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May 28, 2018
influenced cinema and started and inspired a whole new set of movies
March 29, 2018
Feels like a Twilight Zone episode.
March 21, 2018
Classic weird noir and sci-fi film!
½ February 28, 2018
Ok. Um. I can see, I guess, why it's considered a bit of a minor classic, and why one would enjoy it - especially if your bare minimum for Good Movie is "ambitious, heady, big budget sci fi". But so much of this does not make sense, so much of it too fantastical to accept that I really just found it boring. I can see how The Matrix directly lifted inspiration from Dark City, but the Watchowskis REALLY refined it. Most notably in the action and editing departments; action scenes here are shot so choppily, with so many cuts, as to render the extravagant set pieces...ugly
February 13, 2018
Very atmospheric, very gloomy, very dark.... City. Reminds me a lot of The Matrix movie, just the sort of feel and use of effects. But it's great, because it's got it's own thing going for it. It's definitely got it's own style that I very much enjoy. A mix of The Matrix and Bioshock.

Very interesting this almost alien race that lives underground. Very much want more information on them. Murdoch's got some insane powers! Jeez. And they only seem to be getting stronger as the story progresses.

It's so wild to see how the doctor can just create new realities with a simple syringe. Very creative ideas all throughout this wonderful movie. Very innovative, the whole idea of stealing memories and using them to get an upper hand.

Those alien dudes are creepers, they almost have a pedophile vibe to them at times. Now I see where the inspiration for Doctor Orpheus' funny, "Sleeeeeep!", come from. And that doctor sure is a little shit head. Always changing sides just so he can live. What a pathetic human.

What an absolute nightmare it would be to live in that depressing city with no sun and no fun. Really great special effects especially when they reveal what the city truly is. They edited that whole segment of Murdoch trying to remember, brilliantly. It is kind of sad how the aliens all they wanted to do was to find out what it meant to be human. But they screwed up because they were looking in the wrong place. It's good that you can always start life anew.

Overall, really great film with a very distinct style and an interesting story told very originally. I haven't seen a movie quite like this one, and I love that. I love finding new gems like this one.
½ February 6, 2018
Dark City is a beautifully mind-bending Lovecraftian horror noir thriller. The well designed color palette keeps the audience from getting bored and tired of the dreary visuals. This movie is a very fun and unique ride.
January 26, 2018
This is a sci-fi movie that struggles to keep the viewer engaged throughout. The set and visuals are unique and stylish which truly give the feel of a dark city. The acting is fine, led by Rufus Sewell and a talented cast of co-stars. The storyline is mysterious and keeps the viewer guessing as to what's going to happen next, but it could have been tighter and a bit more unique.
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½ January 18, 2018
In typical noir fashion we follow our lead character as he searches high and low to discover clues to his own identity, a recent victim of amnesia. He's having a few problems finding out though because he's being chased by a woman who says she's his loving wife, a detective who maintains he's some kind of serious serial murderer, and a curious group in long black coats who simply want to kill him. Along the way we get treated to only the best alien invasion film, like, ever. What's it take to get a little respect in this town anyways? Great performances along the way by all concerned. Sutherland's Peter Lorre impersonation and Connelly's vampy smoulder stand out particularly.
½ January 13, 2018
A fantastic and thick film. It took a few times to really grasp every aspect of the movie.
December 29, 2017
Dark, brooding and ultimately best of modern noir. Only slight issue is Keifer's wacky germanic accent.
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December 10, 2017
It's so obvious that this heavily inspired The Matrix that appeared the following year, even using the same sets. With that aside, as it is, this has more depth than The Matrix but lacks the slick CG and overall style that would skyrocket The Matrix franchise into orbit. This is exceedingly enjoyable either way and even glimpses Inception in places.
September 23, 2017
The Dark City is sci-fi at its best! Combine heady concepts and philosophical undertones with stylish noir and you got yourself a fantastic movie. (Though, the 1998 CGI is a bit distracting at times). I would call this movie...The Better Matrix.
½ September 20, 2017
Cool mystery to jump start the plot; intrigue. Dark and stylish. Psychological scifi thriller. I've seen all these story ingredients before but never compiled into one movie like this, so it's hard to consider cliche'. Kind of a dark philosophical Matrix meets Truman Show. Too much schlock in the last 2 scenes though. The acting was fine/good, sometimes campy. But Jennifer Connelly can't act. She has no charisma. 6.5/10
July 13, 2017
Isn't it cool when you go back in time and watch a movie that has influenced one of your favorite current movies? That's dark city for you. It helped shaped a little bit of the matrix! Initially I was not keen on the movie. It's definitely outdated in terms of the effects and the sets. But after the first 30 minutes I became hooked. The main character has been set up as a killer and he's trying to defend himself and figure out what really happened. Turns out there are "strangers" who are basically aliens that inhabit human bodies and they are injecting different memories into everyone's brains at night. They are trying to figure out what makes us as humans unique. Instead of going for the heart, they are targeting the mind. So all in all, really cool! It's dark, it's mysterious, they fight using their minds, and it's kind of a glimpse at what it would be like to create the world. I'd watch it again!
July 13, 2017
It starts off confusing then followed by terrible editing, but thanks to its originality and atmosphere, "Dark City" can be considered as one of the most unique cinematic experiences of all time. It's a film you haven't seen before.
½ June 14, 2017
I watched this movie for the first time last night and was blown away with the special effects and the cinematography. It reminded me of a mix of Matrix and Metropolis, with the same kind of atmosphere and feel throughout the movie. This is a must-see in my opinion that will keep you watching and wanting more.
½ June 1, 2017
Aside from it being "noirish" and a few other small things that are mainly just their own unique twist on the style or thing, this movie is like nothing I've ever seen before. I think this will have re-watchability, but I definitely see myself watching this AT LEAST one more time!
June 1, 2017
Slicker than the Matrix, More coherent than City of Lost Children, and more cuts than Warp Tour, Dark City does things that need to be in cinema more often and it does them right. Noir, Science Fiction, and Mind-Fuckery to the Max, you name it. Dark City has it and more.
May 27, 2017
I loved this movie so much when it came out. It hasn't aged that well though.
May 17, 2017
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#Content: Script 3 | Acting 3 | Cinematography 4 | Film Editing 3

#Visual: Costume Design 3 | Makeup & Hairstyling 3 | Scenic Design 4 | Lighting 4 | Visual Effects 4

#Sound: Score & Soundtracks 4 | Sound Editing & Mixing 3

#Overall (1~10): 6
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