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½ September 18, 2017
Days of Thunder is Tony Scott?s desperate attempt to recapture the magic of Top Gun by doing a similar story in stock cars. Sadly, it fails at everything it tries to do. I wonder if there are NASCAR fans who enjoy this film because it is focused on their ?sport,? or if it isn?t even faithful to that element. It feels like they cut some corners and perhaps play a little fast-and-loose with the way that stock car racing actually works. The races are not shot well, because I never get the feel for where Tom Cruise is within the pack, or what he needs to do. They constantly have to insert lines of dialogue between him and his pit crew so that we have some notion of what is happening. The romance is clumsily tacked on and adds zero to the plot, other than giving him a place to blatantly foreshadow what will happen in the final race (because we all sleep with sugar packets in the bed.) I was mostly just bored throughout Days of Thunder. It has little to offer, and even the good actors who are in the movie don?t add much to their roles.
September 7, 2017
Very poor, no character development, just Cruise cheesefest. All very obvious, can read the plot from a mile off and the acting is hammy from everyone.
August 13, 2017
Excruciatingly stupid story about the life of a NASCAR rookie driver. One of the so bad its good movies. The title says it all. Cheesy idiocy. So hilarious.
August 6, 2017
Entertaining yet unrealistic, when taken for what it is "Days Of Thunder" can be alot of fun.
August 5, 2017
By the time the credits roll, if you don't have a greater appreciation of stock car racing, the movie has probably failed in presenting its protagonist and his circumstances in a heroic light. Well, fade to black and: NASCAR is still a dumb event, filled with dumb people, making for a dumb movie.
July 19, 2017
Great movie one of the best movies to depict NASCAR. Compared with today's movies this movie might seem outdated but once u watch it, u realize it's a great Tony Scott film one of his best only topped by Top Gun
½ July 7, 2017
A good movie depicting the fear of racing with good drama throughout with healthy light heartedness throughout. Cruise and Kidman had chemistry and not really a dull moment but not my favorite
June 18, 2017
Um NASCAR-Filme estrelado por Tom Cruise. Days of Thunder mantém alguns momentos de competência surpreendente, embora no geral é um filme inconsistente e ralo.
June 8, 2017
awesome cole trickle is a badass
May 4, 2017
February 2009
May 2017
April 16, 2017
150814: Not sure if I have ever liked this film. As a NASCAR fan, I find the driving scenes unrealistic, though a bit fun. The majority of the acting is annoyingly histrionic. Further, I've never been a fan of Cruise, and his work is this film is particularly irksome. All I can say is the acting is just not to my liking while everything else is ok. Perhaps you'll like it more?
½ April 14, 2017
For what it is, Days of Thunder isn't a bad racing film. Couldn't have been better, but I enjoyed it enough to not care
January 20, 2017
Like a boring version of Talladega Nights(heck, even John C. Reilly is in this) I just could not get engaged in this at all. I suppose you really have to be into NASCAR to really appreciate this one, for me it's just cars going round and round in circles with rednecks yelling 'yee haw!' over and over. Snooze.....
January 8, 2017
This movie is like Top Gun except involving race cars. The acting and the plot were good. Entertaining with racing action.
½ September 9, 2016
"Top gun" with race cars.
August 30, 2016
"Days of Thunder" is an attempt to retheme "Top Gun" into a movie about car racing. The young hothead that doesn't follow the rules, the mentor that tries to get him in line, the female authority figure that becomes a love interest, the rival that becomes a friend - it's all there. Unfortunately, none of these plot points are done as well as they are in "Top Gun." The movie's full-throttle race sequences are entertaining because of imaginative cinematography and clever editing, but the story is all over the place. Between a crew chief seeking redemption, a driver learning to race, and a weak love story that feels out of place, it is difficult to identify the film's identity. "Top Gun's" love story is iconic and relevant to the story but "Days of Thunder" would have been better if the love story was completely omitted. It is used more as a comic device than as a key factor in the transformation of the main character. On top of that, there is way too much unnecessary swearing for an action movie about NASCAR. If you removed the 90% of profanity that has no bearing on the plot and a suggestive love scene, this film could carry a PG-rating, making it ideal for families (these cars are so cool for young boys) but edgy enough to satisfy adults and critics. The acting is a bit of an anomaly. The performances of Robert Duvall, Michael Rooker, and Tom Cruise (in his racecar driver capacity) are all well done. But once Cruise's character dons his romantic side and pairs up with Nicole Kidman, both actors suddenly lose their charm. The love story is so inconsequential that it makes the characters unlikable. The real story is between the driver and his mentor. "Days of Thunder" is not the most original film nor is it the most interesting. If you watch this film, be prepared for stereotypes alternated with breathtaking race sequences.
½ August 21, 2016
Seabiscuit with cars. In other words a very predictable American sports film.
May 30, 2016
This is pretty much the exact same plot as Top Gun, just with "F-14 Tomcat" crossed out and "race car" written over it. Adolescent in the awesome sens of the term.
May 19, 2016
despite the controversy around the production of the film, it ends up being fast paced action and wonderfully acted film. the supporting cast is strong and the chemistry between Cruise/Kidman is clever and romantic. all around a solid, under-appreciated and over-looked tale of redemption and victory in the fast-lane!
March 31, 2016
So much better than Top Gun!!!
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