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April 27, 2017
Too long. Too sappy. TOO HEARTBREAKING!
April 5, 2017
Visually impressive,but otherwise is historically inaccurate and has a predictable plot.
March 18, 2017
My favorite movie of all times
½ March 15, 2017
this movie is somehow amazing, and dogshit at the same time. this movie is somehow about love and hatred and niether at the same time. by the end of however, *YOU* will be, is frustrated. #titaniciswaybetter #shame #shade #kanye
March 7, 2017
It's intimidating, before watching Gone With The Wind for the first time. You think, 'Damn, a 4 hour movie???'. But somehow it doesn't feel that long. Maybe it's the pacing and direction. Maybe it's the cast and performances. But after watching you realize that you've just watched one of the best movies ever made. The scale of the film alone...is massive. It's so BIG. Everything about it. The cinematography and production design. The costumes, the score. The characters of Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler. The performances of Gable and especially, Leigh. Not to mention, Hattie McDaniel and Olivia de Havilland. Gone With the Wind ...a true cinematic EPIC.
½ March 6, 2017
Um filme enorme! Em todos os sentidos. "E Tudo o Vento Levou" tem uma atmosfera realmente épica e personagens memoráveis, além de citações clássicas. A minha favorita é de Clark Gable: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Penso que se trata de um daqueles filmes que todos devem ver pelo menos uma vez na vida, embora não me sinta impelido a vê-lo novamente num futuro próximo. Acompanhando a história de perto, chegamos ao fim exaustos.
February 28, 2017
"Gone With the Wind" is hardly a timeless cinema classic. In addition to just being plain boring, it romanticizes racist aspects of southern life during the mid-1800s.
February 11, 2017
Still my favorite film after 40 years. No matter how many times I watch it, the fiery beauty of Vivien Leigh, the sexy smirk of Clark Gable, the endearing humor of Hattie McDaniel, the understated strength of Olivia DeHavilland, the hauntingly brilliant score of Max Steiner, the glorious 1939 Technicolor and the enduring, frustrating, tempestuous novel conceived by Margaret Mitchell, I still cannot tear myself away, even though I know I will end up in tears hoping for a different ending. There is always hope that Rhett and Scarlett will find a way to forgive, understand and love which is strangely uplifting.
January 26, 2017
Gone with the Wind defined Southern Dramas but the film hasn't aged well and it's long run time is cumbersome.
January 23, 2017
its known as one of the greatest movies of all time yet I was bored stiff, yet the acting was great
½ January 15, 2017
Does event come close to the book. Read it. You will not be disappointed.
December 24, 2016
Realistic, brilliant, unexpectedly amazing. It touches your chords in a way that you never want the tale to end.
December 20, 2016
The best movie, the best story, the best actors, Ever.
December 16, 2016
one of my top 22, one of the best all time
December 14, 2016
Perfection on screen
½ December 14, 2016
Gone with the Wind is the classic civil war drama loved by all, from the fantastic performances from Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh, to the gripping story line that has you on the edge of your seat to the end of film, Gone With the Wind is a near perfect movie with the only fault being its 4 hour run time
November 21, 2016
My favourite movie of all time
November 13, 2016
Wow! One of the few movies that I agree with the critics on! I don't really know what to make of that. Our tastes differ more often than not, but this is a fantastic film! Just watch it. It's phenomenal. :)
½ November 7, 2016
Saw this on 06/11/16
Dim, morbid and disheartening, yet the film is grandiose and epic in all scales. Its hard to like the characters in this overlong running drama, yet all the four leads are splendid. It lavishly flourishes the idea of slavery, at times basing the entire theme of the movie for that cause. This is not a film that none would forget so easily, its much beyond that.
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