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April 17, 2017
The humor is good, but the story sucks
April 15, 2017
Hop (2011) - is one of those rare movies that takes place around Easter. We've seen hundreds and dozens of movies set around Halloween and Christmas but never really Easter. Surprisingly, this movie had such a great concept and I loved the way they establish the Easter Bunny and how all the magical elements of Easter work. I like how they have this "Willy Wonka" like candy factory that's run by rabbits and how it is surprisingly set on "Easter Island" of all places. Unfortunately at the same time, They push a lot of the creative elements aside to make way for a story that while not bad, is still very awkward and feels like they wasted a very big opportunity. However, the story has it's moments of charm and I did think the 1st and the 3rd act of the movie are decently strong but there were a couple of things I never really understood. The movie combines animation and live action, but it feels like they meshed your typical animated movie with a typical live action movie and I felt confused as to which they were trying to focus on and I really wished we could have spent more time on "Easter Island" instead of the real world. The surprise villain is also very confusing and it never felt like it had that much focus. On top of that, making the villain a surprise is already pointless because we already know he's evil why do they need to hide it? Even though the story feels like it's all over the place, I still do think the characters do a decent job of being likable particularly E.B and Fred. I do sympathize with both characters and even though they have moments of awkwardness, I still think the actors give both characters charming performances. The rest of the characters are mainly there to support but they do a nice job in doing so even if some of them might not be as necessary as others. I can tell that the actor playing Carlos is having a lot of fun in the movie and he does have moments of standing out, but I felt like he could have been done so much better as a villain. Like I said before, the creativity of the Easter factory is what I think stood out to me the most in this movie and the animation definitely shows that. Everything about Easter island is so magical and very imaginative. The detail and scope really help make everything about the factory stand out and while it may be trying to hard to be magical like Christmas sometimes, I still give everyone credit for making the factory as unique as possible. The cinematography doesn't really catch my eye and it's not as impressive as the animation, but it is still nice to look at. The music is not that intriguing and I felt like it could have used a better treatment. However I do like the song "I want candy" and the opening music for the Easter factory is admittedly scored very well. While Hop is far from a classic, I still think it has it's moments of charm and enjoyment. It's a guilty pleasure in my opinion, I know it has it's problems but I still like watching this movie around Easter. In fact, I hope one day they reboot this movie and make it fully animated because I think this movie has brought up some great ideas and I think they are to hard for me to ignore. (B-)
½ April 15, 2017
Hop isn't bad. It's actually decent. It's not as good as illumination's other projects. This movie has some pretty funny moments. Not the laugh hard jokes but I'd say that I chuckled and had some good laughs. I don't really know if the movie has a lot for the parents other than some jokes that maybe the kids wouldn't get but other than that this is mostly a kids movie. It's not really a movie for the entire family but I'd say it's really good for the kids and the parents wouldn't really mind that much sitting through this because it's cute and I think there is enough for the parents to enjoy. Overall this is a pretty good kids movie but it's not for the whole family, but there's something in it that everyone can enjoy. B-
April 4, 2017
A poorly written animation/live-action hybrid that falls into the lowest common denominator family entertainment class.
January 10, 2017
A great movie that makes me laugh a lot and the acting was good. As well as the scenery and graphics to this movie it was all good! I like EB and The dad as well as Fred. There was great music to this movie and great comedy it's great for all ages!!!
January 2, 2017
Not a good movie to watch
½ December 22, 2016
Hop is an underrated film. For starters, Russell Brand is brilliant as E.B and I loved the scene where he speaks to himself. In fact the whole cast is brilliant, Hank Azaria an Hugh Laurie were great and I liked James Marsden and Kaley Cuoco in this as well. The script is good but the third act of the film gets a bit too silly for my liking. But it's still great fun.
December 18, 2016
I actually enjoyed this one. For an Easter flick, I'd take Rise of The Guardians over Hop, but E.B is an enjoyable lead and it's just so charming. Some of the ideas about the Easter Bunny are also cute. It's just a cute movie. Nothing more.
½ November 30, 2016
EB, great character! Would love to see more of him... The rest of the movie however, was far from my taste with poor acting and horrible story.
½ November 14, 2016
Will have to say kind of weird, fights are bad, bonds between the characters are good but trash mixed with soap.
½ November 5, 2016
Pretty good Easter story!
½ June 30, 2016
Hop is a hilarious animated movie. It is also a perfect movie to get you into the Easter spirit. The movie has a great plot. I would very much suggest this movie.
½ June 3, 2016
Russell Brand made a great Easter Bunny!!
May 18, 2016
why the fuck is this not even working
½ April 4, 2016
This movie is simply one of those harmless movies, to let your kid watch. I'm sure they may find a little enjoyment out of it, at least.
½ March 26, 2016
I saw this movie as a little bit racist, if i could point this out, you see that the bunnies are English and there servants, the chicks are Mexican which is just one stereotype, next we have fred's family adopting an asian child how coincidental for an american stereotype
March 26, 2016
Watching a children's Easter holiday movie, "HOP," and I am astounded by the number of references to Playboy and the Playboy mansion. I am fuming in my seat. I truly truly believe that these kinds of references are purposeful and the creators should face criminal liability. There is no need for any of these adult references.
March 26, 2016
BEST movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~~~~~~~~~~~'(TM)'(TM)'(TM)'(TM)'-
March 22, 2016
Going against most reviews I enjoyed this movie a lot. The ending was a little strange and reminded me about the classic Christmas movie 'The Santa Claus'. And that is one of the biggest problems of this movie. It was like they were trying to make Easter as big as Christmas. This movie shines when they focus on the main human role. I'm completely entertained until they focus on the bland boring rabbit story. I would have given it a higher score if it just focused on the Fred side of the story. Anyways good movie overall.
½ March 19, 2016
There is almost nothing worthwhile in this film. Really, really sorry I rented it.
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