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December 14, 2017
This was a total waste of time. I could only watch half of it. Boring and drug out. I l love Aubrey and will watch anythiing she is in... Except this.
December 14, 2017
Innovative and free of all the typical Indie film cliches. Tough to relate to characters & darker than expected, but that is seemingly by design and speaks to point of the film. Go in without any preconceived notions & you may be pleasantly surprised.
December 13, 2017
Good funny but has very sad emotion moments starring Aubrey plaza and scarlet witch herself because she's a mother fudging witch in this movie. I really enjoyed the story, it was cringy at times but in the end I felt bad for Aubrey plazas character and that social media can destroy your life, I don't have it so I don't have her characters promblem.
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½ December 13, 2017
Often savage, and Aubrey Plaza's performance is fearless. I do wish the satire was a bit more focused.
December 13, 2017
A nice point of view of modern life's obscurity
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½ December 11, 2017
Sometimes a film comes along that is perfectly timed and enormously topical, and while it isn't the most satisfying of narratives, Ingrid Goes West poses a lot of fascinating questions regarding social media, bullying, and obsessive behavior. I was as creeped out by this movie as I was entertained and moved by the final shot.

Aubrey Plaza plays a woman with an obsessive behavior and becomes enthralled with being best friends with a semi-famous photographer in Los Angeles. Not only was Plaza born to play these types of Ingenue- esque characters, but I feel like this is a film that too-closely follows our current world as we are currently constructed. Think about it, with social media at its peak and fame at its most desired (and easily accessible), the ability to reach celebrities is scary easy. Ingrid Goes West takes that premise and gives us a creepy but socially important story.

Every character in this film has flaws and each actor plays those in a charismatically tragic way. In that sense, this film is rounded out with impressively deep characters and a poignant script. And a script that manages to balance humor and drama almost as good as a film like Lady Bird did this year.

My only flaw (and it's a rather big one), is that although the characters are round with good and bad traits, I found it difficult to root for any one particular person. In some films that works because it feels real enough to not have to root for someone. I guess I just found it hard to follow all of these people in their decisions because I wasn't on board from the first place.

I can appreciate this film solely for the reason that it's an important story to tell. There are people in the place of Ingrid and there are also people in the same place as Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen's character). It's one of those movies that needs to be watched by this social media-frenzy age of humans (I myself being one of those folks). This is dark comedy at its near best.

December 2, 2017
The movie was really good in the first 20 min,it went downhill in the middle part,like it was a very typical ''comedy'' & ''drama'. That's the only thing I don't like about this movie, but understandable because on what they were trying to do towards Ingrid and how this part of the movie effects her and at the end,the message of the movie was clear & overall I loved the idea behind Ingrid. Aubrey Plaza was AMAZING. She really NAILED it as Ingrid and every time the character acts crazy and stalk people, she feels real, and every time the emotional part kicks in, she REALLY nails it. I loved her in this movie. This is a very good movie and has a good message about depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. Really my only wish was the movie had a lot more feeling on its 3rd act rather than the drama queen filled 2nd act, lol. Overall, really good movie.
November 30, 2017
Creeptastic! Audrey Plaza is amazing!!!
November 28, 2017
one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. totally fresh, original, and timely. well acted and plain old fun to watch.
½ November 28, 2017
As darkly funny as it is socially observant, Ingrid Goes West is a searing indictment of our lives on social media and our equating of likes and shares with actual human interaction. Aubrey Plaza is a fantastically compelling and complex lead, trying her best to be amiable and friendly while always keeping her more sinister side just below the surface, her eyes constantly revealing what she's really thinking. She's aided by a terrific screenplay, which knows exactly what it wants to say and says them efficiently, never clouding the issues and topics with excessive or unnecessary plotting. Keeping things taut and focused, we essentially watch a woman being driven mad by the vapidity and self-indulgence of another, and is all the more tragic and pitiful for how she's been suckered in by it. It's no secret that some people live their live through social media, and can't go 2 minutes without updating their profile or scanning the daily activities of others, regardless of how mundane and uninteresting they may be. I've long believed that following someone religiously on Twitter or Instagram in near-tantamount to stalking, and this is a message made very clear in the film. If you post your every waking minute online, how can you not expect people to use that information, possibly for their own selfish, possibly deranged ends? The ambiguous ending comes a little out of nowhere but its perfectly fitting for the material, allowing us to draw our own conclusions about what Ingrid has learned, or failed to learn, what life might hold for her next, and how many likes she's going to get for her next avocado on toast photo.
November 26, 2017
Very funny and strange film
November 25, 2017
now i truly have my doubts about the review process; I do not know how this film even got made. The script is banal, the satire on social media unoriginal and better done in so many other films/ TV shows. The devices used to demonstrate obsession fall flat and are quite juvenile. Admittedly O'Shea Jackson jnr provides the only saving feature of this terrible film. Don't bother.
November 24, 2017
Ingrid goes west is a drama based on the addiction to social media and what harm it can do if you get addicted. The main character is played very well by Aubrey Plaza and at times you feel sorry for her,on the other hand most of the time she is a psycho stalker. Ingrid Goes to L.A. after following the famous Instagram poster Taylor Sloane (Olson) and she creates a pack of lies to get close to her, befriend her and in the end get caught out by her brother,after he finda pictures on her phone.The ending made you think she could of ended it all, but we see her in a hospital bed with a crazed look on her face,.giving the impression she will continue to be social media addict after discovering her followers wrote good well messages to her
Clever drama 6/10
November 23, 2017
A film with a bizzare plot featuring the most human fictional characters in recent memory - 10/10
November 23, 2017
An impressive performance from Audrey Plaza makes this far more than just a redo of "Single White Female". It gives a distinctive modern twist on what it means to be a social media star and what kind of people latch on to them. It smartly twists where our sympathies lie and who is the true victim.
½ November 21, 2017
Aubrey Plaza is pretty brilliant in this timely message about the lure of Social Media. Great performance by O'Shea Jackson. If you didn't like it then you simply don't know what good writing and acting is all about!!
November 20, 2017
Aubrey Plaza shines in her commitment to character. With it's use of humor and haunting realism, Ingrid goes west makes us reevaluate our current societies obsession with social media and the amount we share to social media platforms about our personal lives.
November 20, 2017
Ingrid Goes West is a great movie that has a very important theme. It show realities of depression, characters with real flaws, and the dangers of social media.
November 20, 2017
OMG!!! Such a powerful movie. An eye opener for the modern age. With internet and social networking shows the highs but very rarely the lows! Pretty full on firstly looking at it quite funny then truly seriously how addictive it can be and how being lonely and needing to be something your Not! just to be accepted!
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November 19, 2017
On the surface 'Ingrid Goes West' looks and sounds like an entertaining romp of the fancies of living happily whilst being a huge social media promoter. However, given it's light hearted tone and smartly written script with the most unique Indie American humour, it is in reality a cautionary tale about one's relationship with social media and their followers and friends. This is a uniquely stylized and hilarious film has all the goods put into it's plotting and characters within their respective performers, especially with Aubrey Plaza at the center of it all. From the outset it's scenario can be somewhat formulaic and that's not particularly a flaw, especially when it comes to turning tropes on their heads and making them fresh again. Overall, whilst it's a small film from this year that's easy to ignore, it's only when you actually see something from it, does it appear to have the great qualities that not even mainstream cinema can reach up to. Definitely check this one out while you can, or else rent it or stream it when it comes on DVD or VOD. I can't recommend this film enough to show how much of an entertaining time I really had with it.
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