualities - ANYTHING at all that justifies a 92% review. I couldn't watch it all in one go - no way!
The scary thing is that Rotten Tomatoes is the world's most popular review aggregator, meaning that this review is the common view :(
Literally, the bottom line:
Equality is logical and cool - stupidity, hypocrisy and '2 wrongs make a right' are not.
August 27, 2017
Only a true Wachowski fan will know that they made this movie before The Matrix. The converted is very, very, VERY unlikely to know that this movie existed because the film somehow managed to be a box office bomb in spite of being filmed on a shoestring budget with only one scene in the entire movie taking place outside of the apartment. For an LGBT movie, it doesn't focus on those themes. It has lesbians but it's not about lesbians. And that's what makes the movie so refreshing. The Wachowskis' direction is really stylish in this movie and I think Joe Pantoliano is the one who truly steals the show. The movie also adds a bit of dark humour in it. For a movie with a small budget, it still managed to keep me entertained and on the edge of my seat throughout. This is likely to be the Wachowski fanboy inside me but I was satisifed with what the film had to offer by putting a twist on the "heist-gone-wrong" storyline. Sometimes, all it takes is a panicking Joe Pantoliano because of a certain big Mafia dude and all the money having gone missing leading to him constantly cursing. So, as I finally appease my lords The Wachowskis (it's a joke, don't take it too seriously) by watching the one film of theirs I had yet to cover unless you include the live-action cutscenes in the video game Enter The Matrix, what is Bound? The answer: a stylishly directed crime flick that's also a bit darkly humorous with an LGBT story with not too much unnecessary focus being put on the lesbian aspect of the movie leading to a great directorial debut from the siblings before they would truly rise to fame with The Matrix 3 years later.
July 11, 2017
Good acting, tense, sexy, a little comedy. This movie had it all!
June 20, 2017
The best lesbian caper movie you'll ever see!
April 19, 2017
Film noir, uno de los mejores de los 90's.
January 2, 2017
Not what I was expecting. This is a great film, it isn't gratuitous. Great performances and good plot twists.
September 20, 2016
Boasting a lot of stunning visuals the movie is just as interesting as it is frustrating to watch. The main problem is that I really don't have any sympathy for one half of the main characters.

Jennifer Tilly's character seems shady and untrustworthy, but by the end she seems to be redeemed and has a happy ending. One she really doesn't deserve. It seems she's no different from her gangster husband and his colleges, and yet she gets what she want in the end.
Its things like that make it hard for me to get over in movies. With a different ending this could have been a lot better, but as it stands it feels a bit meh. A poor ending will do that to you.
August 9, 2016
Bound. Bound is one of the greatest thrillers ever made. It did really well but not in the box office. I could watch this film a million times and never get tired of it.
July 25, 2016
When a filmmaker achieves a major critical success their career could either go to a stable territory that will probably make a name for themselves or they could fall from grace rather quickly and a perfect example of the latter option are the Wachowskis. Ever since the release of "The Matrix" the Wachowskis have directed poorly received films, both by critics and audiences, that just get worse as they go along but before 1999 they directed a small film that was praised by many critics: The LGBT film "Bound". Could there be a second good movie in the Wachowskis resume?

Corky is a lesbian who's currently working as a blue collar in an apartment, but one day she meets her next-door neighbors Caesar and Violet. Eventually Violet and Corky start a romance (which is a little graphic in certain scene) and Violet reveals that Caesar has ties to the Mob and asks Corky to help her in stealing 2 million dollars from the Mob.

It is funny to go back and watch the earlier works of a now well-known filmmaker as you can see how they have progressed (for better or worse), and the Wachowskis directorial debut shows you that sometimes your earlier work can outshine your recent efforts. "Bound" counts with some enjoyable performance by its small cast with the highlight being Jon Pantoliano, obviously, in his most hammy performance; the cinematography is impressive for a Dino De Laurentiis production (it is not for nothing that he earned a reputation of being a pinchpenny), pacing that knows when to slow down, and its overall fun to watch. However, despite the praise I have gave this film, it tires really hard to come off as confident and creative thanks to the Wachowskis siblings themselves. The writing tells a story about two arrogant and bland women (that unbelievably fall in love) as they make their way through a legion of clichés in order to obtain what they desire, by crafting a dumb plan to outsmart an even dumber villain and the way their plan transpires is extremely predictable. That basically sums up the issues with the script, plus it completely drops the lesbian theme in the first 20 minutes and then they bring it back for the last 5 minutes. But that's not all, the Wachowskis lack confidence in their directorial abilities (which is more than natural in a directorial debut) as they use every trick they could afford regarding camera work, to the point of becoming annoying.

"Bound" is an entertaining film that tries desperately to craft a Hitchcockian vibe by utilizing every cliché possible and lacks confidence in the directing department. Despite its major flaws this is a solid film in the siblings resume (yes, there is a second good film in their catalog) that will entertaining you as it is essentially dumb fun.
½ May 29, 2016
The Wachowskis take a noir plot and make the central romatic relationship a lesbian relationship. Does it change much about the plot? No, not really. It adds a few subtle differences to how some scenes resonate, but making Gina Gershon's character female changes very little. That's fine, because the film doesn't rely very much on this gimmick. It's an extremely clever and tightly plotted film that's rewarding as one of the finest examples of neo noir. It's pretty much the Wachowski's best film. They never wrote a screenplay this well again.
½ May 25, 2016
Really good film noir. Such a great cast, and cinematography. What a great start for the Wachowskis.
½ April 19, 2016
Spectacular , well acted , good proposal. All in order
½ January 30, 2016
Beatiful crime drama, with excellent screenplay and acting.
½ December 4, 2015
All around good thriller. The overall pacing is a bit repetitive but the execution of the movie is satisfactory. Definitely see ideas and themes The Wachowskis were playing around with when making this, using some of them and implementing it into their next movie The Matrix.
August 24, 2015
kindof odd movie but i enjoy it esp the ladies
½ June 11, 2015
Kind of like a lesbian Bonnie and Clyde/true romance. At first I was like this movie is going to be a tacky, male fantasy lesbo movie. Why did it get good ratings? Then as the film progressed and the plot thickened it became a lesbian mob robbery movie. It def got more interesting and better. The tension kept building during the film and the Caesar guy did a good job acting. The film was well cast. I was surprised by the ending she was a bit ruthless. I have to admit I'm kinda disappointed they never showed what they did with the bodies. Other than that this is probably one of the better gay movies out there that aren't trying to be pseudo porn and actually has a plot.
May 27, 2015
For the Wachowski Brothers' first film, the duo gave us a very clever and suspenseful neo-noir that has a degree of craft that's shockingly vacant from the rest of their filmography (including The Matrix). Focusing on a lesbian couple's attempt to rip-off the mob, Bound is surprisingly more tasteful than exploitative, and it's carried by a trio of impressive performances. Gershon, Tilly and Pantoliano all invigorate the screen, carried by evocative camera work that recalls the Coen Brothers at times. It doesn't transgress every gangster-movie cliche, but when it does it makes for a very good viewing experience, and makes one wonder what else the Wachowskis would have concocted if they stayed relatively low-key.
April 25, 2015
"Bound" is a cool, stylish and wildly entertaining ode to noir and sexploitation. Great performances all around, especially from its three leads.
March 11, 2015
fans of the matrix should definitely see this. Bound proves that the wachowski siblings thrive with low budget productions, if you compare to their newer projects
½ February 4, 2015
Neo-noir at some of its finest. Slickly directed, smartly written and perfectly acted. Wachiowski Brothers need to do another noir. This is their best film by far.
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