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March 4, 2017
Fun and sweet?I loved it. Shenanigans ensues on a biz trip which throws this straight-and-narrow midwestern guy into a tailspin. Great cast but John C Reilly steals the show!
January 28, 2017
Got a couple of good laughs.
½ October 3, 2016
Hilarious and Heartfelt. Probably the last good comedy Hollywood has put in.
September 11, 2016
Pretty good portrayal of sales and the lovely Midwest.
August 21, 2016
movie was fucking hilarious
½ July 10, 2016
Exceptional movie where integrity prevails over $! John C Reilly made this movie. I give him five stars for his performance.
July 2, 2016
Despite critics raving, this movie is really sweet but also really flat in its delivery.
June 27, 2016
Harmless and charming but nothing special
April 30, 2016
This is the Andy Bernard spinoff movie you didn't want, but Ed Helms is a funny lead that gets caught up in the surprisingly dirty world of insurance.
½ April 26, 2016
Man must go on business trip and stay in a hotel. What a drag man.
March 2, 2016
Brilliantly funny and endearingly sweet
½ January 2, 2016
Funny, quirky, not quite memorable, but certainly to be enjoyed, especially for Reilly chewing the scenery.
October 9, 2015
I have committed a literal crime in not having purchased this movie yet.
August 31, 2015
Pretty funny, hilarious John C. Reilly
½ August 5, 2015
Funny and irresistible, Cedar Rapids may in some ways be a hard R comedy, but yet is has heart.
Super Reviewer
½ July 19, 2015
I really hate all these dry office comedies that are common place today. Films like Office Space and shows like The Office and Community, make me wonder if the people who watch this stuff are truly brain dead to what real comedy is anymore. I assumed that Cedar Rapids would be another of these films, but there is a difference, Ed Helms. Even before he was in films like the Hangover, I thought this guy was hilarious, and I am a great admirer of his work, so I gave this film a shot. Helms plays Tim Lippy, an insurance agent who went right from High School to being an insurance agent. He has never been anywhere, never done anything, and is completely oblivious to the world outside his office. That all changes when Tim is sent to represent his firm at a Midwest insurance conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Alone and exposed for the first time in his life, Tim has a hard time just fitting in an letting loose, so he does what every insurance agent does, and turns to drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes. Cedar Rapids is the second film from Miguel Arteta, whose first film, Youth In Revolt, also surprised me. Neither of these films are the type of comedy I enjoy, but somehow Arteta has the magic touch. Cedar Rapids had me laughing to the point of tears, something that almost never happens, and for once, I saw how these ordinary, everyday situations could be funny. As for the star, Ed Helms, he was just amazing, his extreme anxiety and taking every emotion to it's absolute extreme just gets me every time. Cedar Rapids isn't your typical comedy and even after seeing the preview, I was convinced that it would be terrible, but the combination of Miguel Arteta and Ed Helms make this film a must see comedy classic.
July 7, 2015
The humor was a bit raunchy and only had funny moments because of O'Reily. Pretty so so movie overall
July 1, 2015
I don't understand one iota the negative reviews of this film. It's simple, fun & hilarious. And one of John C. Reilly's best roles. He is comedic gold and his lines are just as quotable as anything I can think of. Genius film with a great mood to it. And it gets better with multiple viewings. Don't think twice. This film is awesome.
½ June 29, 2015
with some funny moments, and soild proformamces from ed helms and the rest of the the cast this movie is worth a watch if you like movies with heart.
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