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July 24, 2016
Equally bloody and hilarious, In Bruges is a brilliant dark comedy lead by a fantastic performance from Colin Farrell.
½ July 24, 2016
Inspiring, absorbing, intelligent and fresh. No more words needed.
July 18, 2016
Freaking brilliant. nothign is out of place, the dialogue is amazing and hilarious. The story never ends, with tons of twists and surpizes. I simply loved it.
½ July 13, 2016
Colin Farrell was fantastic in this dark-comedy, seamlessly switching between indignant childish squawking and guilt-ridden melancholia. The film was full of hilarious and preposterous dialogue, and its a fun ride even if you never really feel like you got anything once the credits begin.
July 7, 2016
Fantastic dark comedy about two hit men who must flee to the Belgian city of Bruges and deal with the fallout from a botched job.
Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell brilliantly portray two men who become quite close despite the fact that they are, in a sense, each other's foil. The absolute greatest quality of this movie is its masterful mixture of dark and deep seriousness with thought-provoking, witty humor. Combining real and sincere meaning with lightheartedness is not easy to pull off, but by centering the plot around some profound ideas, the movie becomes a powerful synthesis of these opposing concepts.
The film is also quite poetic and thematic without being pretentious or convoluted. The humor does not distract from the serious aspects of the movie, and it does not merely serve as comic relief. Rather, it cleverly focuses the audience's attention on the main messages of the movie. The plot itself is interesting enough for a great movie. Although it gets just a bit improbable in the end, the story is interesting and smart enough to make up for this slight stretch of reality.
Overall, the wonderful performances by Gleeson and Farrell, the engrossing story, and witty dark humor made this one of those great movies that left me breathless at the end--both because I was deeply captivated and because I had laughed so much.
June 29, 2016
Interesting flick a friend of mine guided me too which features Harry Potter alums Ralph Fiennes, Clemence Poesy, and Brendan Gleeson. The movie is about Gleeson and Colin Farrell being a pair of hitman sent to do a job by Fiennes. Farrell is new and is doing his first job which ends badly and leaves him scarred and considering whether or not this type of career is right as well as facing guilt. In the midst of this Farrell ends up liking and going on a date with Poesy while Fiennes has decided that Farrell needs to go and orders Gleeson to handle it. A little bit of a mind**** and i totally hated Farrell's character just because the irish accent he was using sounded too much like a leprechaun and i just couldnt take it seriously as well as his character being a total *****. But other than that a pretty decent flick.

June 27, 2016
In Bruges has everything you ever wanted in a film: midgets, gay beer, "elephants," hitmen, swans, the blood of Jesus Christ, karate chops and alcoves ("alcoves...nooks and crannies").  Colin Farrell, Ray, begins the film with narration telling us that he's going to Bruges.  He doesn't even know where Bruges is.  (It's in Belgium).  The title of the film stems from the fact that not only does the film take place "in Bruges" but the phrase "in Bruges" is uttered numerous times throughout.  Might make for a fun drinking game if you're the type.  It's hard to put this film in a category.  It is a drama?  A comedy?  Is it a comedy that has some dramatic moments?  Is it a drama that has some funny parts.  Regardless this film yo-yos between very off color comedy and very serious moments.  It's often intertwined.  So while you're trying to feel that gut wrenching feeling for Ray he again states the laughter inducing query, people actually like Bruges?  That emotional rollercoaster was the only thing that didn't sit well with me.  We learned through inferences that Ray has done something terrible.  It doesn't take long to learn what he did but yes he did indeed do something terrible.  He holes up in Bruges with Ken (Brenden Gleeson) and they are to wait until Harry calls.  Ken actually likes Bruges dragging the reluctant Ray on a historical tour.  Our first encounter with Harry (Ralph Fiennes), who plays his role from behind the telephone or "inanimate object," is a telegraph littered with the fuck word.  "Number one why aren't you in when I fucking told you to be in.  You better fucking be in when I fucking call again or they'll be fucking hell to pay.  I'm fucking tellin' ya."  Harry is cold, ruthless, unfeeling; after all he is a hitman.  And when he shows up it is without a doubt for blood.  Colin Farrell is known as an actor without much range.  Bruges definitely allows Farrell to show us there's more to him as an actor.  And despite the fact that there are no likeable characters in this movie Farrell's performance actually makes you care about his character.  If you can get past the ill at ease feeling the drama intermixed with comedy give you then I say go see In Bruges especially if you want to see Colin Farrell actually act.  Plus, it's fucking funny.
½ June 19, 2016
It is PULP FICTION in a Belgium tourism video. Expect shiploads of profanity and violence; and a gunman principle on killing a child but little of a gratifying narrative.
June 11, 2016
Be careful with this one - dialogue is somewhat witty but consistently predictable, acting is intentionally silly which actually just comes across as silly, and action isn't fast enough to be riveting and comedy isn't funny enough to create laughs. So sure - it has elements that are good, but certainly wouldn have you watch it.
½ June 4, 2016
Filled with dark & black humor this film explores the shaky grounds of morality. One of a kind. :)
May 30, 2016
9.8/10 A criminally underrated dark comedy.
May 22, 2016
One of the absolute funniest dark comedies you'll ever see. Brendan Gleeson, Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes are at their best!
½ May 18, 2016
The emotional depth and morality in this film is unreal. It surprised me.
½ May 8, 2016
Its rare to find a crime movie so full of humor and memorable characters outside of the Tarantino Movieverse, but this one delivers. The movie gets better with every subsequent viewing, and creates a hilarious reservoir of one-liners that never grow stale. This is the pinnacle of dark comedy.
April 16, 2016
There's a lot to like here, but ultimately it all adds up to a mess.
April 15, 2016
With a witty script, this eponymously set film perfectly showcases British humor
April 15, 2016
Being an assassin has a strange amount of job security. You have the job for life, so just make sure no one kills you. If you're In Bruges, then the boredom alone might get you. While I think it would be a beautiful city to explore, Colin Farrell disagrees. He has to wait there with fellow assassin Brendan Gleesan and he'd much rather be anywhere else. Colin will soon discover that he's about to become a notable member of the community, but not for a reason that he wants. Not at all...

Before watching this film, I was told it would be a comedy. There were certainly many humorous scenes but this was all about the story. Whether our cast was exploring, contemplating the life of their favorite midget, going on a date or "doing a job," there was always some notable event to speak of. There was never a dull moment as when we weren't laughing, we were either on the edge of our seat or sitting in disbelief. The plot of In Bruges was very old fashioned in some ways which will make it refreshing for a modern audience. They really don't make movies like this anymore.

Was In Bruges everything I wanted it to be? No, but that's actually not a bad thing. In many ways it exceeded my expectations and not just those that I had before the movie started. My first expectations after the opening few scenes were that In Bruges would stick with a cliche irritating odd-couple vibe. I was so wrong and I'm very glad that I was. In Bruges did have a few flaws with some characters and their choices but nothing I can get into in this sort of review. This film had been recommended to me for some time and I'm glad I finally took the plunge. If you're in the mood for comedy, action or a great story, In Bruges will keep you entertained.
April 15, 2016
The film's slow pace is perhaps one of the best things about it - and it all culminates in, what I consider to be, a perfect ending. Colin Farrell, Bredan Gleeson, and Ralph Fiennes also have excellent chemistry on screen.
½ April 13, 2016
Wow, this was a rare and special treat.
April 9, 2016
Everything about this movie was perfect.
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