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½ May 19, 2018
Clint Eastwood spielt sich selbst. Zu Beginn hat man den Eindruck, dass man Dirty Harry im Ruhestand beobachten kann. Grob, eiskalt, beinhart und mit keinem Blatt vor dem Mund. Er bedient dabei so ziemlich jeden Rassismus ohne dass es nun aufgesetzt wirke. Im Gegenteil unterstreicht es nur die Charakterstudio des verbitterten alten Kores-Krieg-Veterans.

Doch nach dem Tod seiner Frau ist es nicht seine Familie, die ihm Halt bietet, sondern die "Sumpfratten" von nebenan. Während seine Familie ihn am liebsten im Heim oder im Sarg sähe, brauchen in seine Nachbarn als Handwerker, Beschützer und sogar als Vaterersatz.

Es ist jetzt kein dramaturgischer Kniff, dass Walt Kowalski nun langsam auftaut und seine rassistischen Vorteile ablegt, aber die Entwicklung fasziniert, gerade weil Eastwood den Rauhbein so überzeugend spielt.

April 14, 2018
Great movie, nuff said
March 25, 2018
A racist Korean War veteran has to deal with his own prejudice when a Hmong teenager tries to steal his car.

Acting: 8
Clint Eastwood comes out of the gates swinging in playing racist Walt Kowalski. I thought it was a daring role seeing as, even though the character had a strong prejudices, you were still supposed to somehow like and respect him. Clint walks that line finely and pulls the role off with that smooth ease I've seen in a number of his previous roles.

Special love to a strong supporting role from Chee Thao who plays the angry Grandma of the Hmong family. She hates Clint as much as he hates her and their chemistry makes for some hilarious scenes. She captures the role perfectly.

Beginning: 1

Characters: 10
Gran Torino features a rich array of characters with meaning and depth. Walt is a man set in his ways after the war hardened him, but you find his walls slowly tearing down as the movie progresses. He reluctantly lets in the people that he wouldn't normally and finds himself becoming closer to them than his own family. While his heart may have changed, I appreciated the fact that his mouth didn't. Walt, with his brutal honesty, always spoke what was on his mind at all times which was funny and refreshing at the same time.

Thao (Bee Vang) has his own internal struggle as he deals with getting his education while trying to take care of his family and still fit in with the men in his family. He wants to be different than his thug cousins but he's too much of a softy to stand up for himself. Thao and Walt end up on a collision course towards each other surrounded by a number of characters that have their own stories worth paying attention to.

Cinematography/Visuals: 10
A lot of scenes stuck out in my head when considering Gran Torino. From family dinners to one-off scenes with Walt and Thao, the film provides believable insight into Walt becoming closer to his "enemies" than his own family. The dinners were shot in a claustrophobic type of way. Thao's house was littered with people and you find a surrounded Walt trying to navigate his way through while steering clear of being social. The film as a whole was shot in a dark style indicative of looming danger. It's unnerving in a way, but effective at the same time.

Conflict: 10

Genre: 7

Memorability: 10
The hard dramatic shift in the film is like a gut punch, both jarring and unexpected. I appreciate when a film can change tones and still be effective. I also appreciate when films show racism from both sides of the fence. There's a refreshing sense of realism you get with Gran Torino that may be sacrificed in other films for the sake of getting a point across. In Torino, no one is innocent. No one is exempt.

I can't even count the number of one-liners that Walt provides throughout the span of the movie. My personal favorite: "Good day, puss cake." I have often considered how hilarious it would be to randomly say that to someone. There's still time...

Pace: 6
Definitely could have been improvement in the pacing department. The beginning starts off extremely slow before moving at a shaky pace. It finally levels out at about the half hour mark, but the damage had already been done for me at this point.

Plot: 10
Solid storyline from beginning to end that is both intriguing and unique. We are provided with an insight into a different culture in an endearing way that makes you smile.

Resolution: 5

Overall: 77
Gran Torino is an original film that succeeds with gritty realism and strong characters. A few tweaks, particularly a stronger ending, would have put the movie into a higher tier for me. Still a solid watch.
February 16, 2018
Slow but enjoyable. With a great ending.
February 3, 2018
Very well written, and Eastwood is awesome.
January 29, 2018
We've all meat this old man. Maybe he won't ever have a filter, but hee can learn to appreciate the struggle of others and how similar they are to his own.
January 28, 2018
Throughout his career, Clint has had a knack of making movies that lots of people like, and this is one of 'em. Not his best and the kids aren't good actors, but it's very enjoyable. Those that look for political correctness shouldn't be TOO offended.
January 17, 2018
The movie that showed that clint eastwood can still kick arse even as a old man
January 4, 2018
Re-watching this in 2017 makes me enjoy this movie even more than I did before, and seeing the droves up SJWs talking about how "racist" this film is makes me realize how much more provocative and great this film really is.
Back when this film came out (which wasn't all that long ago) people weren't obsessed with calling everything racist, and this movie did a great job of taking place in a part of town similar to many other towns in America. Gran Torino actually used real Hmong actors, which I thought was a great idea, despite using unknown actors whose acting chops weren't exactly great. But it helped add to the realism of the film.
Although the story is predictable, the supporting cast can be a little robotic, and Eastwood is a bit over the top at times, this story turns a rough and calloused exterior , and turned it into a very heartfelt story, much like Eastwood's character.
If this movie offended you, or you were mad that "there were no white gangs", you either don't live in America, or you have never been to Detroit. The director obviously wanted this movie to have a dialogue about the actual demographics of that old industrial area of Detroit. and they did so in a very realistic way.
I think Gran Torino makes humor out of ugliness at times, and turns a tragic story into a story of acceptance, and personal growth. I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone who gets offended by their own shadow, but for the normal people who enjoy cinema, it is a great outing for Eastwood, and loved that it draws attention to the American-Hmong people, cause many Americans that watch this film wont even know who the Hmong people are.

Great Film. 7.5/10
December 16, 2017
Wonderfull movie. Such emotionally catches. The script was wise & Clint Eastwood direction was fabulous. Every cast member played their role very well. Even Clint performance was outstanding. While he slanging or hiting like fire.. the issue I found with this movie is nothing.
½ December 12, 2017
Clint Eastwood one more time proves that he can both direct and act in a movie. "Gran Torino" is one of his best recent movies and one of his best role performances. He build such a angry, grumpy, racist, prejudiced and rude character who goes through an excellently developed redemption. Walt Kowalski is one of his best characters in recent years. And proves as well he has still the capacity to guide a talented cast. Again an old and classic director had shown us that age isn't the synonymous for sloppiness.
November 24, 2017
A very well made, well acted film. Very thought provoking. We all know someone like Walt, and we know that while they may say horrible things that they're actually good people who just aren't familiar with people different from them and if only they could know these people they say such awful things about their opinions be wildly different. As I said, a deep profound movie without being overly preachy, movies trying to convey a message like this can be way to heavy handed at time but here they let it play out and feel natural. One of my favorite movies from 2009.
November 9, 2017
Classy movie. With good ac ting, and profound moral subjects for the story.
November 6, 2017
Very interesting and humorous movie. I loved it!
October 31, 2017
/Users/coleanthonymclaren/Desktop/gran torino .docx
the moral lesson is forgiveness
October 10, 2017
Clint Eastwood's best film!
½ October 7, 2017
Eastwood is great as usual as a grumpy racist war veteran with endless hilariously racist quips! The acting by literally everyone else in the movie though is as bad as I've ever seen and the storyline is fairly straightforward/predictable. Even with Eastwoods brilliance I don't know this film has such a high rating as the only good thing about it is Eastwood himself!
September 30, 2017
Clint Eastwood is the best!
½ September 20, 2017
Its clear now that Eastwood is the cowboy behind the camera making seemingly effortless affecting movies. Although this seems to be slipping through the awards season net I have to jump in and say that there is little wrong with this at all and deserves some big attention come awards night. A simple story brilliantly made, with Eastwood landing himself the lead as the veteran who has to become the man he once was a la Unforgiven - maybe he still wants to be that cowboy after all...
September 18, 2017
fantastic film. Good acting.
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