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½ April 27, 2019
Inspired by the cryptic shades of emoji-packed Instagram, it is an opportune dark comedy cautioning social media stalking, idolization of celebrity influencers and the perils of evaluating self-worth and life satisfaction based on likes.
½ April 25, 2019
Came out of no where for me. Good suspensfull movie.
½ April 13, 2019
This movie was a serious reality check for me and my friend. You never really realize how many people can see the stuff you put online.

I enjoyed Ingrid Goes West. The acting was great and the storyline was very interesting. The ending was kind of disappointing. There was so much more I wanted to know and they didn't really talk about the fact that what happened between Taylor and Ingrid is actually not okay (in my oppinion)

It's an okay movie, you won't miss out if you don't watch it, but it is an interesting storyline/topic.
½ April 3, 2019
Interesting take on how illness influences stalking.
½ March 17, 2019
Could've been a truly powerful piece of social commentary or cautionary tale but the ramifications the lead character faces are quickly and easily diminished and give way to a cheap 'happy ending'.
March 12, 2019
#relateable #stupidending
March 9, 2019
An outstanding critique (at first) of social media demagogues as well as a hypothesis (at last) of what some people are capable of when they become seduced by false perfection.
February 27, 2019
Everything about this film I surprisingly loved to death. This film surprised the hell out of me. It perfectly realizes the hidden society that roams around our planet, but also how those people could rise up and learn from their past mistakes. It was perfect, in almost every single way imaginable.
½ February 23, 2019
This was incredibly awkward and uncomfortable to watch -- a lot of that is down to a superb and perfectly cast Aubrey Plaza -- but it's also very clever and well-written, covering a topic that is timely and, ultimately, delivering a message that is deeper than you'd expect.
January 11, 2019
Aubrey Plaza does a great job acting, as usual, but I disliked the constant feeling of being uncomfortable and seeing ther fake Instagram world come to life. The ending was lackluster and incomplete. Just a "meh" for me.
½ December 22, 2018
A hilarious, emotional, and weirdly real movie.

Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) is an unhinged social media stalker with a history of confusing "likes" for meaningful relationships. Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen) is an Instagram-famous "influencer" whose perfectly curated, boho-chic lifestyle becomes Ingrid's latest obsession. When Ingrid moves to LA and manages to insinuate herself into the social media star's life, their relationship quickly goes from #BFF to #WTF. Built around a brilliantly disarming performance from Aubrey Plaza, Ingrid Goes West (winner of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at Sundance) is a savagely hilarious dark comedy that satirizes the modern world of social media and proves that being #perfect isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Honestly when I saw the trailers for this film. I was not interested at all. I honestly thought this film looked kind of ridiculous. But this is one of those pleasant surprises that surely surpassed my expectations in a multitude of ways.

To start off, this film is hilarious but in a very real way. It manages to deliver this really interesting, cohesive story. The story is so simple yet so well well written that it has this wit and relatable humor to it. I found the story to be exciting and ultimately fun.

I also thought Aubrey Plaza absolutely killed it as the lead. Her relationship with Elizabeth Olsen was great. I thought Plaza stole the show and really carried it as the lead. But her chemistry with Olsen made the film seem very natural and very real. She was good, along with O'Shea and others, and the cast really gave some solid performances here.

What's best about this film is how real it seems. Like I said earlier, the story is really cohesive and really interesting with how deep it actually is. The scary thing is, I feel like things like this aren't too far out of reach. The film shows that in a day and age of social media, people really can learn so much about our lives. It's scarier when you look at that for celebrities and the potential psychological impact it can have on those around them. Ingrid is certainly not the best person, but a strangely relatable character for some.

In the end, "Ingrid Goes West" was a real pleasant surprise and one I'd really enjoy watching again.
December 21, 2018
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½ November 29, 2018
Satirical, intense, often dark and funny. Ingrid Goes West is an unflinching sendup of our obsession with fame, projection of false lives on social media and the constant search for reassurance and purpose in the smartphone era. Aubrey Plaza gives one of her best performances as a sympathetic sociopath and the film is bolstered by strong supporting performances by newcomers like O' Shea Jackson. Twisted my guts and made me hate everything about instagram even more .
½ November 27, 2018
A huge lead up to a boring ending (TM)
½ November 10, 2018
Aubrey Plaza is perfectly cast in the role of Ingrid Thorburn, the dark and troubled modern day stalker, I don't think any other actress could have pulled this off to the perfection Plaza does here. Great casting all round from the self obsessed and internet addicted Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen, to her hipster boyfriend Ezra, well acted by Wyatt Russell. O'Shea Jackson Jr. does a great job and Ingrid's landlord/boyfriend Dan, boy does he look like his Dad (big NWA fan here). I did go into watching this with a little trepidation, expecting many many 'likes' (my most hated word of the modern era) and there were a few but it wasn't overdone, but was pleasantly surprised with the smart script and direction here. Highly Recommended ..
November 5, 2018
This is a black comedy in the best sense of the word. Lots of flawed, if not downright unlikable, characters. A tone of bitterness, but kept watchable by giving us a lead character who is awful, but also draws our sympathy or interest (I'm thinking Aaron Eckhart's character in THANK YOU FOR SMOKING as a good example of the type).

Aubrey Plaza, a master of underplayed snark, is the deeply disturbed Ingrid. She has no "real" life of note, and lives vicariously through people she "meets" or "follows" on social media, primarily instagram. When we meet her, she is seemingly tipped over the edge following the death of her mother, and attacks a "friend" who didn't invite her to her wedding. She spends some time in an asylum, but once released, she stumbles across Elizabeth Olsen's character, a kind of blogger of clothing and decor, who lives what seems to be a perfect life in Southern California. Having come into some money, Ingrid cashes out and makes the move to Venice Beach, with a plan to stalk her target until she can ingratiate herself and insert herself into Olsen's life.

Much of this is pretty cringe-worthy...but what makes it watchable and what even makes us root for Ingrid is the fact that the other characters are not entirely admirable either. Olsen seems like a delightful young lady, but under her sunny veneer is a deep layer of insincerity. Her marriage is clearly troubled. And when Olsen's insufferable brother arrives on the scene, everything starts to unravel.

The movie is a pretty direct dig at our social media obsessions. One could argue that it also exploits mental illness for entertainment value...but I don't entirely buy that. She is a character doing the best she can to strive for happiness. She's aware of her "issues" but also unaware of how to handle them. So she has our sympathy and sometimes even affection. We can laugh at her antics, and get frustrated at her actions...but we're never asked to mock or deride her. Aubrey Plaza really does a nice job, as does pretty much everyone in this small cast.

I haven't covered too many plot specifics, because that's part of the fun of the film...watching to see where things will go. The film doesn't chart a totally predictable course, nor is it filled with cookie cutter characters (they may be extreme characters, but they aren't stereotypes). Unpredictable, funny, mean spirited but sympathetic...INGRID GOES WEST is little treat for admirers of black comedy.
October 28, 2018
Watching this film was an uncomfortable experience which proves Aubry Plaza played her mentally ill, obnoxious protagonist well. Ingrid Goes West isn't a comedy because it's not funny and it's not a drama either. It's just an annoying yet insightful movie about this current generation's unhealthy obsession with social media and to be fair, the movie did a good job of portraying that.
½ October 28, 2018
Ingrid Goes West is short, sharp and entertaining but not as good as it possibly could have been. The undoubted highlight is the wicked leading performance from the hugely talented Aubrey Plaza who plays an unhinged Internet stalker who heads to California to 'befriend' an Instagram Influencer. Plaza gives the role the right amount of sadness and empathy required and the film moves through the story briskly with some relevant points about fame and modern society. I just thought it could have drilled down deeper into the subject to give us a much more meatier film.
½ October 14, 2018
First thing's first, this movie is very weird. It makes you uncomfortable and it can be a tad slow. Yet, I just couldn't stop watching it. Elizabeth Olson does an excellent 21st-century Instagram influencer. Ice Cube is actually a good actor. But obviously, the standout here is Aubrey Plaza. She's pretty much in her element as a bizarre, unsettling stalker, but she also gives Ingrid so much depth and nuance. Even though Ingrid is a total psychopath, I can empathize with her need to be validated, especially following the death of her mother. Emotionally, I think this is Plaza's best performance I have ever seen. I've laughed at her dry and witty humor before, but this movie was a first in which I cried at how raw and real Ingrid was. This movie is vulgar and crazy and not for everyone, but man is it good. Such astute observations and commentary on the social blade and need for validation. A must watch for fans of Aubrey Plaza.
October 2, 2018
Superior film all around. Superiorly acted especially by its lead Aubrey Plaza.
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