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½ July 11, 2017
Rob Zombie did his best here and probably will never top it.
June 10, 2017
After five minutes, I thought I'd seen this film before, but stuck with it and realised I hadn't. Two choices, either the start of the second was the same as the end of the first (but apparently I haven't seen that either), or the recording must have snafu'd previously. Either way, this is a great film if you like grisly done well. Relentless horribleness, in the way of Saw and Hostel, but at least it was done at various sites, rather than stuck in a room. And it did have a story, whatever the reviewers may say...
½ May 25, 2017
While it doesn't retain the nightmarish chill of "House of 1000 Corpses", The Devil's Rejects benefits from a quartet of captivating performances by Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie and William Forsythe, offering another slice of Rob Zombie's lust for bloodshed in the bargain.
April 30, 2017
The sequel to house of 1000 corpses, Devils Rejects follows the serial killers on the run from the cops. With twice as much violence and general deranged nature this stays loyal to the style and themes shown in the first film. This was an improvement even though 1000 corpses was a great bloody film, it felt like rob zombie was still finding himself as a director. This film is a great follow up and was a much needed sequel.
April 16, 2017
Wow... that was crazy.
½ April 8, 2017
What the heck was Rob Zombie thinking when he made this fart of a horror movie. There's no plot line, there's a thousand plot holes in this non-exsistant plot line, and we watched this whole movie (SPOILERS!!!) just to see them get shot in the end. I feel cheated of my time. Also if you were wondering what these plot holes are I'll tell you a few. One of them is why did none of the sheriffs fellow cops attempt to stop him when he was torturing the "Devils Rejects"? Also were was tiny this entire movie? Was he just wondering about the forest until the very end? Another plot hole is why did the staff members of the moltel the "Devils Rejects" stopped at not hear the screams of the victims? So many questions so little awnsers. Now another promblem is how we have a great cast in this movie but, horrible characters. The only good character (was) Captain Spaulding until he was robbed of his greatness in this movie. The only good thing about this movie was that it was entertaining. So unless you really like senseless horror movies with Bill Mosley in them then deffinetly skip this film.
April 3, 2017
The best sequel since Evil dead 2
February 25, 2017
The Devil's Rejects (2005) C-109m. ??? D: Rob Zombie. Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, Ken Foree, Matthew McGrory, William Forsythe. A gripping take on horror from Zombie; a followup to his dreadful HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. Here, his psychotic killers are on the lamb, taking hold several families hostage, and doing away with them whenever's most convenient. Meanwhile, a gusty sheriff disgusted by the murders becomes fascinated by the idea of violent revenge. An absorbing, totally credible look at worthless people and their inevitable consequences. On-target all the way through, with a particularly satisfying (and moving) finale. What's more--it's brimming with intelligent rock music from Lynryd Skynyrd to even Terry Reid. However, it can be tough to watch, and the overall ambiance is quite unsettling. The director's most compact film to date; he also wrote the picture.
½ January 15, 2017
Not quite as good as his first film but an excellent sequel.
½ January 13, 2017
The inherently depraved nature of nearly every single major character in The Devil's Rejects may turn some viewers off, but it's hard to argue against director Rob Zombie's knack for capturing that very depravity in a raw, distinct manner
December 31, 2016
part deux of the house of 1000 corpses series... youll notice that theres alot more daylight in this movie as compared to the last. obviously things are looking grim for our loveable family of psycho anti-heroes. i couldnt have asked for a better sequel to one of my all time faves. rob zombie i salute you :D and love you
December 26, 2016
A modern horror classic. This is how it's done, after the middling effort of 'House of 1000 corpses' Zombie comes back swinging and really delivers. Pulpy but not pretentious, gory but not gratuitous - this is a modern horror masterpiece, Hooper would be proud!
½ December 25, 2016
Slightly better than House of 1000 Corpses.
½ December 17, 2016
An improved sequel over House of a 1000 Corpses (2003). And, it's also one, if not maybe, even, the most fucked up, crude, gritty, and with-no-limits movie I've ever seen so far. It's like an all you can eat disturbing violent buffet, with a touch of very dark humor. With no doubt, there's a lot of references to the horror movies of the 70's, just like the first movie, just by the choice of the great cast that composes this flick. We've got Ken Foree, who was in the great Dawn of the Dead (1978), as well as From Beyond (1986), Danny Trejo, who's also done the gory Machete (2010) and was even in Desperado (1995) and the great Sid Haig. There's even Michael Berryman, who was in the original The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Descent film in general, and recommended!!
December 13, 2016
Exellent sequel, developed in very a dirfferent way. But watching the evolution of this series' amazing. Rob Zombie's a geniuous!
October 30, 2016
Now I'm not the biggest Rob Zombie fan when it comes to his movies. I enjoy some of and this is one of them. This is his best movie of his that I've seen. It has this unnerving vibe to it. A gritty realness to it, to a degree.
½ October 22, 2016
One of the greatest endings ever preceded by a really and gore fest.
October 21, 2016
This movie manages to humanize the inhuman, and this is a moral conflict I can't say I've ever experienced watching a movie. Grade A movie-making.

I don't know what's better, the movie itself or reading the reviews of the self-righteous and likely hypocritical reviewers whose "morals" don't allow them to enjoy the movie for what it is.
½ October 16, 2016
I think it's more like a violent crime / exploitation film, but other than that, it's not bad!
September 22, 2016
use to like this movie when i was like 18 now 28 i find it boring . love the otis character but thats about it . i cant stand that rob has to have every person have long hair and look dirty and cuss every other word. its really annoying
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