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August 29, 2019
While it serves as a wonderful preface to Divine's notable body of work, it's equally enjoyable to revisit the infamous, intriguing, and incomparable career of a star whose life ended much too soon.
April 2, 2019
I Am Divine is a thoroughly optimistic and exuberant celebration of life that quashes any myths about transvestism and reveals a side to the icon, that had been previously unseen.
November 6, 2017
This is the film that Divine deserves.
August 9, 2014
A fascinating larger-than-life portrait of its larger-than-life subject, I Am Divine is a beguiling blend of poignancy, humor and glorious excess.
July 20, 2014
It's surprisingly moving stuff - dressed up with just enough archival outrage to remind you how scandalous Divine once seemed.
July 18, 2014
The interviewees and even his mother, with whom he was reconciled late in his life, all portray him as a generous and very sweet-natured man.
July 18, 2014
This is, for the most part, a celebration of Divine's life unencumbered by guilt or oppression.
July 18, 2014
Schwarz interviews friends and fans, piecing together a picture of a gentle, perhaps surprisingly shy man who channelled his family's rejection and his anger at society into his outrageous alter-ego.
July 18, 2014
Despite the sadness, we are reminded of what an influential figure Divine was, and how his very presence continues to bring comfort to others who identify as outsiders.
July 17, 2014
A joyous hurrah for a unique figure.
July 17, 2014
Schwarz offsets the camp with a sincere appreciation of both the obvious, larger-than-life personality and this performer's oft-overlooked skills ...
July 17, 2014
Touching and funny. Waters fans should sign up now.
July 17, 2014
This is divine.
July 17, 2014
This documentary mostly looks back on its subject's career as a notorious drag act, with consistently amusing input from the likes of John Waters, Tab Hunter and psychedelic theatre troupe The Cockettes.
July 17, 2014
I Am Divine riffs entertainingly through the career of the drag star who blazed in Pink Flamingoes and Hairspray.
July 16, 2014
I Am Divine may not be the blowsy riot you'd expect given Divine's salty screen persona but it tells his story with wit, insight and compassion, revealing a rather sweet and sensitive man underneath that sparkling shell.
July 14, 2014
High camp and low trash make an entertaining combo in an overdue homage to a fearless trailblazer.
July 11, 2014
With an appropriate explosion of humour and colour, this documentary traces the life of a fiercely individualistic actor, digging beneath the surface to explore both his origins and his legacy.
June 28, 2014
A loving biographical portrait that encompasses the legendary icon's rise to infamy while touching on the emotional complexities of its subject.
June 5, 2014
Fans of Divine and of Waters' work will be delighted, and anyone else who catches it will want to dive right in to the diva's gigantic body of work.
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