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September 29, 2016
This is yet another movie that I've heard raving reviews about, and was thoroughly disappointed.
Bridge to Terabithia is innocent and cutsey. Two kids who are deprived of love from their parents and are bullied at school, create the fantasy world of Terabithia where they rule a kingdom.
In order to watch this movie, you need some suspension of disbelief. Like why there aren't playground monitors...and why middle school kids are playing pretend.
And the left me thinking "...really?"
Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone, and would never watch it again.
½ September 26, 2016
This movie left me crying in bed for a whole afternoon and depressed for four days. It is more of a tragedy than a fantasy movie. But still, it is one of my favorite movies.
September 22, 2016
A magical film about friendship. Very emotional! (First full viewing - In my early twenties)
August 11, 2016
The saddest scene in the film was where the teacher was talking about her dead husband. Apart from that, this film is a major step down from the novel. It is in no way bad, though, just okay.
½ August 7, 2016
Not bad, not great. Fantasy could have gone further. Robb was charming, Hutcherson was not good.
August 4, 2016
June 26, 2016
I liked this. I liked the NZ countryside full of American accents. I'm critical of the manic pixie dream kid and everything that entails!! But the first half is pretty comforting.
½ June 18, 2016
I did NOT like this movie. It was all over the place. First he's swinging on a rope into a forest that he uses his "Imagination" to see everything which doesn't even make sense because the girl can see what he sees in his imagination, but back to the point the movie is all over itself he ha stop find his dad's keys that are miraculously strung to a tree then going on a field trip with only him and his teacher ON A SATURDAY!
June 6, 2016
This movie is fantasy and drama it has good graphics to the movie and it was Beautiful I like how bridge to Terabithia took place in the woods and they had to go across a rope that was cool I think this movie can make you have an imagination of your own world. But this movie is good but made me sad as well.
½ June 3, 2016
Fantastic movie! Children's minds are a fertal ground for adventure and intrigue. This movie captures that wonderment in a way that all ages can relate. Even adults, who've long forgotten their fivolous minds, will enjoy this magical journey... back to childhood.
½ June 2, 2016
So here we are. I was hesitant to delve back into this movie but I said I would so let's begin. Jess is an angsty little emo kid who wants to be an artist and at the same time also be the fastest kid in school. He has a father who he thinks is angry at him all the time and just doesn't 'get him.'
He is bullied at school by several kids in his class and this further contributes to his angsty emo whining. Jess trains to win a impromptu race at school but surprise! A girl straight up owns him hard. Feeling more emo than before Jess is angry but soon learns that this new girl named Leslie lives right next door to him.
Jess and Leslie soon become friends as Jess spends more time feeling sorry for himself because his father doesn't understand his super awesome art and his feminine side. Leslie feels bad for shovel-face Jess and decides to help him cope with his feelz by completely enabling him and inventing a fantasy world on the other side of a creek in his back yard. So if you were horribly mislead by the trailer for this movie as I was; sorry but the place they "find" that they name Terabithia is completely imaginary. So Jess and Leslie spend hours in "Terabithia" battling imaginary things that symbolize all that makes Jess sad and emo in his life.
Fast-forward a bit and Jess gets invited to a museum by his music teacher (cause that makes sense). Jess asks his mother when she is half awake and assumes that she said he could go along. Jess thinks about inviting his new best friend Leslie but punks out in the end cause he's way to cool for that. Jess has a great and inspiring time with his teacher at the museum and is surprised to find his parents frantic when he gets home because they really didn't know where he was. Leslie also is dead. Yep she died in the creek trying to get across probably looking for Jess. Nice job emo.
The rest of this movie honestly isn't really all that important because lets face it; no one is going to be able to get past the fact that Leslie is dead now. The crime that this movie undoubtedly did to children everywhere is no short of what George Lucas did to everyone with Episode 1: the Phantom Menace back in '99. I remember being physically angry at this point in the movie. The marketing department for Disney (yep Disney) must have all been into S&M because torturing people is exactly what this movie did. In NO WAY did the trailer for this movie prepare you for what you were going to see. Terabithia chants "Kali-ma" "KALI-MA!!!" While it rips out your feelings and stabs them right in the eyes.
½ May 28, 2016
The movie does a good job keeping the audience interested for the majority of the movie.
½ May 24, 2016
It's fine but it ain't got crape on the book.
May 1, 2016
It's good intentions can't hide it's bad writing, generic lessons, and poor special effects. In what world do 13 year olds say "dead meat" and "beep beep beep, loser detector"?
April 23, 2016
It does have a jarring shift in tone, the fantasy elements could have been more memorable and the film would have benefited from a longer running time, but Bridge to Terabithia is still such a beautiful movie with such an unexpectedly dark and heartbreaking twist, endearing characters, many moving moments and a brave, original storyline. It is one of the better live-action Disney films for sure.
April 14, 2016
The consensus pretty much sums up my feelings for this movie.
April 8, 2016
A beautiful movie about friendship and loss that children themselves may not even understand, but will always hold a place in the hearts of many.

"Bridge To Terabithia" follows the story of a young boy who lives a rough family life. He's always kept to himself and barely had a viable relationship with his family. But one day, a new girl moves into town, and after a bumpy start, these two go on to build a life changing friendships that will not only open his eyes to new perspectives, but change the way he sees everything. The two stretch their imaginations beyond belief and create their own world to which they can escape the realities of life, and through this, we get to watch them live their lives through this wondrous adventure.

Not only is this one of my favorite movies from my childhood, but it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Although I say that this is one of my favorite childhood films, this, in my opinion, is not a kid's movie. This movie, despite the plot, is actually a very touching and real movie about loss and life that many kids won't understand. The twist in the movie alone is controversial and can leave many kids confused, even scarred. At a young age, most will enjoy the adventures that our two characters go on, but won't understand what's really behind the dialogue and what everything means. Although I love this movie, I recommend you don't let your child watch this due to some of the powerful and tragic events in this film.

In movies like this that are held together by their young actors, they normally struggle due to the inability of the actors to portray the characters well. However, these are two great kid actors that hold up on their end. Josh Hutcherson does a great job of playing this really real kid that struggles with his emotions, and he honestly fits the role perfectly. His character is very relatable and when moments call for it, he steps up to the plate. I think he's definitely an underrated actor, as his performances to this date have been solid. Annasophia Robb also did a great job as her character, playing a girl who's open minded. She's able to create these other worlds that help battle the confusing conflicts within life, and I loved her character all around. Most of the supporting cast held up just fine, and I was pleased with everyone's all around performances.

This is one of the most fun, yet dark movies out there. Let's talk about the fun part first. With this being a kids movie and all, it manages to supply a perfect amount of adventure for young children. These two characters use their imagination to create a world of their own, where they rule the land and fight the forces of evil. The best part about this is not neccesarily the action, but the fact that these kids did what most kids would do. Every kid has an imagination beyond the unthinkable, and this is exactly what we all used to do as a child. Everything they could possibly dream of was created in their minds, and was a way to escape their difficult realities. It's a perfect way to not only entertain us as an audience, but to show us that we can make things better if we choose to.

The writing is one of my favorite parts of this movie. It's so smart, yet so subtle that it'll fly right over children's heads, but adults will recognize it and relate to it in a heartbeat. For example, our main character, Jesse, comes home after a rough day at school. As he walks through the kitchen in his small, run down house, his parents are quietly at the table struggling with bills. This represents the struggle that families like this have to go through and it can hit home for a lot of people. Whether it's as simple as that, or the fact that he is unable to obtain a decent pair of shoes, it all adds up to make a very real story. There are plenty of messages in here that can make you feel emotional, as it blends together light and dark in the perfect ways.

The screenplay was also very note worthy, as it just felt very consistent and meaningful. You have the Dad who often treats his son with less intimacy than he does his younger daughter, and you can see that it hurts Jesse. Speaking of which, Jesse is this isolated character that has a hard time balancing everything in life. He's not neccesarily rude, but rather, just someone who just tries to get through life. Leslie always has something nice to say, or will often show her kindness through her actions. I really loved all of the small things in this movie that just make you feel warm inside, and the dialogue was perfect throughout.

Although this is a fun movie, it's a very dark one at that. This is a movie about tragedy and loss, and just how difficult it can be to deal with life. Life is a mixture, and a lot of the time, it's ugly. Jesse never really had anything, and it was not until Leslie that he started smiling. This friendship that forms between the two is awe inspiring, and there are plenty of moments that really signify this message. Other than the deep message, the real reason why I think this isn't a kid's movie is because of the powerful and shocking ending. This is where the message of tragedy and loss come into play, and I was on the verge of tears. It's emotional in every way and kid's will be scarred by it. This is a movie that is meant for kids, but will resonate with anyone that is a teenager age or above. This is a deep movie that will manage to toy with your emotions.

In the end, I absolutely loved this movie. There's no way around it but to say I though this was perfect. I've watched this movie plenty of times by now, and it honestly just keeps getting better and better. It inspires me in many ways, and it makes me want to mend the broken relationships in my life, because they really are precious. With the impact this movie had on me, I have to praise it for that.
March 10, 2016
Bridge to Terabithia has been my favorite film ever since I saw it, and no movie has ever changed that. Its magical story about friendship and beautiful portrayal of the world through a child's eyes make this movie what it is, and what it is is amazing.
½ February 14, 2016
Pretty good for a "family" movie. Helena and I had a harder time holding back the tears than the kids did.
½ February 12, 2016
gr8! another lost review! hello flixter?!?! WTF!!
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