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½ November 25, 2016
Remind yourself of when Tarantino was almost effortlessly at the top of his game. The film is still too long and has too many characters but when the dialogue is this good you really don't mind them overstaying their welcome. The plot in itself is relatively simple so the Leonard adaptation angle is irrelevant but the performances are all spot on. Really great.
November 23, 2016
Meeeeh. The end is really good but the film is 2 and a half hours long and nothing really happens. It is quite boring. The worst Quinton film I've seen so far
November 13, 2016
very slow and ultimately dissapointing Quentin Tarantinos weakest movie by far incredible cast good score but is just missing the iconic scene that all of his movies have
½ October 23, 2016
Like most of Tarantino's films, they make for easy viewing multiple times, set to a Delfonics soundtrack which sets the pace of storyline, Pam Greer makes a great lead star for this less complicated Tarantino plot
October 21, 2016
It's no exaggeration to say that this is every bit as good as Pulp Fiction. The cast of characters -played by a host of superbly cast actors - are just as engaging, and the plot is just as interesting, even though it only focusses on one story. Oh, and the script is just what you'd expect from poet and master of words, Tarantino. It's clever, witty, funny and as cool as the other side of the pillow.
October 11, 2016
The least talked about Tarantino film and I kinda get why, but kinda don't. It's really good, but is definitely the least "Tarantino-y" film of his. This one is all about characters. The characters are definitely the most fleshed out in any movie of his and they're all really likable. As usual, the dialogue is pitch perfect, and the acting is great. It's just a really good movie.
½ September 29, 2016
It grows on you. So this is about an airline stewardess name Jackie Brown (Pam Grier). When the ATF catches her smuggling cash into the country, she is placed in a delicate position: does she sells out of friends or does she go for the bigger risk in pulling one over on the feds? Now if you have been following this blog in any capacity over the past year, you already know what a die hard fan of Quentin Tarantino. I love everything that he does for cinema, and his movies just jive with me, for lack of a better word. In the past, there was always one of his movies that I failed to connect with: Jackie Brown. He has such an excellent track record that I was convinced that "it's not you, it's me", so I gave this more than a few chances. I've finally come around on this, and it has worked its way into my rotation of films I watch regularly. The reason why this may not stack up for some is all in the timing: this is Tarantino's follow up to Pulp Fiction. There are plenty of imitators out there, and if you go into this expecting it to be that lightening in a bottle that is that 1994 crime masterpiece, you'll probably be disappointed, which is what happened to me back in the day. This stands on its own merits, and it is easily his most grounded film to date. I love him for it, but his movies all usually reach the point where it hits violent insanity. While there is that featured here to be sure, it's less front and center, and only really happens in brief outbursts and because the story calls for it. This movie is much less about the extremes and more about this woman in a rough spot, being forced to play both sides, and seeing if she will end up double crossing, triple crossing, or even quadruple crossing these dangerous men. While I do feel much more positively about this than I did about a decade ago, I still have one critique: you feel the length to this. It's all quality elements, and I don't necessarily feel that anything should be cut out, but when you get to the end, you feel like you've watched a long movie. I have exactly 0 familiarity in blaxploitation on film, so I'm sure I missed all the insider references, but in a way, that makes it feel like a much more original piece, for me at least. I love Samuel L. Jackson here who plays this snake in the grass, and Robert Forster owns the role of Max Cherry, which is one of the greatest character names I've ever heard. The climax where you get to see the same scene from different perspectives a la Rashômon is amazing, the soundtrack is one that you'll want to buy or at least save to a Spotify playlist, and this is all together a well put together story.
½ September 28, 2016
It drags a bit in the middle third (probably could be at least 30 minutes shorter), but final act is great. Ultimately it's more about characterization and atmosphere than exciting twists and turns, but it is still a slid Tarantino film with plenty of wit.

Grade: B+
½ September 27, 2016
I'm not gonna lie, I think "Jackie Brown" is an absolute masterpiece! It's Tarantino's hangout movie. People can say what they want about the film and that's it's not as great as "Pulp Fiction," or his other movies such as "The Hateful Eight," but I think "Jackie Brown" definitely deserves to be seen and included in the Tarantino filmography as one of his finest movies he has directed. Sam Jackson once said in an interview that the thing about "Jackie Brown" is that it's just not "Pulp Fiction 2" and he's right. Tarantino himself even said he wasn't trying at all to top "Pulp Fiction" when he made "Jackie Brown," and that he was going even further down the rabbit hole, so to speak and do an even more deeper character piece with this one than what he did with "Pulp Fiction." And it shows. It shows greatly, but mostly because of Tarantino's awesome soundtrack for the film that I feel is the reason keeps you completely entertained throughout the whole movie. It's got that ultimate 70's feel to it like all Tarantino films do, but this one especially stands out. You can tell Tarantino is an ultimate product of the 70's, and I say the word "ultimate" because nobody has ever captured the essence of 70's music the way Tarantino has with all his films starting all the way back to "Reservoir Dogs" with "Little Green Bag" by the George Baker Selection. Even the way the characters talk, move and act in his films, you can clearly tell that this is a man who not only grew up in the 70's, but hung out with some really cool cats and paid attention to every detail! For me the number one intriguing thing for me in "Jackie Brown" is Robert DeNiro. The man really is the greatest actor of his generation, HANDS DOWN! And personally my favorite actor next to Jack Nicholson. There's something about DeNiro's character in this film that's much more mellow than all the other previous roles he has portrayed, especially in his 8 collaborations with Martin Scorsese and his films. But with the role of Louis, Robert DeNiro really did something quite extraordinary by playing an ex-con, who recently has just been let out of prison and is slowly getting back in the game with his arms dealer partner played incredibly by Samuel L. Jackson. DeNiro is very low key until the parking lot incident happens between him and Bridget Fonda, who is absolutely sexy as hell in this film! And then we see what DeNiro's character is all about. It's probably the best scene in the movie, and probably because it's so unexpected what DeNiro's character does to Bridget Fonda's Melanie. The blonde headed surfer girl who couldn't keep her mouth shut, even when she was warned cautiously by DeNiro's character before you know what happens. And then DeNiro drives off in the 70's hippie van listening to "Midnight Confession" by The Grassroots that Bridget Fonda's character was listening to earlier on the way to go pick up Sam Jackson's gun money at the shopping mall where the whole scam takes place. And that scam is upheld and cleverly thought of by Pam Grier herself, who is hot and I mean HOT in this film as the title character Jackie Brown. An airline stewardess who is struggling to make ends meet on a $16,000 a year salary, who also smuggles in money from Mexico for Sam Jackson's character Ordell Robbie. She owns the part completely. Nobody else could have played that role but her. It's absolutely her finest work to date as an actress. She is the airline cougar that every young man who dreams about dating an older woman would kill for just to go home with her. She has so much class and independence about her that you can clearly tell in the film that she doesn't depend on anybody, but herself. And that's what makes her character so damn attractive in the film. Also, the fact that she's the smartest character in the whole film is the reason we are so drawn to her in the film. She's street smart on all levels which is what makes her an absolute threat to both Sam Jackson's character and the feds (played excellent by both Michael Keaton and Michael Bowen) who have her in custody for smuggling cocaine in along with Sam Jackson's gun money. But she can't do it all by herself. She needs a partner to help her execute the scam against Sam Jackson, and the man to do it is Robert Forster, who plays Max Cherry. A bail bondsman, also Pam Grier's bail bondsman in the film, who she gets to along on the scam between her and Sam Jackson and gets a nice chunk out of it. Robert Forster is absolutely incredibly watchable in his role, he owns his role as much as Pam Grier owns hers and executes his character perfectly. He's a no bullshit guy, much like Grier's character is a no bullshit girl, which explains the attraction Forster's character feels when first capturing his eyes on Jackie Brown. Forster received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor or his performance, and he rightfully deserved it as he he has not only the look, but physical requirement to play such a character. He has some great moments with Tarantino's dialogue that all the characters do in this film, especially Sam Jackson, who literally just eats it up like no man's business. But there' something about Robert Forster when he speaks, you immediately know that this is a guy who has seen and hear everything so don't try it! He's got that ex-cop turned bail bondsman going for him all the way in this movie, which makes it real interesting to watch him and Pam Grier interact with each other on screen as you feel watching the movie that even though they are playing older people in the movie, that their romance could happen! Shit, it happens everyday! We just don't know about it. So, there you go! Go checkout "Jackie Brown," an keep in mind some of the stuff that I said earlier in my review about the film and that it's Tarantino's hangout movie, not Pulp Fiction 2!
September 9, 2016
Pam Grier was a treat after being away for so long. Tarentino's work shines, with brilliant performances by all.
September 9, 2016
9/9/2016: A pretty decent movie with a great cast. It's a little long at 2.5 hrs though.
August 23, 2016
So I am watching this movie on HBO and it makes me realize how crappy the movies I have been watching in theaters lately are. The realism, the snappy dialogue, the truly excellent performances by DeNiro and Keaton and Jackson. Great film.
July 27, 2016
Probably Tarantino's most underrated film, Jackson, Grier, and DeNiro give such incredibly unique and unforgettable performances. As with every Tarantino film, the dialogue and climactic scenes are abundant and really fun. Also possibly the least violent, most subtle of Tarantino's films.
July 26, 2016
It's slow, it feels empty. But it has it's fun parts
July 17, 2016
Tarantino's weakest film.
Super Reviewer
½ July 16, 2016
Not Tarantino's best work but still an enjoyable homage to blaxploitation with a welcome comeback by Pam Grier - and although this solid crime movie has charm and style, it is also a bit overlong and could have had a few scenes left out in post-production.
½ July 13, 2016
Great movie. Though it feels a little overlong in moments, the movie has quite the captivating pace thanks to its stylish direction, phenomenal writing, fun characters and great performances from its cast, especially Forster, Grier, Jackson and De Niro.
July 1, 2016
Another film from the legendary Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Brown is a crime thriller with twists and turns from the off. This is somewhat more tame with the violence compared to other Tarantino films, and focuses more on the suave plot. With the likes of Samuel Jackson and Robert De Niro and Michael Keaton, you knew you were guaranteed excellent performances. A great film and a nice turn of style for Tarantino.
June 18, 2016
I surprisingly liked it, it's different from the other Tarentino films, but it has it's own reasons to be good. Mostly, it's the characters that make it a winner.
June 13, 2016
Samuel goes on a rant in this movie about an AK-47 and its virtues that is hilarious!!
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