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½ September 24, 2018
This was certainly not an easy movie to watch. It was pretty much heartbreaking. But the depth of the loss, the extremely difficult positions the other characters find themselves in (and cynics, it's not just about the money), the quality of the acting and the tiny ray of hope that comes at the very end. It was brave of this movie to tackle this period of mourning. Most movies only show the loss or use the loss as the character's backstory long after it's faded. Very few show this bleak pooint.
September 5, 2018
Me ha gustado más de lo que me esperaba. Me daba pereza verla porque no me gustan los dramas, pero está bien, se deja ver
August 31, 2018
Will Smith was brilliant. Though the critics have there opinion Will Smith was brilliant.
½ August 14, 2018
a great movie about greiving, death, life and love. im still not sure about the "collateral beauty" or the ending but i enjoyed the rest :)
August 6, 2018
For people who lost a love , is intersting..
August 4, 2018
I loved this movie !!! A #10 on my Awesome~ness meter !!! ??
August 4, 2018
Una de las peores peliculas que he visto lately.
July 26, 2018
It tries to solve the impossible to solve, and it's not so deep as it presumes about (even less than in the trailer), but, in the way, you have a matter to work with.
½ July 12, 2018
I saw this a while ago and didn't really leave an impression. Seem to remember enjoying it but not enough to give it more than 2.5 stars.
July 9, 2018
The writer was just plain lazy and failed to show the depth of all characters and complexity of the whole story of grief. It had so so much potential to be a great film but just collapsed.
July 8, 2018
It's a bad film but it's very generic. It has everything yet it comes up bit boring ... It's not a rom com or a romantic film yet more drama, sad sad drama ... watch or not ... the choice is yours ...
June 21, 2018
I loved this movie because it did not belittle death the way that others tend to do. The ending was perfect because there was no one pretending they were perfectly fine. My favorite line from the movie was "you lost a child, you will never be okay." To me this line makes perfect sense. My sister and I went to go see this movie and as people who have both lost someone important in our lives this movie explained exactly how we feel. You are never perfectly fine and all healed after someone dies in your life and this movie said that. It also said that time moves forward and so must those left behind. There is also the idea that just because someone is gone physically does not mean the are gone. i also liked the idea where the three characters thought they were helping Howard, but really they were the ones who needed the help, giving rise to the idea that everyone has something they are running from. I do not think this was a feel good movie meant to uplift people because that is not how death works. Death is wounding and leaves a scar on the people it touches for the rest of their lives and that is what this movie says. Yes, that person may be in heaven and a better place, but they are still not here holding your hand and that is what death is about. It is okay to feel these feelings and you do not just "get over" someone dying and live a happy healed life. You live, but there is still a mark on your life from that death. This movie sends that message perfectly.
June 12, 2018
Intelligent. Thought provoking. Beautiful!
May 20, 2018
This was a great movie. Ive watched it three times.
½ May 18, 2018
Once a year, good actors get together and agree to do a film so bad it will confound expectations. 'It's just a piss take' they say. 'Think of the money'. The script writer turns up and goes away with a flea in his ear. 'Make it more....what's the word...pretentious' says Will Smith, a great actor who inexplicably currently turns out more turkeys than Bernard Matthews. 'With this cast, they'll love it' says English heavyweight Helen Merryn. Well, you're wrong. It's utterly dreadful.
May 13, 2018
I love New York so I decided to watch this movie. I won't lie, 60% of my star rating is due to the fact the cinematography wasn't awful and I got to see some parts of the City. The film is heart-felt and shows Smith in a situation that anyone with children could see themselves in someday which being honest here, made me cry. Like, a lot.
April 28, 2018
Beautiful, just beautiful . . .
April 13, 2018
½ April 7, 2018
Entertaining enough!
April 4, 2018
Hahaha this is hilarious, where's the camera, guys?... What? This is a real movie? Huh?
Wow this movie is... deeply uncomfortable to watch! Let's put it in terms that the movie can understand: a movie is like a domino stack, every single thing is dependable on the other. A producer's job is dependable on the director job, a director's job is dependable on his AD's job, and so on and so forth. If you mess up in the beginning of putting a movie together it all crumbles and mayhem ensues. Now, this one started out with the weakest script I've seen this year and obviously couldn't get up. The real question is whose daughter did they have to kidnap to make this talented cast agree to do this? This film has one of the year's best cast (on paper) including the likes of Will Smith, the versatile Ed Norton, the ever-wonderful Winslet, the perfect Dame Helen Mirren and Keira who's one of my favorite modern actresses. Between them, they have 18 Oscar nominations, 2 wins and a future nomination for Naomie Harris (for Moonlight). This cast is the only thing that is solid in this picture but even the respective performances seem meager under such a poor direction. It had no potential from the start, with the nonsensical trailers and posters that could have been made by a wannabe designer in high school. The premise is utterly absurd and the plot, the withered performances, lack of even a mediocre technical achievement, the score, all point to an end with the dumbest twists I've ever seen. What annoys me the most is that some people in the session where I saw it, actually left the theatre weeping which can only happen to a person who either didn't see a lot of movies or is easily moved. The emotion is sold so cheap that it's an insult to the drama genre and, may I say, humanity. "I'm death" is a line in this movie. It's also... an accurate self-description.
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