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June 12, 2017
Too slow for me. Did everyone take a sleeping pill before going on set?
February 15, 2017
Intense, sad and quiet realistic in how handle a delicate subject like grief, In the Bedroom is well directed movie full of great performances. (4/5)
½ January 15, 2017
A painful and realistic look at grief; Spacek & Wilkinson are outstanding.
September 20, 2016
The pace will be slow for some; however, the overall product is solid in every facet and worth the time vested.
½ July 28, 2016
An effectively emotional slice of life that's also surprisingly heavy.
July 9, 2016
I sat down to watch an old movie that I heard about many moons ago when it was first out it was all the buzz.
Hold on tight as this movie does not pull any punches. It starts off slow and for a movie that runs over two hours you would want it to progress quickly.
This movie's subject matter is not for the kiddies at all. It is not light it does not have any comedy whatsoever. It is dry and straight forward like a novel being read.
For a movie that was made in 2001, it is very relevant for today even this last week.
As this movie touches on domestic violence in relationships and guns. If you want a movie that will make you think then this is the one for you.
There is no doubt why this won so many awards at the time.
Love it or hate the movie it will make you take notice of the issues.
Normally after a movie, I do not get a headache but I got one after watching this movie it is not because I did not like it I did enjoy it even if it was dry.
The performances that were in this movie was all A+++
The entire cast played their roles perfectly.
Watch the movie with your partner and you may have something to talk about and think about. The movie is not suitable for the kids.
July 5, 2016
Excellent. The underlying vibe of the movie, and Tom Wilkinson is captivating.
February 27, 2016
Todd Field made his directorial debut with this emotionally powerful drama, which earned enthusiastic reviews at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.
½ February 22, 2016
To say In the Bedroom is atmospheric is a big understatement. The locale sways the mood every bit as much as this movie's top-notch actors. Its weak points are marginal, and the combination of elements makes for a very cohesive and beautiful translation of the written word into an absorbing viewing experience. It is one of the best grief portrayals I have seen in some time -- how everyday people contend with the trivialities of life alongside the looming presence of bereavement; and how grief redefines everything it touches, including how we interact with others.
½ January 31, 2016
Once the loss of Sussy Spacek & Tom Wilkinson kicks-in, the narrative becomes a complex character study that is astute and haunting to watch.
½ December 10, 2015
Watched it first 4yrs ago and watched it again this week. Great story, well told and brilliant acting. Atmospheric, powerful, intelligent - a very moving tragedy. But as its primarily about grief, I can't imagine it being universally popular!
½ November 14, 2015
At the beginning I think it is another family drama. But after the big twist, it gradually turns into a revenge thriller. The part approaching to the end reminds me of "Mystic River" and you may probably become sympathetic with that hateful villain. Another glamarous thing is the cast performance, particularly for Tom Wilkinson. Sissy Spacek and Marisa Tomei are great as well.
½ September 20, 2015
An emotional and tough drama,about love, vengeance, an older couple, supported with great performances.
August 28, 2015
Splendid Wilkinson and Spacek in whortwhile drama about seeking for justice and the hard art of carry on the loss of a son
August 3, 2015
A sorrow and human depiction of a realistic suburban/community family drama similar to "Ordinary People"
This depressing, but ultimately somewhat emotionally rewarding, yet stone story was very intimate feeling and well directed & written by Todd Field.
This was one of the most interesting watches I've had recently.
The film started out pretty uninteresting and conventional, but then turned into a slow-burning almost thriller type of film.
The dull first act or so, weird editing, and boring storytelling near the beginning were kinda flawed to me, but once I got more into this film it gripped me more and left me cold and upset.
By the end of it I had the same feeling as I did after Field's other film "Little Children" ended. I wanted it to keep going due to the uncertain future and overall intrigue I had in the characters.
"In the Bedroom" may not be the most jolly or entertaining watch for some, but it did something strange to me and I think Todd Field has a good way of doing that with the stories he tells in his films and the themes they hold.
I'd like to see more from him.
½ July 23, 2015
Tragedy, heartbreak, a family torn. In the Bedroom exquisitely tells the story of a slow burn for vengeance, and what's morally right to do. The cinematography and direction are near perfect. The performances ( Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek) are outstanding, and accurately capture a true, broken American family. It's a tough watch, but what a fine, fantastic film.
½ June 13, 2015
Dark and heart-wrenching, 'In the Bedroom' maybe be cliché at parts, but the silence and eventual outburst of emotion show just how two people can turn on one another.
½ June 4, 2015
It's a shame that 14 years after Todd Field's directorial debut he's only released one other film (2006's rather excellent Little Children), as right from this early picture the director proved to be humane and delicate. A tragic story about grief, In the Bedroom is still a provocative film, even if it's story is fairly simple. The sense of build up in the film is also very deft, and it takes it time getting to the efficient payoff. While there have been films even more morally contemplative with similar material (Mystic River for one), but In the Bedroom has aged rather well, and hopefully Field will have a new film for us in the near future.
May 28, 2015
Gut wrenching in it's restrained handling of it's subject matter, beautiful cinematography and excellent performances, a hauntingly done rendition of the kind of story that has often been told.
April 26, 2015
A disturbing and frank look at depression, In The Bedroom is the debut film from Todd Field and after seeing his sophomore film, Little Children, it is clear that this artist relishes dark, soul-crushing material. The acting in this film is outstanding from the likes of Sissy Spacek, Marisa Tomei, but most of all, Tom Wilkinson who nails his role as a grief-stricken father trying to move on from a tragedy. Said tragedy truly shocked me and I audibly gasped when it took place; the brutality of it was unexpected. I don't want to spoil any of the story, but after seeing this film nearly fifteen years after its release, I can say that it wasn't as devastatingly depressing as critics had led me to believe, and some of that may have come from seeing similar material since. It is an excellent film with powerhouse acting and an in-your-face story you can't look away from, but I could never watch it again and I liked, Little Children more.
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