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½ April 3, 2017
Very disappointing. Another portrait of English low life grubbiness. Even Michael Caine couldn't save it. Only enjoyable parts were Horowitz's singing and there wasn't enough of that.
April 20, 2016
Little Voice can't avoid clichés due to its formulaic script but its top notch cast keeps it solid enough to recommend.
½ January 14, 2016
I'm usually up for a strange little movie, especially one with a great cast, but I found the story thin and the whole thing dull.
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December 3, 2015
Kinky Boots meets Precious; Little Voice is visually dazzling film about a mostly mute shutin with an amazing talent she chooses to conceal from the world. The play setting has been adapted brilliantly to the big screen, as the director hasnt attempted to make it a larger than life picture and keeps it extremely grounded, real and visceral, with a low-budget to boot. What makes the film is the soundtrack of course and the performances, Blethyn in particular who plays the "wicked witch of the west" Mari Hoff - Little Voice's mother. Horrocks' attempts at imitating Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe and others are all fantastic and hilarious. Michael Caine and Ewan McGregor also give strong supporting performances, Caine in particular who also delivers a good song towards the end. It is a film about the secrets we hold and the dreams we dare to dream. It's one of my all-time favourites and I recommend it to those searching for something a pitch-black comedy with a few camp musical numbers. And Jim Broadbent.
½ December 27, 2014
This is a whole lot of fun with a fantastic soundtrack. Brenda Blethyn is on fire as well as Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine, and Jim Broadbant. The musical numbers are fun and the final half hour is perfect.
½ September 7, 2014
It's a great movie with great actors, the world in a shell.
May 13, 2014
Jane Horrocks is a genius at mimicry. In the small British movie "Little Voice," she does impersonations of varied singers such as Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland, among others, that is simply uncanny. Its based on the stage play "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" that was written specifically for Horrocks's talents. She plays a pathologically shy woman named Laura, known as Little Voice, or LV for short, who barely utters a word and is only able to express herself through music. Her father is deceased and her mother (Brenda Blethyn) is an overbearing lout who is usually drunken and fornicating. In order to escape her unhappiness, LV hides in her upstairs bedroom endlessly listening to her father's records. When a promoter (Michael Caine) hears LV sing he wants to put her on stage. After much prodding, LV performs in front of a live audience. It is while singing onstage that LV fully comes to life. The petite Horrocks is a magnificent performer perfectly capturing the physicality and gestures of each singer while delivering note perfect songs with no lip synching. She has such energy in the musical numbers that we wish there were more of them and the filmmakers would quit cutting away from her. Horrocks is equally compelling at conveying LV's timidity. Its an astonishing performance that touches us deeply. Michael Caine gives one of his best recent performances as a showman who manipulates those around him for personal gain. He has a moment that is heartbreaking when he sings Roy Orbison's "It's Over" and all of his resentment comes out. Brenda Blethyn fares worse in an over-the-top, affected performance as the impertinent mother. Ewan McGregor is quietly effective in an underwritten role as LV's love interest. Director Mark Herman tries too hard to make a cinematic play. The showbiz angle and LV's home life are haphazardly presented as is the love story. With Jim Broadbent, Philip Jackson, Annette Badland. Songs performed by Horrocks include: "Over the Rainbow," "Big Spender," "Chicago," "I Wanna Be Loved by You," and "Get Happy."
February 1, 2014
Tedious. Annoying. Predictable.
½ February 1, 2014
Typical diabolical British movie!
½ September 27, 2013
Okay movie that isn't helped at all by Brenda Blethyn, who brings whole new meaning to the term "over-the-top."
August 27, 2013
Very good acting, very funny.
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August 26, 2013
This is an indictment on the record industry disguised as a light and warm British comedy. The record industry is represented in Michael Caine's character of Ray Say. Ray is just looking for the next big thing. He's not looking for the next big thing because he believes in them or anything like that, he's only doing it for himself, so he can reach bigger and higher heights. Doesn't matter if he's compromising the soul of the music, just as long as he makes money it's okay. This reflects the behavior of most of music labels, as they're just looking to what's popular now and finding ways to exploit for their financial gain. Much like Michael Caine, they'll butter you up and use every charming trick they can to get you to do what you want for them. So if there's anything I liked about the movie, on a far more subtle level, it would be that. I think the movie is good, it's probably a little TOO light for my tastes but it benefits from a damn good cast, highlighted by Michael Caine and Brenda Blethyn. I think these two make the movie far more entertaining than it would've been otherwise. If there's a problem with the comedy in the film is that is the movie is just funny, it's never hilarious. Despite having some really funny people on board, the script just never reaches that level of hilarity. Still, the movie's solid. It tells a good, but predictable, story. And Jane Horrocks definitely delivers the goods as far as the singing in concerned. She has a great talent for mimicry and she gets to showcase that in this film, and she shines at it really. I did feel that the ending felt completely flat though. It is a symbolic shot, but I felt that something was missing from this ending. I don't want to say it was unexpected, but it felt like there should've been more after this scene. This movie isn't perfect, I think it's too light and it doesn't really use talents of its cast fully, it was a little predictable and the ending felt a little flat...but it's still good. Solid cast, solid writing make this a pretty good movie.
½ March 13, 2013
Raw emotional power from every performance, beautiful in so many ways--Little Film With a Memorable Voice!!
½ March 6, 2013
heartfelt, charming, funny movie. small movie but worth seeking out.
½ January 15, 2013
At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, this is perhaps one of the most touching films I have ever seen, and also one of the most surprising.

Jane Horrocks, Michael Caine and Ewan McGregor all turn in superb performances, with Brenda Blethyn being a tad melodramatic but remaining within the bounds of believability. It's a real pleasure to see Michael Caine in particular, in a role of a shoddy, second-rate agent who believes he's found his passport to 'the big time' in LV. That man is such a great actor.

Bypassing Jane Horrocks' astounding ability to mimic people, it's also a pleasure to see her on the big screen again: she does a heck of a lot of voice work, but to be honest I haven't seen her in a major role since 'Life Is Sweet'. She's a real star and can play demented, disordered, deranged or simply different people with such style...

As for 'Little Voice', the story is a fairly standard setup: unbearably shy LV has a talent, is discovered by the local agent, the road to riches and stardom opens... but love is in the offing, so which will she choose? That summary, however, is where the similarity to virtually any other 'standard' setup stops: LV does not want stardom. She doesn't even really know she has her talent, which is completely passive. Her choice is not between stardom or love.

Virtually nothing beyond the basic storyline is 'standard' here. There's no "*gasp* Wow!" surprises, but events turn in quite unexpected directions at all times. Many folks even complain at the end because "it isn't an end" or "it isn't what we want". That's another reason to love the film: it doesn't give the viewer a Hollywood (yawn) ending. It doesn't tie up all the loose strings.

It's like life: there's no tidy endings. Look past the obvious images and look at what's underneath. See the film for what it is, and enjoy.
January 13, 2013
Once again a great British cast shows what Hollywood will always be missing, personality that comes across with a realism, humility and is utterly genuine.
December 19, 2012
Really liked this movie's unusual subject and very good acting.
November 20, 2012
A true original. Jane Horrocks deserved an Oscar nomination that year.
½ November 9, 2012
"Little Voice" is a very simple movie that is executed wonderfully. Much more imaginative than many romantic comedies, the film is clever, sharp and sweet.
October 23, 2012
What a turn the force she turned out to be, I didn't know she was bubbles in AbFab!
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