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October 7, 2017
Vale pelo personagem do Mick Jagger. Fora isso não tem nada de interessante.
May 27, 2017
5/27/2017 (2): Meh. A good cast and interesting plot, but that was about it. Nothing real good about this film.
June 12, 2016
A great piece of late '80s and eay '90s style scifi. You can really feel those atmospheres that I really like that are found in classics like the first Terminator. The movie has the merit of being unpredictable until the very end, and a cast of actors not very famous (except for the strange presence of Mick Jagger, btw perfect for the role) but interesting for the project the directors had.
January 4, 2016
This is pretty much bargan basement 90's scifi. It's the type of movie that's almost immediately forgettable even as it happens. The problem is that everything's just so generic there's nothing that makes us want to stay in this world. The scenes near the end are pretty cool, I guess but by then its really too late.
August 8, 2015
This was a cool movie. Emilio is gold in every movie he's in though so it was no surprise. There are car chases, gun fights, a cool black guy with a jerry curl and a sword, and a young version of the cool old guy from Better Call Saul. Oh and as a bonus there's a river bum who tells you the secret to cooking river rat!
November 7, 2014
great movie, critics don't kbow anything
October 16, 2014
In the year 2009, the super-wealthy gain immortality by hiring so-called "bonejackers" - i.e., mercenaries who use time travel technology to snatch people from the past, just prior to their deaths. Their bodies are then taken over by the rich to extend their lives. Those who escape bonejacking, known as "freejacks," are considered less than human under the law. In this dystopic future, most people suffer from poor physical health as a result of rampant drug use and environmental pollution, making them unattractive as replacement bodies. Alex Furlong (Emilio Estevez) is a professional race car driver who is about to die in a spectacular 1991 crash, witnessed by his fiancée Julie Redlund (Rene Russo) and agent Brad (David Johansen), when a time machine snatches him from the car and into the wasteland that is the 21st century Bronx. When Furlong's captors - led by mercenary Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger) - are ambushed by a hit squad, Furlong escapes. Having no idea what happened, he tries to find Julie, but she no longer lives at her 1991 address. He takes shelter at a church, where a sympathetic (and well-armed) nun (Amanda Plummer) explains what has happened to him. She also provides him with clothing, food and a pistol. Furlong finds his former agent Brad, but Brad immediately sells him out, getting killed in the process. He then finds Julie, but she calls security, believing him to be "the bastard who stole [Furlong's] body." When Vacendak shows up, she realizes that Furlong is actually her Furlong. She goes to her boss Ian McCandless (Anthony Hopkins) to try and help Furlong escape the city. McCandless promises that he will help secure Alex's escape. However, it is a trap - Vacendak and his men try again to capture Furlong, but he manages to defeat the mercenaries and holds Vacendak at gunpoint. Furlong demands that he be told who wants his body; Vacendak finally tells him that McCandless himself wants Furlong's body...

"Freejack" is a 1992 science fiction film, and upon its release in the United States, the film received mostly negative reviews. The story was adapted from Immortality, Inc., a 1959 novel by Robert Sheckley. I saw this at the movies in 1992 and it was a poor movie then and itīs a poor movie now. The storyline is somewhat ok, but itīs the production that is just bad. Itīs quite obvious here that Emilio Estevez has never been a very good actor and he simply canīt carry the leading part. Whoever came up with the idea of putting Mick Jagger in the role of Vacendak, was not in his clear mind... The poor effects, green screens and general scenery adds to the b-movie feeling. And on top of this is the silly outfits, silly cars, Julieīs bodyguard running around with a small samurai sword etc etc. All this crappy details just adds up to a large pile of dung. The only positive thing with "Freejack" is the beautiful and talented Rene Russo.
½ September 12, 2014
One of my top ten worst movies I had to sit through.....NO value in this horse$hit of a movie.
September 6, 2014
A thoroughly cheesy but still entertaining cyberpunk action film, Freejack plays more like a comedy now than it did in the early 90s, but it still manages to be a thoroughly engaging bit of B-level sci-fi. Plus, it is has Mick Jagger!!!
½ June 13, 2014
Okay, not a blockbuster, but this movie had some great bits by Amanda Plummer and I liked Frankie Faison's "Eagle Man" and Mick Jagger's "one Mississippi, two Mississippi Vacendak, too. Who knew Jagger could act at all?
I'm a big fan of sci-fi and although the concept was over the top, it was interesting. What an afterlife, eh?Emilio Estevez was his usual, good-looking entertaining self. Overall, I thought the movie was a good ride.
January 27, 2014
This movie has it all!
½ October 13, 2013
What the hell was this a movie where Emilio Estevest is the hero and Mick Jagger is the bad guy, it's amazing the crazy shit that went on in the 90s. Pretty weak future movie. Had some enjoyable car chases and action scenes but overall it's a forgotten 90s movie.
August 18, 2013
I would love to see this again. It might be one of the "so bad it's good" variety. What a great cast! Emilio Estevez, Rene Russo, Anthony Hopkins and Mick Jagger! It was pretty unoriginal, but had a certain charm to it.
June 2, 2013
Thought this was a very good movie. Lot's of edge of your seat Adventure. Definitely one of my favorites.
May 13, 2013
I remember this being big at the box office, but seems so 80's-ish nowdays.
April 14, 2013
I can't understand the poor reviews. It's a fun movie, beautifully filmed, good performances, lots of plot twists. The storyline makes sense and is internally consistent. Mick Jagger's performance alone makes it worth watching.
February 21, 2013
another guilty pleasure
February 15, 2013
I enjoyed this movie... good non-stop action from beginning to end. I could honestly say that Mick Jagger's "Vacendak" was superb.
½ December 30, 2012
Written by Ronald Shusett (Alien (1979) and Total Recall (1990)), and based upon Immortality, Inc. written in 1959 by Robert Sheckley and directed by Geoff Murphy (Young Guns II (1990) and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)), this is a sci-fi film which has a brilliant concept which is wasted by miscasting, a clunky script that bore no resemblance to the source material and clunky special effects, even for it's day. Race-car driver Alex Furlong (Emilio Estevez) is seemingly killed in a spectacular crash in 1991, but just moments before his death, his body was zapped into the year 2009 by a group of 'Bonejackers', who lift bodies from the past so people in the future close to death, can live longer in new bodies. But Alex comes around, and escapes the Bonejackers, led by Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger). Alex is struggling to understand what's happened, and goes in search of his fiancee Julie Redlund (Rene Russo) and agent Brad (David Johansen) who seemingly saw him die. But, Vacendak is in pursuit, under orders from tycoon Ian McCandless (Anthony Hopkins). It's a brilliant concept, maybe the closest thing to a Looper the 90's had, but it comes out all wrong, you don't know what accent Jagger is doing, and Hopkins is hamming it up to 11, and the special effects seem to have come from a computer screensaver.
December 16, 2012
Arise Sir Mick in what must be one of the funniest but worst films of the 90's. I dare anyone to watch it and not fu*k up

I don't how to rate it so 50%
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