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August 18, 2018
buenos mensajes para la gente y mas para los niños,pero crean historias que los niños no entienden pero la intención de mostrar que este arte es malo pero aquí lo muestran mientras no maten al toro todo esta bien y no es así.
½ August 8, 2018
Some good scenes in the film that got a laugh, but lost my interest a bit in the middle.
August 4, 2018
One of my favorite movies ever!
July 29, 2018
7.29.18 library dvd @ home w/Sh & J
July 27, 2018
While initially drawn in my the cute animation, I was pleasantly surprised to find the rest of the movie is quite pleasant too. That's the word I'd use to describe it in general: pleasant. While it manages to be your average, animated family movie, it somehow seems much more enjoyable than most average, animated family movies. It has some good lines, good animation, and a few good laughs. I didn't even find the side characters like the hedgehogs that annoying, which is a first. All in all, I'd recommend it. Not a perfect movie, but an enjoyable one. And sometimes, that's all you need.
½ July 22, 2018
A movie which delivered a great message about bull fighting, giving audience the other side of what a bull fighting neglects of, to protect the animals, not slaughtering them. The story line was a bit lengthy and bored in some way though.
½ July 15, 2018
Loved the goat?? aka Kate??
July 14, 2018
So good movie,I love Ferdinand
½ July 11, 2018
"Ferdinand" is a sweet, funny and charming animated film. When I saw the trailers, I thought it was just a "meh" film, which is why I'm glad I checked it out. I never thought I'd care for the main character, but I did. This movie does not deserve a 49% audience score.

What I liked:
1. John Cena and Kate McKinnon's performsnces as well as their characters.
2. The sweet messsge, though it has been taught many times in various films, becomes very powerful thanks to the main character.
3. The hedge hogs were funny

What I disliked:
1. SPOILERS. The third act became too cartoony for me.
2. Nina was a useless plot device

Flaw: The animation can look a bit "plastic-ish," especially on the bulls.
Verdict: CHECK IT OUT! But don't expect it to be a modern classic
July 2, 2018
this is an amazing movie and I really enjoyed watching it. I suggest you watch it.
June 19, 2018
If you are wondering where the kids movie about escaping toxic masculinity is, it's right here.
½ June 10, 2018
Just don't even waste your time. Unfortunately I can't give this movie -5 stars :L
June 4, 2018
A super cute, funny, and fantastically touching movie. Loved it.
May 26, 2018
CinemaSins summed it up best: Ferdinand's not bad and it's actually kinda fun. The animation is colourful and incredibly nice to look at, the voice acting is good with John Cena being a perfect choice for Ferdinand since both have reputations of being scary when they're apparently actually quite friendly once you get to know them. I laughed a good couple of times. The same message in every animated kids' movie is there: just be yourself and the movie's fairly predictable. Yet Ferdinand is still a heartwarming entry in Blue Sky Studios' filmography. Really, when they're not busy making Ice Age sequels since...that company refuses to let any franchise rest in peace even when the creators admit that they want it to end, Blue Sky actually aren't that bad and do their best with whatever scripts they have lying around at the moment. And seriously, though that silent, apparently half-man half-machine bull is the best character in the entire movie. Give him his own movie, man.
May 11, 2018
Aside from John Cena, Ferdinand doesn't have too much going for it, so it makes for a middle-of-the-road animated experience with just enough charming moments to keep it afloat.
½ May 2, 2018
it was good, defintany for younger kids though. Great morals to learn especially for boys. Very predictable
½ May 1, 2018

Ferdinand is a giant bull with a big heart. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast and torn from his home, he rallies a misfit team of friends for an epic adventure in order to return to his family. Based on the classic children's book, and filled with nonstop fun and laughs, 'Ferdinand' proves you can't judge a bull by its cover!

I thought that this was going to be a typical "kiddie" animation movie but it actually turned out to be quite joyful. I found the storyline quite amusing, and the animation looked great. The attention to detail was also impressive and the various characters all brought something fresh to the film. It is pretty far-fetched, from an adults point of view but with that aside, it was a enjoyable movie, with some heart warming moments. Anyway, the movie is about a bull, Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena), who is destined to become a fearless fighting bull but he escapes the Spanish bull-training camp, because he doesn't want to become a fighter. The flower loving bull hasn't got a bad bone in his body, and the whole thought of fighting is against his morals, so he becomes friends with a young girl, Nina, who finds him while he's on the run. Years later, Ferdinand has grown to an immense size, and when he goes to the local flower show, a bee stings him, which makes him go wild in the village. He is then captured and taken back to his old camp, were he is forced to train with his old friends, to become a bull fighter again, against his will. When he finds out that the bulls never win against the matadors, he tries to leave the camp again but this time he refuses to go anywhere without is friends. He manages to help his friends to escape from the camp but he is captured and forced to fight the matador, who what's to go out with a bang in his last bullfight. It's quite an emotional film, which really does have something for everybody, so it's worth a watch if you looking for a family day out. The dancing scenes cracked me up, especially the twerking bull, and you can tell that much thought was behind the scenery and the characters expressions. In all, I surprisingly enjoyed the film and I recommend it to people who want to watch a light-hearted comedy. Enjoyable!

This movie was directed by Carlos Saldanha, who also co-directed Ice Age, Robots, Ice Age 2, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and he directed Rio & Rio 2. Although there isn't plans for a sequel, I hope they bring back these funny characters because I would like to see how they progress in there new surroundings.

Budget: $111million
Worldwide Gross: $295million

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Cast: John Cena, Anthony Anderson, David Tennant, Peyton Manning, Sally Phillips, Carlos Saldanha, Jeremy Sisto, Bobby Cannavale, Raul, Esparza, Luis Carlos de la Lombana, Juanes, Jerrod Carmichael, Maria Peyramaure, Jordi Caballero and Nazanin Homa. 7/10
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