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½ April 14, 2016
I can see that this movie is no "Boyz n the hood" and that it tries to tackle a lot of heavy topics in so little time, but it is still a worth watching movie with a powerful message.
½ March 16, 2016
Personally, I like this John Singleton movie even more than Boyz in the Hood.
½ November 24, 2015
could have been a lot better some good serious subject matter but it comes off silly at times
½ September 25, 2015
It had it's moments but the film was a long mess, overly dramatic, just tried too hard and failed. If some scenes were cut and everything was tightened up a bit it could have been much better.
½ April 26, 2015
Although no were near as good as Boyz N the Hood, this drama proves to be another good film from Singleton with a realistic look at racism and how it affects our society, which can be a little bit preachy. The film is overall decent with good and relatable characters. 3.5 out of 5 stars.
½ April 7, 2015
Sad to see that this movie has such a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes :( Just a friendly reminder that there are still so many social injustices in our world today, so let's keep fighting the GOOD fight. "Without struggle, there is no progress" Frederick Douglass
February 26, 2015
Not exactly realistic when dealing with Skinheads and educated college Brothas, but the acting was quite impressive and the story mostly original. However, I'm afraid that audiences didn't learn what the director was gunning for us to take away from the film. It didn't change anything.
December 15, 2014
Some of the acting could be better, but the message still comes across clear.
½ October 6, 2014
never seen it before i heard it was good
½ September 17, 2014
Higher Learning is a movie that most people are split on, they either love it or hate it. I'm somewhere in the middle. The performances are great and it can be a hard watch (in a good way). However, the heavy-handed messages are at times obnoxious. These aren't people, they're stock characters used to manipulate audiences into believing that this happens everywhere. While the film has some good acting, it succumbs to the boring stock characters and heavy-handed cliches you'd expect.
January 15, 2014
John Singleton's button-pushing look at campus life is heavy on character types and light on fully realized characters. It's preachy from the get-go, and not believable for a second.
December 31, 2013
Solid. Covers a LOT of things. They might as well have named it "Higher 'isms'"--racism, feminism, sexism, Nazism etc.--has all of 'em in it.
November 29, 2013
John Singleton is a genius. Saw this forever ago but just watched again. Look at the all star cast and it's when many were just starting. Laurence Fishbourne takes it to another level. Omar Epps shines.
½ November 26, 2013
Higher learning is a drama about a few freshmen trying to get through life in college in a midst of racial tensions. This movie shows the introspects of each character. Malik is a track star on a scholarship. Kristen is a student who has experienced harassment on campus. Scott is a loner from Idaho who feels out of place.
Malik is struggling with academics and meets Ice cube who is a black panther member. While juggling school and sports, he feels like the world is out to get him. He gets involved romantically with Deja, who helps him with his classes. While out at a bar, Kristen gets drunk and date raped by a fraternity guy. Feeling vulnerable, she joins a feminist group on campus and meets jenniferv connely. She falls for Jennifer Conelly's character while still dating another guy. Scott is a loner who is not used to a multicultural environment. He doesn't seem to fit in with any particular group, not even his roommate. Scott meets a group of skinheads and begins to follow their doctrine. Malik and the black panther get into a tussle with the skinheads because of an earlier incident with Scott. Scott retaliates by shooting at a school peace rally and killing Deja and himself. In the end, the skinheads are smiling while watching the news.
This movie was interesting with its cast of characters and the different perspective of each character. I really enjoyed Lawrence fishburne's character and his conversations with Malik. There are many racial and political undertones in this movie. Some of the scenes were made to be rascist in nature. For example, when Malik is on top of Scott, the cops beat Malik and only hold Scott. The cops also wait a long time before Scott shoots himself. I understand the message of the movie but I feel the movie could have been made better.
November 15, 2013
Reminder of how it was when I went to school in the south
August 6, 2013
Directed by John Singleton, who had got his career off to a very strong start with Boyz n the Hood (1991) and Poetic Justice (1993). Here, Singleton took on University life after developing the idea with Jonathan Demme, but it would be a tough production, with cast members being considered and replaced during the production and a lot of scenes ending up on the cutting room floor. But the final result is a powerful and dark look at higher education. At Columbus University, new students have enrolled including Malik Williams (Omar Epps), Kristen Connor (Kristy Swanson) and Remy (Michael Rapaport). Malik is black, and people treat him coldly, Kristen becomes friends with Monet (Regina King), who goes to parties hosted by Fudge (Ice Cube), whose loud music upsets Remy. But after an incident where lesbian student Taryn (Jennifer Connelly) is raped by frat boy Billy (Jay R. Ferguson), tensions rise. Remy then gets involved with Scott Moss (Cole Hauser), who is in with a group of Neo-Nazi's, who plan to have their moment against the black students studying at Columbus. It's a film which shows the growing pains of university life, Singleton gets the best out of the cast he ended up with, and it manages to be gripping and emotionally shattering, not shying away from the pains and tragedies that goes on at the University. It spoke to a generation, it still does.
August 4, 2013
1989's Do The Right Thing Is My Eighth Favorite Film Of All Time.
July 20, 2013
Wow. How have I missed this for so long?
½ July 9, 2013
What is high what is learning what is high-er learn-ing
½ June 10, 2013
Stereotypical, predictable, but it has it's good moments.
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