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½ December 13, 2018
Lake Placid is arguably the most idiotic monster movie to arrive in multiplexes since the stunningly awful Deep Rising slithered in 18 months ago. If there's one thing to be said about this movie, which features a hapless band of humans tangling with a 30-foot crocodile, it's that the film makers are aware that no one in their right mind could possibly take this premise seriously. So director Steve Miner and writer David E. Kelley have constructed the film with their tongues planted in their cheeks. Unfortunately, adding a strong dose of intentional camp to a film doesn't necessarily make it an enjoyable experience. Lake Placid isn't so bad that it's good; it's so bad that it's really bad. Its strange to see big names at the time appear in such shlock but a good paycheck is a worthy cause. Lake Placid just lacks the frills and thrills these kinds of films need.
½ October 31, 2018
more silly than anything else. Characters were pretty entertaining.
October 17, 2018
The fact that almost every line is sarcastic does start to wear a little thin after a while, but on the whole this is a great little horror comedy with some cracking dialogue.
October 1, 2018
This movie is no where near is bad as the critics say it was. Look Lake Placid was never gonna win any award but it wasn't made to win. This movie was made to entertain and in my opinion it did its job. This movie had a little bit of everything violence,action and laughs plus a giant Croc living in a lake in Maine you can't go to wrong. Storyline was good and simple the acting was decent enough the cgi is a little dated but owell. Best parts is when the croc ate the bear then the cow. Lake placid is a fun movie not the greatest but still very enjoyable to watch.
September 1, 2018
Slightly amusing, tongue-in-cheek monster with a star cast doesn't want be taken seriously, and one shouldn't.
August 29, 2018
best modern creature feature ever. watch a giant crocodile eat a helicopter! 'nuff said.
July 1, 2018
Utter nonsense but laughs at itself. Fun movie to watch.
½ June 24, 2018
Es normal recordar Mandíbulas como una de esas películas palomiteras de monstruos sin sentido de los noventa, pero lo cierto es que incluso en la época se podían hacer producciones como esta que tenían una calidad que mucho cine de hoy día carece. Una cinta que no solo juega bien con sus elementos terroríficos, sino que también tiene un humor bastante interesante.

Claro que también nos viene de la mano de un señor versado en el mundo del terror como es Steve Miner, por lo que no es de extrañar.

Quizás no es la "feature creature" definitiva ni mucho menos, pero sin duda es una pasada.
½ June 24, 2018
This is one of those trashy monster movies that I'm almost embarrassed to love. From the opening scene whereby a man is pulled from the river revealing only his torso is still in tact, you just know it's going to literally be an awfully good watch. There's nothing complicated about this whatsoever, a team of experts discover a gigantic crocodile roaming local waters, and they have to capture / kill it before the end credits. If you haven't seen this already, I'd advise you snap it up right away and sink your teeth into this bad boy - It has plenty of bite to wet your appetite :)
June 22, 2018
Only one person dies in the entire movie, so then I won't watch this movie, it sounds like complete bullshit!!!
June 14, 2018
Betty White is hysterical. I love this movie. It's probably so bad it's good!
May 16, 2018
Successfully pokes fun at the sort of movie where a small American town is menaced by a monstrous creature. The hing that really makes Lake Placid is the banter between the leads and a typically bonkers performance by the delightful Betty White as the little old lady who has been feeding a giant crocodile that resides in a lake beside her house. It makes no sense but has a camp and silly sense of fun.
May 15, 2018
Sadly much maligned, Lake Placid is a thoroughly enjoyable film. Like a freshwater comedic Jaws. The characters are likeable, the actors are perfect, horror is just right and the one liners are genius. It ticks every box
½ April 23, 2018
Lake Placid is occasionally thrilling, occasionally amusing and occasionally displays a vestige of wit. As a whole, it's weak opening act and lack of consistent tone make it little more than a watchable, but disposable creature feature.
½ April 3, 2018
I guess ' Deep Blue Sea' and ' Lake Placid' went for the same movie poster...... Lol this was a really good movie! it wasnt great but it was good
March 4, 2018
Dialog makes this movie!
February 15, 2018
Hilarious and well done monster movie
February 7, 2018
The film is nothing special. However it does bring back a few childhood memories, as well as a few laughs.
February 4, 2018
As a movie alone this is probably your average B horror movie. But Betty White turn's it into a 4/5 for me. She's hilarious, and i wish she was more of a main character.
½ February 3, 2018
Couldn't wait for this film to end. So many lines made you shift your eyes thinking, "What?... ". The only good part about this movie, and why I'm not giving it the lowest rating, is Betty White.
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