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April 9, 2018
Jamie fox always makes for a great supporting role
April 4, 2018
Smart, funny, thrilling, unpredictable.
February 24, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
February 20, 2018
Collateral is sharp entertainment with excellent performances from Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx! 4/4
½ February 11, 2018
Had some real potential with the interesting camera work and noir visuals - but the plot is just so incredibly boring and the characters so un-inspiring.
February 2, 2018
The setup is simple but it ends up being more complex than the plot leads you to believe. It's refreshing to see Tom Cruise play the villain, and very convincingly, as the killer-for-hire who's cunning and ruthless in his work. Equally, if not more refreshing, is Jamie Fox's first serious role as a timid cab driver who eventually stands his ground against Cruise. The dialogue exchange between characters is sharp and thoughtful, while the backdrop of the Los Angeles night scene is a subtly beautiful setting that sets a tone for this thriller.
January 13, 2018
this ain't any of your business..


With an interesting premise, highly packed content and a big star cast it starts off light and easy but doesn't hold enough grip to hold the audience.
January 4, 2018
Really disappointed by this predictable, simplistic and amateur movie. Reinforced our dislike of Tom Cruise, Jamie Fox and Jada Pinkett Smith as overpaid big name no talents. Hubby and I wanted to stop watching almost from the first few minutes. What a waste of $2.99 and almost two hours of our evening.
½ January 3, 2018
Collateral is one of my favorite movies! This movie is very interesting and very suspenseful. Both Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx deliver terrific performances and their interaction is riveting to watch! This is a brilliantly directed action thriller and a must-see for every film fan.
October 16, 2017
Stunning cinematography of L.A. nightlife and Michael Mann's brilliant direction prove that this character study won't soon be forgotten, while being matched with remarkable performances from Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.
October 3, 2017
Very enjoyable. It had some tense parts and a few parts that make you think. It's all well done and worth watching. I did think it was one of those movies that was just barely R and really didn't need to be if it only had a few tweaks.
½ September 30, 2017
Four and a half stars hands down! We see two A List actors step out of their normal roles to prove just how versatile they truly are. Jamie Foxx, well known for his comedy made this movie worth watching! He proved he's not just another comedian by showing a serious side and Tom Cruise showed just how much of a bad boy he could be as a relentless hit man on the prowl. Go see it, enough said!
September 26, 2017
viewed on 14/8/04 (Sat)

The storyline sounds boring. A one-night road trip of two guys? How much drama can you pack in? I was rather doubtful. But I go ahead since it is made by Michael Mann and stars Tom Cruise.

I always find Mr Cruise is a very hardworking actor. His commitment to his profession is evident. He is really good in the show. Not that he plays a bad guy but he comes across convincingly as a seeming cold-blooded killer with some humanity. Jamie Foxx is surprisingly very good, almost stealing the show just by playing a good guy. I can imagine Denzel Washington playing his role but Jamie is just as fine.

What I like most about the movie is that I believe it is shot using a handycam. But the film is processed so professionally that it ends up looking neither like a home video nor what we usually see in a movie. It gives a rather refreshing visual experience.

The script is cleverly written, posing many thought-provoking questions. Is it pathetic if we hold to a dream that takes years and years to fulfill? Is it worth going against your conscience to earn some big bucks? How much courage a cab driver needs to like a lawyer and go all out for her? Is there a difference between a killer and a war or a massacre? And what really a man's death amount to in a city void of feelings?

Expected Rating: B+
Rating: B+
September 24, 2017
Still remains the epitome of cool on film (and digital too), remaining unparalleled until Drive.
September 19, 2017
Best Michael Mann film yet. Perfect acting from Tom, he fits the character really good.
August 30, 2017
An absolute thrill ride from start to finish. Endlessly interesting characters, suspensful conversation scenes, white knuckle action sequences and one of Tom Cruises best performances made a small thriller like Collateral feel like a crazy wild journey that deserves to be watched.
August 17, 2017
watched it again, it wasnt to bad
July 22, 2017
'COLLATERAL' was directed by Michael Mann and stars Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. ?Cab driver Max(Jamie Foxx)'s day is going well. He gets a lawyer(Jada Pinkett Smith)'s number and is offered $600 by a customer(Tom Cruise) to take him to 5 separate locations. Things begin spiralling out of control, however, when Max uncovers what the mysterious Vincent is really doing.

Where do I god damn begin with this film? It is awesome, amazing, inventive and I highly, highly recommend it. All the performances are great, the story is riveting, the cinematography is out of this world; it is a masterpiece, plain and simple. I've only watched this film once but I am sure it will be just as riveting(if not more) with multiple re-watches and thus I intend to obtain the film as soon as possible. I've given my first impressions, let me go in depth.

The story. The god damn story. It is excellent, genius writing and I loved it. Collateral is two movies in one. It is a tight, claustrophobic thriller between Vincent and Max while in the Cab, and the interplay between these two powerhouse performances is phenomenal. It is also a open thriller in the streets of Los Angeles, where Vincent is doing his thing. Both of these movies combine together to make one utter masterpiece of a script. I cannot praise it enough. The dialogue between the characters is fantastic. And the ending.

The ending to this movie is one of the best ending I've seen in a long time. There is no dramatic twist. There is no shocking revelation. It is a pure, unfiltered clash of ideas between the main characters. I cannot flaw the last moments of the film; my jaw was on the floor for them. The buildup to these moments was genuinely terrifying and you have no clue what will happen. Truly an excellent screenplay - thank you Mann, Beatie and Loeb.

Jamie Foxx has proved he can be a brilliant actor when given the right material. This movie has allowed me to forgive him for Electro. He is THAT good in this movie. He 100% deserved that Oscar nomination, he was brilliant in this movie. I'll also briefly comment on Max, our protagonist. Max isn't an ex-SAS soldier, he isn't a superhero, he isn't the best at anything - he is a normal cab driver and that is what makes his character so enjoyable to watch. Over the course of a single night, we watch how he changes and evolves and how he does what he must to survive. It is a fantastic portrayal of what someone will do when pushed to the edge and he is genuinely a brilliant character.

Tom Cruise. Two words that let me know I will probably at least enjoy a movie. And he steals the show. It hurts me he wasn't nominated for an Oscar because this is, for me, one of his best performances he has ever given. Cruise never plays a villain and has always been typecast as the charismatic, charming hero. Not here. He is charismatic but certainly not charming. He is ruthless, cold blooded and, surprisingly, Cruise sells this role expertly. I can not envision another human in the role of Vincent because Cruise was just that great in the role. Cold, Calculating, brilliant. Three words to describe him.

Some comments about Vincent as a character. As previously stated, we rarely see Cruise portray a villain. Vincent is the type of villain that starts of as likable and calm but slowly devolves into a true cold blooded killer. Vincent is relentless in this movie and that makes him genuinely terrifying. He will not stop, he has no remorse, he feels no emotion; he is The Cruisinator.

Jada Pinkett Smith was perfectly adequate as Annie and I definitely bought the evolution of her relationship with Max. Overall a well done character but I don't know if she was 100% necessary to the movie. Probably just my opinion though.

Mark Ruffallo's performance as Fanning also goes under the radar for many people in this movie which I think is wrong. Ruffallo gives a solid performance as Fanning and I was actually interested in what was happening when he was on screen.

The cinematography in this movie could warrant 1000 words in and of itself so I will keep this pretty brief. Cinematography in this movie is beautiful. It is masterfully shot and edited and it is should be retroactively awarded an Oscar for Best Cinematography. Dion Beebe and Paul Cameron deserve at least that much for their masterfully crafted camera-work. It is truly exceptional how this movie is shot and directed. Visually stunning does not even quite cover it.

This movie also has a great score, in case you were wondering.

I mean if I haven't convinced you to go watch Collateral yet, I don't know what will. It is a great action movie. It is a fantastic thriller. It is a testament to how excellent movies are made and how movies should be shot. Don't delay seeing this movie any longer, you'll be glad you saw it. I'll rate this movie a flawless rating of 10 Cruisinators out of 10.
July 7, 2017
Do all early-2000s movies look like this?
½ June 28, 2017
A gorgeous and exceptionally-written action thriller that works best when its functioning as more than just that.
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