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February 15, 2018
Two stars for the attacks of Nature against Matt. Marvellous. The rest is.. Oh God.
May 7, 2017
Better than expected for a rom com. I guess because Kathy Bates, Mcconaughey, Deschanel, Bartha and Cooper are all awesome.
May 2, 2017
What's with everyone? This was a cute, fun, lite, fizzy twist on the romcom. Well cast. Lighten-up folks, grab a bottled tropical malt, or two, or a gin fizz, or a Sherry on ice, or a Dubonnet, kick'em up - and smile for awhile!
March 1, 2017
way too cheesy for me.
½ January 10, 2017
This is a typical rom-com. So basically, it is sort of funny, romantic, cheesy and overly predictable, but has a few good scenes that keep you interested to the very end.
½ July 22, 2016
Someone took the reprehensibly unlikable 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' and decided to make it worse. Thin, predictable and unfunny.
June 18, 2016
I have never hated Matthew McConaughey more. This movie actually made me loath his famous accent.
I'm not exactly a sucker for romantic comedies, so this whole film annoyed me to my core. Honestly, the story line makes no sense to me at all. It was predictable and cliché. SJP's character's job is absolutely idiotic. The stupidity of it all was actually the only thing in this whole movie that made me laugh. The comedy of this romance was epic fail that nobody I can imagine would find funny.
I would not recommend this hot piece of cheesy shit to anyone.
peace out, bitches
April 1, 2016
Good all round film with some extremely funny bits involving animals!
February 25, 2016
Failure to movie make.
October 16, 2015
Again another cheesy movie with great actors so I love it ð???
October 2, 2015
Always a good movie to chill and laugh for a change.
September 21, 2015
Who really thought this would be funny? F
½ September 17, 2015
or when Rom-coms go bad.
August 3, 2015
Pretty bad movie. Predictable with bad acting. But, it had one or two funny parts.
July 31, 2015
Yes, this movie was made in 2006 and I'm just now getting around to a review. I pity the fool who saw it first-run. A co-worker handed this to me (i.e., they own it) last week and said how HILARIOUS the movie is and how much "the best friend" reminded them of me. Lovely compliment - the best friend is one of the few good parts of the movie. I'm 3 years behind with this easy joke, but: Failure to Launch did not fail to make ME launch.

I still can't figure out if Sarah Jessica Parker is actually attractive or has some kind of mind-bending device that makes the world believe she is (a general comment not having to do with the movie in particular)
For the most part, McConaghey keeps his shirt on. Big mistake.
You know who DOES take his shirt off? For an entire scene?? Terry Bradshaw. Oh, and not just his shirt.
The DVD has no outtake/gag reel. That would have needed a separate stand-alone six-disc bonus materials special feature release.
Hollywood, listen to me: Zooey Deschanel is underused talent.
I don't get the dead former girlfriend / "nephew" plot line, unless you need to have an adorable child in your movie, which you don't.
The animals biting him and that being a metaphor for living your life...what???
The life preserver metaphor at the end??
Suddenly it's the mom who wants to fix everything? Oh, and this is my surprised face to learn that it's HER issues that make her keep her son at home @ 35. Crimeny.
Locking them in, in order to repair the damage? Extreme.
He FORGIVES her? Not only that, he forgives his PARENTS??
Oh, for god's sake.
½ July 7, 2015
If you like chick flick/comedies (which I don't) you will probably like it. I watched it for SJP because she is queen.
May 17, 2015
Good talented cast, but a story we have seen too much of.
½ May 8, 2015
The first half of the film is much better than the last, which starts to drag and becomes sappily predictable.
May 2, 2015
Despite being 30, Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) lives at home with this parents. To try and give him some motivation to move on, his parents hire Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) to get him to fall for her so she will get motivated to move out. What she does not expect is that she will fall for him. This movie was pretty flat and shallow even for a romantic comedy. The chemistry between the characters and most of the comedic bits were quite sub-par.
March 21, 2015
just for Zooey Deschanel
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