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½ April 28, 2017
It was an odd movie different from most monster movies it was funny in some spots and then weird the next then just plain crazy. But it wasn't to bad of a movie like I said it's different that's for sure.
April 28, 2017
While rather predictable, I really enjoyed this film. Maybe it was the fact that I saw it on a lazy weekday afternoon with a friend? Or, maybe it was the fact that I love Anne Hathaway?
April 28, 2017
'Colossal' is a Sci-Fi / Dark Comedy film that surpasses all expectations with a small and crazy genuinely original story and one that goes so much deeper than what is presented on the surface. The film follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway) who moves back to her hometown, soon after, the world is sent into shock when a giant Kaiju appears and partially destroys the city of Seoul. Gloria soon discovers that she is somehow connected to this creature and strives to find out the significance of its appearances. Anne Hathaway's performance in this film is fantastic, she channels so much emotion and really gets you to like and back her character. Dan Stevens and Jason Sudeikis are also in the film and provide great supporting roles alongside Gloria. The film is thrilling, somewhat funny, and successfully sucks you in with an original story that takes you to places you never thought this film would go. On the surface the Sci-Fi elements are what draw you in to the story but as you progress there is a lot beneath the surface that actually turns this into a very deep, important, and thought provoking film looking at themes of personal existence and domestic violence.

I saw the trailer for Colossal a while ago and i had forgotten most of what is shown in that trailer at the time of watching this movie. And i would say that is the best way to go into this because the film takes so many twists and turns that are better experienced in the movie. What i will say though is not to go into this film expecting a straight up Sci-Fi Action with tonnes of excitingly large set pieces because you will be disappointed. This isn't a straight up Sci-Fi film, and it isn't a straight up comedy, it is an odd blend of a bunch of different genres that work really well together to create something drastically different from anything you have seen before. This film may be partially about a giant Kaiju that occasionally destroys parts of a city but the actual focus here is one much deeper and more character focused where the Kaiju itself stands for something much larger and more important. That's about as vague as i can keep it without any spoilers because going into this film knowing as little as possible is definitely the way to go. I will say though, that for the first 15-20 minutes there is a bit of a wait for the key story and the key themes to really kick in which may be unfortunate but it really does pay off in adding to the effect and tone of many key later scenes.

Anne Hathaway isn't someone i typically go to when thinking of an actress who could be able to put out really dramatic and emotional performances. But in this film she really shines as Gloria, someone with a lot of troubles in her life that she needs to overcome to avoid falling into a pit of hopelessness. She is really powerful in her key scenes throughout the film and carries many of the scenes on her own with complete ease. But it isn't just her dramatic abilities that come through here as she has some moments of subtle dark humour that give her character and the film a little added dash of personality that contrasts the really dark tone of the film. Jason Sudeikis is in the film as Oscar, yet another actor who you wouldn't think of when you think 'serious powerful actor' as he is known almost exclusively for his comedic material. But he puts in a performance here that is gripping, complex, and at times even haunting. I really like seeing actors step into different kinds of roles and even though that can sometimes backfire i think this is a scenario where it really works. Early in the film i didn't quite know if i was going to like him in it but it paid off. I love Dan Stevens in whatever he's in and here he is in a more minor role as Gloria's ex boyfriend Tim who has not a whole lot of screen time, but he does have some really good supporting moments.

Interestingly, in hindsight if you gave me a basic rundown of the two characters of Oscar and Tim, in order to play it safe i would actually have casted Dan Stevens as Oscar as it does seem like a better fit for him considering some of his previous roles. But in the end the choices made in the casting for this film worked out very well and showed a different side to Jason Sudeikis.

So in the end i say you should definitely check out this film as even though it isn't perfect and there are minor touches where there could be some improvements. But the story overall is thrilling, the performances are on point, and there are touches of dark humour occasionally but not a whole lot to tonally take you out of the film. But the best part about this film is that you get so much more than what you came for with what the film is saying beneath the surface about the themes i mentioned earlier, one of the strongest being domestic violence. These themes are very subtly integrated so you aren't hit on the head with them all the time but all it takes is a little bit of thinking to pick them out.

April 28, 2017
Excellent!!! Something a little bit different for a change. I could imagine this an an incredible BBC tv series. But I do have to hand it to the "Hath" - she delivers with her acting. Its mostly very good and natural. I like the bit where she wakes up on a parkbench and when the camera pans away you can hear her let a little one rip!
April 28, 2017
The first half of this movie is engaging, humorous, original and gets its hooks into you. Then it becomes weirdly misanthropic and violent. When Sudeikis' character strikes Hathaway's, it went off the rails. Limps into the finish.
½ April 27, 2017
Interesting to say the least
½ April 27, 2017
I kept waiting for a deep, profound message to hit me while I was watching Colossal. I thought it was leading to something major. When it was over, only one message remained: This world is full of awful people. Not exactly something you would find in a fortune cookie.

After Gloria's (Anne Hathaway) boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) dumps her and kicks her out of their apartment, Gloria heads to her small hometown to get her life together. Meanwhile, a monster has surfaced in South Korea. Gloria soon discovers that her own movements control that of the monster. How she handles this dictates where the rest of the story goes.

The film has a light-hearted feel to it at first, but switches to a darker tone around the second act. Too dark in my opinion. The mod shift is both jarring and unwelcome. You come to have a certain expectation, or hope rather, as to how things are going to turn out and you soon realize you will probably be disappointed.

There are a lot of unnecessary occurrences in Colossal that are only there for the sake of advancing the plot. Normally I wouldn't mind this if there were other strong points to provide a balance. Instead it was almost two hours of watching characters that weren't even remotely likeable. Even villainous characters typically have enduring, redeeming qualities at times. Not this crew. It felt like Director/Writer Nacho Vigalondo took what was supposed to be a short and turned it into a full-length film.

For all of its faults, I will say that Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudekis succeeded with very strong performances. Both are tragic characters, flawed by the choices they have made in life. Unfortunately, their respective performances weren't enough to save the film.

I applaud the film's originality, particular in today's film landscape where piggyback and remake are the words of the day. I think Colossal had potential, but it fell flat for me. I give it a 52.
April 27, 2017
I agree with Variety's Dennis Harvey... "Colossal" fails to realize its full potential.

The film's premise has lots going for it and the CG monsters are fun to watch. But the rest of the story felt awkward and a bit too seriously for its own good. I'm still trying to figure out what the overall tone of the film was supposed to be.

As for the acting... I like all the leads in the film but the characters themselves had very little likability, and the dialogue wasn't nearly funny and/or clever enough to hold my interest.

I stuck it out until the very end but was ready for it to be over long before the credits rolled.
½ April 27, 2017
If you aren't into campy movies, skip this one. I found this genre-blending movie quite interesting in that it tried to address many issues with its flimsy premise almost all at once.
April 27, 2017
Most retarded premise ever.
½ April 26, 2017
A party girl unwilling to grow up (Anne Hathaway) is forced to leave her city life and move back to her little home town. She hears shocking news of giant creature threatening the capital of South Korea and comes to a realization that she is somehow connected to this phenomenon.
Also starring: Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson.
This is one of those few 'weird' cool movies that deserve to go big. Having premiered in Toronto film festival last September and ready to attack multiplexes now, Colossal" offers fresh approach to monster and superhero movies, or maybe we should call it pastiche or something.
It's a surehanded work by a guy who clearly knows and loves those genres, and feels confident about adding some stuff of his own.
Solely written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, the Spanish filmmaker perhaps best known for time-travelling mindbender Los cronocrímenes" (2007), it's an experience so unexpected that I am not even sure how much if liked it.
Sure, I liked most of it while watching, and liked some of it even more after going over everything intellectually later. But sitting in cinema, I felt unsatisfied at times without being able to clearly say why.
Perhaps I just don't buy how the story reaches its turning point and transforms one major character - although it makes much more sense in the end.
Perhaps Colossal" offers too many genres for its own good (monster movie, horror, drama, comedy, thriller, revenge, romance...) and the potential impact of the whole result is weakened by this. Or perhaps it was just all too original for me and I would learn to appreciate it much more on the second go?
But there's one thing that I am sure of: Colossal" is bigger than sum of its parts and feels fresh even if it reminds bunch of other movies.
Most of all, Shyamalan came to mind although Vigalondo is a better writer with a better sense fo making story compact and still giving the events and characters enough room to develop and breathe.
If you only watch one 'weird' cool mainstream-friendly movie this year, you should still pick Get Out", but Colossal" is noteworthy too.
It can thrill and surprise you, and the acting's pretty good also. Hathaway as the leading lady actually seems a bit hammy at times, which is probably expected of her character.
The showstealer here is, surprisingly, Jason Sudeikis who feels like a supporting player for big part of the movie and then turns into something of a revelation.
I have never been ready to appreciate Sudeikis as a worthwhile addition to all the mainstream movie actors today. He is known for a bunch of forgettable comedies such as Horrible Bosses". At the same time, he has always felt strong enough performer and comedian in technical sense, good with lines, timing, and teamplay.
Colossal" gives him an unexpected chance to shine, and he doesn't waste a single second of spotlight. I can't speak much about why he's so great here without giving spoilers about the story. But this kind of strong presence is surely surprising and has instantly made Sudeikis hundred times more interesting as an actor than ever before.
Here's hoping that Vigalondo has Tarantino-like powers to make actors cool. Based on Colossal", I'd like to see Sudeikis turn into a star.
April 26, 2017
Anne Hathaway is always easy on the eyes and I usually like movies she's in, but not this one. Let's just say I took the bullet for you on this one. Save your $8. While there are probably metaphors to explain the plot and story ... they are beyond me.
½ April 26, 2017
feels like decades since we watched a movie in a cinema, and glsd to have caught this quirky comedy of monstrous confusion. hathaway plays her drunk role surprisingly well and this movie is an effective allegory about alcoholism, abuse, random acts of violence and ultimately daring to take a stand against it. kaiju vs giant robot - one must fall!
April 26, 2017
What starts out as an unbelievably imaginative allegory for self-destruction and personal strife abruptly veers off-course and becomes a completely different animal from the film's midpoint onward, which is a shame considering how solid of a path the film was going down for its first half. I still give director Nacho Vigalondo props for taking risks in what is ultimately a risky project overall. I just couldn't help feeling like certain creative choices in the film's latter half left me feeling a little cold in the end. Terrific performances from both Hathaway and Sudeikis all throughout, though.
Super Reviewer
April 25, 2017
I'll always give props to movies that are original and/or take refreshing approaches to a certain genre. Colossal bends the indie sci-fi genre on its head and gives us one of Anne Hathaway's best performances of her career. It's not for everyone, but 'Colossal' is one of the most interesting and unique films you'll see all year.

What's really promising about a film like this is that actors like Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis signed up. This boasts particularly well for future indie films with similar ambitions. When films that deal with a drunk homeless woman controlling a Kaiju monster across the world do well critically, it definitely means good things for the film business. I guess the real test will be how the film fares at the box office.

Hathaway plays Gloria, a drunk who finds herself back in her hometown after being kicked out of her boyfriend's home, only to realize she's somehow controlling a dangerous Kaiju in Seoul, South Korea. Quite the premise, huh? It's far from different or strange, this film is downright bizarre. In a good way, of course. The film shifts tones several times, deals with mass destruction of cities and plenty of casualties, and a main character with a serious alcohol addiction, but the film never strays away from its goofy premise. In other words, the film does an unusually good job of balancing drama and comedy. If I had to give this film a designation, I'd say it's a mixture of 'Rachel Getting Married' and 'Pacific Rim'.

I would highly recommend going into this film knowing next to nothing. Don't watch any trailers, TV spots, or read any plot descriptions. Heck, if you're still reading this, stop and go see the film first. I know it's difficult in today's age of Hollywood to avoid everything, but I didn't watch or read anything and I was thrilled with the end result. This especially applies to where the film goes in the second act and on. I certainly did not expect the film to take the direction it did with a few characters and ultimately the ending.

Just as a fan of sci-fi and original films alone, 'Colossal' is a triumph for film. Does it get a little bit too goofy and convoluted at times? Sure. But it's one heck of a ride I didn't expect to be taking. That's not exactly what I would say about most films these days. What a great surprise.

+Unique & refreshing

+Writing & directing

+Hathaway hasn't been this good in years

-Didn't totally buy into a particular character turn

April 25, 2017
The first quarter or so of this movie concerned me - it felt slow and generic. But then it took a lot of really interesting turns that I didn't see coming at all that I think made it a lot better. Its biggest strength was its choice to focus on human relationships using the monster simply as a tool to do so.
April 25, 2017
Fantastic movie! a tonal mess, but that's part of the charm.
April 25, 2017
I was very surprised and enjoyed this great film.
Anne Hathaway and company give strong performances and seem to be having a great deal of fun in the process.
A monster appears in Korea and starts wreaking havoc on the city.
As quickly as it appeared it is gone.
Anne's character seems to think the Monster is her and proves it to her drinking buddy pals.
There is a big surprise after this occurs.
The pacing is good, I was never bored or looking around the theatre.
I do recommend this to big monster movie buffs and to those who are looking for something different yet good from Hollywood.
½ April 25, 2017
Off the wall movie but I really liked it - I just can't pinpoint exactly why.
½ April 25, 2017
There's two types of villains. Both hurt others because of their self destructive tendencies, but one type intentionally injures people. Villains are always egomaniacs, but some can learn to change their ways. Unfortunately, it tends to take actually ruining lives or mistakenly killing somebody for them to learn their lesson. Others see what their destruction is doing and in turn use the situation as leverage against the world they already blame for their own faults. How better to tell this tale than with a movie about getting blackout drunk, and giant Godzilla-esque monsters attacking Seoul? Er, no, really. Colossal manages to dress up a genuine societal terror as a monster and robot story in order to make the medicine go down - in that way, it taps into what superhero comics were initially about.


There is something to be said about telling this tale in the form of monsters and robots. While this movie wasn't exactly for kids, we need more abuse education awareness in our media and certainly in a form that's digestible for the widest range of viewers. Had this just been a straight relationship drama it might have come across as both anecdotal and joyless. Yet portraying Gloria as a superhero battling both an abusive man and fighting to save the lives of an entire city worth of people, creates a larger narrative. Gloria is flawed, she's not a blameless or innocent person, but even so she is both undeserving of abuse, and capable of greater good. When Gloria blocks Oscar from stepping on the playground and destroying a city on the other side of the world, she becomes a symbol of standing up for the hundreds of thousands of faceless people who are abused everyday. In that way, Colossal really showcases the best of its sci-fi superhero genre.

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