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½ April 11, 2018
a self-parody of the buddy-cop formula the franchise has become associated with, plot this time is mere sideshow to hit-and-miss attempts to recreate the first twos' humorous banter. the villain is laughably generic, in contrast with the second's perplexing south african, disappointing in the extreme.
½ March 30, 2018
Not bad for a second sequel. The boys are back in town again, this time after a tough cop who's gone bad; Rene Russo is introduced into the series as a fellow peace officer who initially gets on Riggs' bad side, but they warm up later and, of course, become a couple by movie's end. Joe Pesci continues his role as annoying but funny Leo Getz, "anything you want, Leo Gets, get it get it, okay okay." This is one of those movies that is neither great nor terrible; fans of the series will enjoy it, although this is the film where Gibson starts to show his age, transitioning from badass rogue cop with a death wish as Murtaugh's aggravating tag team partner. Do I recommend it? Sure, why not, although this is not a film I would watch unless I saw and liked the first two. Let's face it, by the second sequel most movies have worn out their welcome and become more and more unwatchable, (hello Transformers, Jaws, Police Academy, Superman, just to name a few.) but LW III is not that; it does not improve on the previous two by any stretch, but it does not embarrass them either.
February 11, 2018
Rewatching LW3 amidst the current blockbuster mania only heightens the film's qualities, in particular the tight, fun script, and the on-screen chemistry between the leads (even for a third installment). Despite the obvious passing of the years, this is an action-film done right.
½ January 28, 2018
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The humour is more or less there, but the action sequences are not that inventive as the second film or not as strange as in the first film. However this film has to be liked for the chemistry of it's leads and of course the Rene Russo factor.
January 2, 2018
3/10. Lethal Weapon 3 is nowhere near as good as the first two, but it's still an ok movie. The action is solid, the chemistry between Gibson and Glover is still there, and there are some story elements that are interesting. But the villain is unmemorable and there is a lot of inappropriate and shoehorned comedy that really brings the film down.
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½ December 18, 2017
This movie opens with one of the corniest and cheapest looking opening title sequences I've seen. It literally looked like they were trying to rip-off a [i]Bond[/i] movie, especially with the sultry Sting song over the top, which was also a bad choice. Add to that the poor and also cheap looking text/font design, and you had something that simply didn't look right for a movie of this supposed caliber. It looked like something for a straight to DVD job.

After the horrible looking title sequence we yet again leap straight into the action. Bad boy Riggs and old man Murtaugh are in the middle of a bomb situation. Against orders Riggs talks Murtaugh into going inside a large office block to try and defuse said bomb. Essentially what follows is a small comedy routine between the duo as Riggs messes around whilst fiddling with the bombs wires. And Murtaugh basically acting like anyone would (kinda) and panicking. Again this sequence is basically setting up the rest of the movie, its telling you what to expect, and that's lots of cringeworthy goofy comedy.

Riggs fails in trying to shut off the bomb. They run from the building as it explodes and crumbles in on itself completely. As the dust and debris settles, the guys look up from their hiding position behind a nearby patrol car. They notice the destruction they have caused, the heap of rubble that used to be a building. They then notice a small group of cops who begin slow clapping, mocking them. The guys duck back down behind the patrol car. Riggs, wide eyed, murmurs to Murtaugh, [i]'oops!'[/i]. Murtaugh responds, [i]'yeah, oops'[/i]. And that pretty much sums up the level of comedy we're dealing with here. One word, predictable (as fuck).

So this time the mismatched duo (who are now not quite as mismatched as they once were) must take on an ex-cop who's turned evil. Jack Travis (Stuart Wilson) was an LAPD lieutenant who is now smuggling arms in LA. Yes it not drugs this time, that was sooo 80's. The main issue with this smuggling is the discovery of armour-piercing bullets. Kinda self explanatory really but just in case...bullets that can pierce body armour. A real problem for cops. Luckily Leo is back and conveniently knows Travis. Also we get the introduction of another character into the fray, a woman this time. Lorna (Rene Russo) from internal affairs is also on the case, much to Riggs displeasure. Sexism, always a winner for comedy.

We know Riggs and Murtaugh pretty well and nothing has changed much for them (Riggs still has a mullet, Murtaugh is still old). Lets look at Lorna Cole, the new character to make up the new trio. Lorna is basically the 90's version of girl power, female empowerment for the time, which was limited. She was blonde, smart, sassy, and could kick major ass. She was kinda like a sexy tomboy for Riggs to play with. And looking back that was kinda the problem with that character, she was clearly there just for Riggs to fall in love with. Sure she was tough and didn't need Riggs help in a fight, but she was only there to diversify the all male cast and be Riggs love interest. The scene where the pair are comparing battle scars kinda sums this up really. Lorna clearly has an interesting backstory, her scars testify to that...but who cares about that?? Lets get it on! (obligatory sex scene).

Now we know Leo (Joe Pesci) from the last sequel, and in that movie he was light relief but still a relatively sensible character. Well unfortunately in this movie Leo becomes a full cartoon character. Now I like this character, he's an amusing sidekick well performed by Pesci. But here's the real problem, like this movie franchise this character starts out grounded, relatable. But as things progressed the character became more and more dumb. So on one hand you have an enjoyable, decent character that (originally) added to the movie. But on the other hand he becomes a complete buffoon later on down the line and its really hard to deal with (even to the point where he's accompanied by his own comedic buffoon-esque theme tune). Its essentially the story of this franchise in the character, starts out grounded, becomes a farce.

Then you have the issue of a poor villain...again! Jack Travis isn't really much of a bad guy, he's not intimidating, he's not threatening, and he looks like a grumpy football coach. This guy isn't even hidden away much, we know he's the main bad guy also from square one, so not much tension. Unusually he doesn't even have any recognisable henchmen. Yes he has lots of faceless henchmen that are merely cannon fodder, but no one who stands out. What's more, because he owns a construction site, all his henchmen seem to be...builders? Because he also wants to...construct a housing estate?? And this is in between pinching weapons and ammo from police stations to sell on the black market?? Wut?? Why did Travis go rogue by the way? How did he go from real estate to arms smuggling? Meh...don't question it.

The movie does offer more insight into Riggs and Murtaugh's relationship I'll admit, nothing amazeballs but its in here. One of the strongest scenes has to be where Riggs and Murtaugh fight. Murtaugh accidentally shoots dead a young kid who was friends with his son. This kid was involved in a drug deal and was on the road to becoming a gangster basically. Old Roger takes this hard (for some reason) and goes off the deep end. Riggs obviously has to try and get Roger through this ordeal and that does offer a very emotional sequence of truths for both characters, but mainly Riggs. Its powerful, and it continues with another scene at the dead kids funeral where Roger confronts the parents.

One does understand the parents grief, and one does understand Murtaugh's remorse. But I personally stand with Riggs, this kid had a deadly weapon and was fully prepared to use it. Either Murtaugh shoots the kid, or the kid would have shot Murtaugh. The other issue with this entire subplot is the fact its not actually required. There is literally no reason for this entire subplot other than to add some gravitas. It does nothing to forward the actual main plot and feels completely crowbarred in.

Apparently Donner wanted to cut and tone down the action sequences, focusing more on Riggs and Murtaugh, and boy can you see this. The movie really does lack bite. There are some decent looking set pieces for sure, such as the ice hockey sequence and the fiery finale. But overall its seems like there are fewer action sequences. What we do get is once again very fake looking in terms of noticing stunt doubles, background extras and vehicles performing obviously, obvious rigged up sets and live action spaces etc...There is more hand to hand fighting which showcases Lorna and her martial arts, clearly a stunt double. It is daft how Riggs, Roger and Lorna can enter a baddies premises without a warrant, start snooping, and then proceed to beat the occupants up. Bad guys or not, its really unbelievable, and of course to simply showcase Lorna's badassery.

Alas once again everything had been somewhat watered down to fit a more wider audience. This being the real problem with many later sequels in adult franchises that had gained massive popularity. The action was generally very safe, more big stunts, no blood, not much real violence. It did feel like the only real adult stuff left were the odd moments in the police station where all the cops fooled around. There are some nice little sequences here which do present some very good group performances. Its also really by this point that Murtaugh has been reduced to the butt of a lot of (admittedly giggle worthy) old man jokes and nothing more.

Eventually we do reach the end and naturally its all tied up with a nice bow. We are treated to a sequence that harks back to the original movie and the not so shocking news that old Roger isn't gonna retire after all; and Riggs is now an item with Lorna. At the time we all thought this was the final movie to finish the trilogy, how stupid and naive we were. At just under two hours long (for some reason) this entry really felt like it was just going though the motions. Almost like it was obligated to do so. Just chuck out the same spiel all over again just to finish the trilogy and milk that last bit of moolah before the two stars get too old. Its passable but entirely forgettable.
December 14, 2017
Another ok lethal weapon movie.
October 29, 2017
Packing just as many cliches as memorable one-liners, Lethal Weapon 3 has enough great action, dialogue, and acting to overcome its flaws.
September 27, 2017
Nothing special here that could benefit from the others. Just more fun and laughs that'll keep the interest level up.
½ August 19, 2017
This movie isn't as good as the first two, but it does entertain to a certain extent. The comedy is a bit sillier, but still pretty good. The villain is a bore and the story doesn't always feel like it exists. The action scenes also aren't as well executed as in the previous films. That being said, it is still a worthy enough entry to the series, it just isn't quite up to par.
July 24, 2017
Pesci is fantastic as usual and is both Gibson's partnership with Glover hilariously inept, yet everything else just feels repetitive and ultimately redundant. If not for the performances it would be a rather forgettable and dull experience. Action is fine but the supporting cast just don't work and try add a further dynamic for the sake of changing something as in Russo's character, which just didn't need to be added.
June 18, 2017
Mais do mesmo, mas agora foi além de qualquer senso de realidade, uma insistência desajeitado em tentar expandir uma premissa medíocre. Lethal Weapon 3 se tornou uma paródia grosseira de seu próprio formato extravagante rebelde.
½ April 29, 2017
After two excellent movies, the third one in the series seems to be trying a little too hard to please with it's whackier comedic scenes and its not quite believable plot. There are still a number of genuinely good dramatic moments and relationship developments and it's still a fun ride if a slightly less satisfying one.
April 18, 2017
Not as good as the previous (again), but still enjoyable. Missing its original charm though, and seems a bit recycled. Also goofier and cuter than previous, which I can;t fault it for cuz I liked it. The story wasn't any worse. The cliches were becoming more numerous though. 6.5/10
February 16, 2017
Not as inventive as the previous two films in the series, Lethal Weapon 3 starts to show the viewer some of tricks and tropes. It is however still an effective and action packed thrill ride that is superior to many action films with a similar premise.
November 27, 2016
Classic! Third outing in the theatrical series. Followed by one more theatrical film and a TV series reboot. On Blu-ray.
November 19, 2016
161119: Picked up at a garage sale. Not sure, for one dollar, who the sucker was? This film tries to be deep but isn't. Formulaic. Bad acting. Having watched The Rounders (1965) immediately before, this film pales in comparison. When this film gets to be the same age, I somehow doubt it will carry the same nostalgia. "Lost to time" is the phrase that comes to mind.
September 10, 2016
If you've seen Lethal Weapon 1 & 2, stop there. It's all downhill from here... Rene Russo's the only compelling one on screen. Not a recommend...
½ August 17, 2016
Maybe more like a 3.25/5. I enjoyed it even though I could do without the Leo character. I think I've gained a better understanding of Brock Samson's hair inspiration too
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